Trump's reaction to school shooting shows 'cowardice comes in many forms'

Feb 23, 2018

To the Editor:

I have decided to forego my latest letter, written recently, to update to the latest soap opera being played out at the peoples house and the “star” of Peyton Place, Mr. Trump, who has the morality of a snake, a 72-year-old man, a womanizer born of wealth and living in a world of fantasy and self-gratification.

Secondly, the past of this man, with six bankruptcies, a flim-flam scheme, Mr. Trump of the Trump University, and having to pay millions (25).

Since taking power, the administration is like watching the keystone cops.

This organized chaos, created by Mr. Trump and his trained seals who flap their flippers in approval, originated in the swamp, the heads of both chambers are exploiting this man’s vulnerabilities as a dupe. A man who applauds himself shows a man who is insecure, who lives for adulation, who hears but does not listen.

My deep appreciation goes out to the next generation of young people, the survivors of the latest massacre, who showed their courage and determination of getting something done. Mr. Trump, meanwhile, who would take a knife to a gun fight, wants an armed camp of our school, who says the shooter is mentally ill like him, a man totally inept lives for the moment. I feel if Mr. Trump’s son were put in this spot, we would see a different reaction to this madness.

Mr. Trump, if you were that deputy in the same situation, would you go into that building? You seem to talk a good game for your base. Or, would you emulate during the Vietnam War Era and conveniently have a physical ailment? I served my country.

So, Mr. Trump, be sure your brain is in gear before putting your mouth in motion. Cowardice comes in many forms, and sometimes discretion is the better part of valor. There may be hope for the future in calling out our spineless politicians who look out for themselves.

This will have to be all for now. Our next topic, The Tax “Plan”.

Thank you for your time,

Arthur Sandland


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Posted by: rhbinma | Feb 23, 2018 19:49

Yes I believe schools should have armed guards.You have them at banks ,courts ,state and federal buildings . Why not schools? And you talk about the deputy YES HE SHOULD HAVE GONE IN THAT IS WHAT HE GETS PAID TO DO . Not hide out like he did. I was in the Army and have been deployed many times we trained to run into danger to save others . If you cant handle it get out .


Posted by: Uptohere | Feb 24, 2018 08:14

here a perfect example of vile hatred in its ugly form. They call it Trump derandment syndrome. After a year and still not being able to move on, I seriously suggest seeking help. 2 last things, please be sure not to accept any monitary gains from PRESIDENT Trump tax reform. And no matter what he is still your President, try to show some respect, if not for him then for the office he holds. It might go a long way in helping your illness.

Posted by: cranky pants | Feb 24, 2018 08:48

Trump won the presidency, not Hillary, get over it and grow up already. Are you pretending that the conniving Clintons would have handled the situation any better ?

Nothing like a good Benghazi scam to wake you up... Actually, what difference does it make ?

While I might not agree with everything or president might say I can appreciate what he's done for our country so far and I look forward to more. I also look forward to reading posts and stories from lemmings, so please posse up and let it fly.

Posted by: noseyrich | Feb 24, 2018 09:12

Arthur, you need mental health counselling. Also stop listening to ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC etc... they are not in the news business now and haven't been for years, they are far far left wing socialist propagandists, and it looks like they have gotten to you just about 100%. If you want to live in a socialist country please move to Venezuela or Cuba... your eyes and read our Constitution from beginning to end, especially the bill of rights, see if you can see what the media are doing wrong when you read about the freedom of the about  the 2nd amendment and the last few words of that one "shall NOT BE INFRINGED". See if that one is being ignored, how about the one about our right to gather, or to move freely about the country (without having to be x rayed, take your shoes off, not look around like you are scared...(which you should be) How about just opening our borders to anyone...think no naughty people might sneakin??? Trump won, get over it ...stop sounding like a moronic lemming ..SNAP OUT OF IT!!! How'd ya like the tax cut??? Or do you think that was a rip off too? How do you like the corruption that Pres. Obama instilled in our justice system, nice right???

Posted by: bob | Feb 24, 2018 13:24


Posted by: Spherebreaker | Feb 24, 2018 13:58

Yup, classic case of Trump derangement syndrome. I hope the FBI is keeping a close eye on this one. He is writhing in a pit of hate and could snap at anytime.

Posted by: WantToSeeChange | Feb 24, 2018 17:46

That could be a good observation, Sphere.  Then again, you should know the symptoms if anyone does.

Posted by: Andrea Smith | Feb 24, 2018 17:47


I noticed in reading your letter that you have directed some questions and comments specifically to “Mr. Trump.” Given time constraints, and the number of newspapers published in the United States in any given week, I doubt that “Mr. Trump” reads Wareham Week. Below are directions on how to write a letter to the President as copied and pasted from:

“Write a Letter to the President”

Here are a few simple things you can do to make sure your message gets to the White House as quickly as possible.

· If possible, email us! This is the fastest way to get your message to President Trump.

· (An email access form is available at the above listed website.)

· If you write a letter, please consider typing it on an 8 1/2 by 11 inch sheet of paper. If you hand-write your letter, please consider using pen and writing as neatly as possible.

· Please include your return address on your letter as well as your envelope. If you have an email address, please consider including that as well.

· And finally, be sure to include the full address of the White House to make sure your message gets to us as quickly and directly as possible:

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Posted by: totellthetruth | Feb 25, 2018 07:18

Andrea, Good to hear from you! Although I thnk you omitted 1 item in your Post above:  " Make checks payable to the Campaign to Re-Elect Donald Trump"    (LOL)

Posted by: desertsky | Feb 25, 2018 08:28

Newsflash: The President (ANY President) is not responsible for the wacky actions of some off the wall citizen. Trump didn't shoot anybody and the letter to the editor is so misguided it doesn't even deserve a rebuttal. Another example of people making outrageously stupid comments trying to sound like they have a clue...

