Trump: Don't give us your huddled masses

Feb 08, 2017

To the Editor:

Immigrants started this country, not ignorance.

Newspapers do not have a mute button. Unfortunately the publications, such as tabloids, which give false news, hide behind freedom of the press and the First Amendment. False news? Mr. Trump enjoyed free air time when it was available to him during the campaign season. As soon as the tide turned and he got the keys to the store, the media, who made him and gave him the adulation he craves, became his nemesis.

Let’s cut to the chase.

Mr. Swenson, you talk about my writing with criticism. How is it that Mr. Trump did what you are complaining about while on the campaign trail, inspiring his supporters to be thugs on television? In North Carolina, one of his supporters gave a cheap shot to a protester and said that if he’d had a gun he would’ve assaulted that person. What alternate ideas would you have for a 70-year-old bigot with a mob mentality?

Now he is consumed with the size of the crowd at his coronation. And now more bizarrely this fixation that illegal immigrants were able to vote, but they didn’t vote for him, so now he wants an investigation. I guess it’s just like his birther diatribe, and like the detectives he sent to Hawaii. It’s funny that we never heard back from that fantasy. This is all infantile, is all this attention compulsive disorder?

Mr. Swenson, what proposals do you want put forward to deal with a man who applauds himself and thinks the world revolves around him? Every time he signs an executive order that will affect someone with his minions behind him, his feeling of self-importance grows. Meanwhile, the world gets scarier because you have to expect the unexpected because of a man with no reason.

We all enjoy the right of expression and agree to disagree. Now you can put this letter on mute. More to follow.


Thank you for your time,

Arthur Sandland

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Posted by: Spherebreaker | Feb 08, 2017 13:35

Artie, does your feeling of self importance grow with each of these letters or is it when you put your  pink pussy hat on and march? You talk of mobs, the only ones I see are full of snot nosed punks and twisted minded subversives.

Posted by: harrythebarber | Feb 08, 2017 15:30

...and here I thought the meltdowns would end after the Inauguration...speaking of meltdowns, it was nice to see Speaker McConnell shut down our fake Native American Indian Senator's latest!

Posted by: Hissing Cobra | Feb 08, 2017 19:13

Artie, your posts are nothing but rambling nonsense. Every time you create a post here, people want to banter with you on the subject at hand but you never respond. You create your post, proclaim your views about the situation, then leave like a thief in the night, never returning until you create another post a week or two later. I've got to ask you, where do you get your news from?


I ask because all of the news media outlets produce one sided rubbish. Whether it's from the left wing, liberal, democratic side (CNN, CNBC, ABC, NBC, or The Boston Globe), or the right wing conservative side (Fox, Breitbart, etc....), it's nothing but trash. NONE OF THEM produce news that shows both sides of the story. In fact, it happened again this week when I noticed many different news outlets calling the Super Bowl outcome the biggest choke in history while others were calling it the greatest comeback in history. Our news media owes it to the American public to produce stories that show both sides of the topic and all news stories should be similar in nature. 


Just remember that there's always two sides to every story and judging from your comments in all of your posts, you seem to be getting your views from only one side. I think you should do what many smart people do and read news articles from many different sides and viewpoints, then make up your mind as to what it right vs. what is wrong.


Now, to rebut your claim that Donald Trump got free air time during the campaign. That is totally false, fake news, alternative facts, or whatever you'd like to call it. The REAL FACT is that it was free for the news media outlets. Donald Trump pulled in RECORD RATINGS for all of his debates and those news stations were basking in the ratings and the money every time he took the podium. Free air time? I highly doubt it! He earned them all millions of dollars and when he pulled out of the 2nd debate, the ratings for that one crashed. Further proof that he was the draw. By the way, he used his own money for the majority of his campaign to boot. Free? I think you should reconsider that statement because he paid his own way during the campaign and he did not accept any money from outside sources such as special interest groups or other countries.


As far as his wanting an investigation into illegals who voted, there should be an investigation into all who voted whether they're legal, illegal, dead, fraudulent, etc... Only US citizens should be voting and they should all have to show ID. Everyone knows that fraud was committed in the voting booths from Florida to Michigan to California. If you cannot see that, then you've got blinders on.


The world is not becoming a "scarier" place because Donald Trump took his seat in the cockpit. The world is becoming a "scarier" place because both sides of our media outlets perpetuate and promote one side of the story in an effort to "scare" the average person into thinking that their lives are constantly being threatened. They want to instill fear into their audience.


I think it's time that you "think outside the box" and begin to see both sides of the stories before you throw your opinion to the public.

Posted by: Uptohere | Feb 09, 2017 09:30

And Artie that President Trump!

Posted by: Andrea Smith | Feb 09, 2017 10:13

Mr. Sandland - I'm sure your concern is genuine, but in my opinion the tone with which you express your thoughts detracts from your intended message and invites responses of such intensity that the lasting memory becomes, not your letter, but the wit of those who have responded to you.