Posted by: noseyrich | Feb 25, 2018 09:13

I am so pleased to see all of these rebuttals to Arthurs letter...Very reassuring that in  the Commiwealth of Taxachusetts that there are some people who understand the realities of socialism. Bless you all and keep it going. Thanks!

Posted by: sweetie | Feb 25, 2018 10:29

Mr Sandland, know that your not the only one who feels the way you do. Millions of others agree.  Our opinions will be expressed on November 6, 2018.

Posted by: Andrea Smith | Feb 25, 2018 12:23

TTTT - My comment was neither and endorsement nor a critique of the President. I just think if someone is going to direct comments to the President in the draft of a letter, they should send the letter to the President.

Posted by: SammieJfive | Feb 25, 2018 17:42

First, I'd like to applaud Mr. Sandland for his first statement regarding the delay of his latest letter. Saved us ALL a bunch of frustration and biased opinions. Second, I have a thought that even IF Hillary were President, he still wouldn't be happy. Lastly, I hope that Mr. Sandland refused his taxbreak on his latest 1040. That would solidify his commitment to bash our current President, who by the way, was NOT born into wealth as he has stated, but is a self-made millionaire. If you are so smart, Dear Sir, why are you living here? I would think you would be living on Sandland's Island where you would ruthlessly rule your kingdom and all who live there?

Posted by: Davidsgirl | Feb 27, 2018 12:40

You tell em Arthur but remember one thing, anyone who is impressed with Don clearly has low standards and expectations on top of being racist, sexist, homophobes, we don't need to convince them of anything. Spend your time working towards ending this nightmare on 11/8/18!

Posted by: Phredzzz | Feb 27, 2018 15:47

Mr. Sandland: I am so impressed by your BLATHER, that I cant resist adding to the BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. Oh, my mistake, that's what we have been listening to for so long, (at least 8 years of talking, but NOT DOING), I temporarily lost my mind. Now, Back to my point. You are just one more hater, who cant stand to see any progress in America. We stood completely still and/or backtracked as a country for 8 straight years, and your response to Mr. Trumps triumphs is exactly why over 62 MILLION Americans decided they were fed Up with all talk and NO action. Your negativity is exactly what got us into the mess which Mr. Trump is trying to resolve. If you cannot see the positive differences from just 12 months ago, then you are completely blinded by your own Hate-Speak. Oh, by the way; start getting use to the NEW Norm, because you have at least 7 more years to get over your Resistitis Hillary-borne-hatred-disease  that is ALL consuming to individuals like yourself. Good Day Sir; YOU LOSE  !!!

Posted by: QueenBee | Mar 02, 2018 09:21

Oh my.  I wasn't going to get into this discussion but now I can't resist.  Did I hear this right?  Our fearless leader, unarmed, is going to run into a building that is under attack, to save all the innocent folks inside?  Is this the same fearless leader that avoided the draft with a serious impairment......a bone spur???  My husband is a thirty year VETERAN who doesn't lie, exaggerate, degrade people by calling them juvenile names, harass or sexually attack women, tweet nonsense and vitriol, call himself a genius (although I think he might be), etc., etc, etc.  He is a good and decent man.  I think I know this man very well as we have been together since we were teenagers.  His only problem is that he has never had enough money to BUY the presidency!!!  Call me a Hillary lover if you want but you don't know who I voted for.  I may have made a grave mistake!!!  All I can say is, I think any women could do a better job than this unhinged buffoon we have in the White House now!  There' a lot you guys have messed up in the last one hundred years.  This unhinged buffoon is an embarrassment to his family, himself and most of all to our country.  He is the epitome of money can't buy class.  And, just in case any of you do not remember, under the Obama administration there was a Republican controlled congress for EIGHT years who only knew the word "NO".  Their only agenda was "GET OBAMA".  They were never going to let this new young black guy do anything good for our country.  Shame, shame, shame on them.  I have always felt we should respect the office of the presidency even if we don't agree with everything the president is doing but I just can't get there with this one.  That's it for now.  I can't wait to hear all your lovely responses to this post.  Go girl power!!!!!

Posted by: desertsky | Mar 06, 2018 08:43

Yes, you did make a grave mistake. And no, we don't know who you voted for but I can make a pretty educated guess. My husband has all those wonderful qualities too..and SURPRISE! He DID vote for Trump. This idealistic and simplistic view of the world's "last hundred years" is way off mark..this country has come a long way and no, not ANY woman could do a better job in the White House. They shoved "that" woman down our throats until we gagged and even she couldn't buy her way back in. No President can, you fool. Wake up and smell the java.

Posted by: barnstorm | Mar 08, 2018 08:41

In Obama's 1st two years, both House and Senate were controlled by the Democrats. Pelosi, leader of House and Harry Reid leader of the Senate. I'll take Trump over those three obstructionists any day of the week.

Posted by: QueenBee | Mar 08, 2018 08:42

Sorry, Desertsky.  I know, the truth hurts.  Sorry about that.  Also, too bad you to have to call people names to get your point across.  And, I don't smell or drink java.  Not my cup of tea.

Posted by: | Mar 21, 2018 07:16

It's just SHAMEFUL that the armed guard in Maryland just killed the nitwit  in that school.How bout that Artie???????????????

Posted by: barnstorm | Mar 23, 2018 11:14

Question.... Which do you support: More gun control laws or more armed security guards at schools? I think "YHKN60"s post kind of makes a great case for the latter, doesn't it?

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