Posted by: workinJoe | Feb 09, 2017 14:22

Andrea, so very well said!!!

Posted by: bob | Feb 09, 2017 15:36


Posted by: workinJoe | Feb 09, 2017 18:25

Yes Hissingcobra did really nail it. Why do they keep printing these rants?

Posted by: Chaka | Feb 09, 2017 19:03

Dear Arthur, there a bunch of us out here in wareham who can't stand Trump and all the idiots and evil dolts he's got working with him. We like your letters, keep them coming. And thank you for standing up to these idiots. Question to those who are pro trump-- do you still like him or are you starting to realize what a mistake he is?

Posted by: SammieJfive | Feb 09, 2017 19:49

To quote President Obama in 2008 "I won.....get over it!"

Posted by: Spherebreaker | Feb 09, 2017 21:03

Chacka , He is doing what he said he was going to do. There was no mistake, he has already done more for this country in a month than Obammy did in 8 years on bringing jobs and business back to this country. The real mistake is the 8 years wasted on Obama and his idiots

Posted by: Chaka | Feb 09, 2017 23:31

What positive results that he's already are you talking about?


Posted by: Spherebreaker | Feb 10, 2017 07:59

Chacka, I guess you are watching the news only in your bubble. Just about every Car manufacture are pulling projects slated for Mexico and instead moving those projects and operations here. Intel is now going to make a chip here that was slated for overseas. Alibabas CEO Jack Ma promises to bring 1 million jobs. There are many more and these are investments in the billions and billions of dollars that would have gone elsewhere. Get out of your bubble, all you are seeing is what the propaganda arm of the left wants you to see. The leftists have vomited in their mouths and when they talk that's all you see.

Posted by: Chaka | Feb 10, 2017 19:21

Thank you spherebreaker for your reply.  I can't find these stories on the New York Times or the Washington post. Where did you get your info? Im curious to learn what the best sites are.

Posted by: Society for Suppression of Noise | Feb 10, 2017 21:53

Posted by: Andrea Smith | Feb 11, 2017 10:30

Society for the Suppression of Noise - always good to see a comment that reflects research.

Posted by: Chaka | Feb 11, 2017 19:24

Society, I look forward to reading your links. Thank you for sending.

Posted by: Steve Holmes | Feb 12, 2017 08:31

I don't care what news program you watch.  Hillary was never and will never be our first lady president. If it were not for the DNC age would not have beat Bernie. Trump is not a politician no secret there. He built a successful development company in New York not an easy task. He is working without a cabinet, and is not willing to wait. So yes it looks clunky at the moment, but once those folks are in place it will smooth out. He is working with basically the same intelligence that President Obama had at his disposal,  and he is acting on that data. If he waits and God forbid there was an attack, how many are going to say oh it's ok he was new? Everything including our courts have become so political to the point you can't hat anything done. At least he is trying.

Posted by: barnstorm | Feb 12, 2017 12:45

Liberals like Chaka were pumping their fists when the 9th Circuit Court decision in Washington State went against Trump's 90 day travel ban on those 7 Muslim nations. Conservatives still hold the upper hand here. Obama's executive amnesty is dead thanks to a 4-4 decision by SCOTUS on law suits filed by over a dozen State AG's against Obama's executive amnesty. And the best of all is the issue on refugees. Never thought I'd be thanking Jimmy Carter for the signing of the "Refugee Act of 1980"! Guess who now has the authority over who and how many refugees come into the U.S.? That would  be President Trump and Congress would have to pass an appropriation bill for the funding of any that do end up staying. Doesn't look  good for you so far, Arthur. Thanks for the links, "SFSON"!

Posted by: Dick Paulsen | Feb 12, 2017 17:11

I find myself in the give-him-some-time camp.  How much is open to question.


My discomfort before the election, and still, is that he seems to depend on the "moment," that is what he sees on television shapes his opinion, and I find that troubling.


Take the issue of  bringing jobs back to America.  That will never happen.  The jobs that were lost were not primarily due to lower wages, though there was some of that. The real culprit was automation, and that is going to continue to be an issue.


Last May, less that a year ago,  a company in China cut out 60,000 jobs, replacing the workers with robots.  That company, Foxconn, while not a household name here in the United States, is the offshore manufacturer of iPhones, something we are familiar with.


China is certainly aware of the implications of having 60,000 pairs of feet hitting the pavement and they, quite understandably, will deal with it.  But whatever they do has consequences for the United States, it just has to. Imagine the angst if some domestic company announced they were cutting 60,000 American jobs?


What Trump should do, is understand that he can't control China, but he can give thought to what happens there if massive numbers of people lose their jobs to automation.  How do the Chinese respond to that? And how does that affect us?


At the time Apple decided to build the iPhone, the cost of components and  assembly here in the United States would have brought the price up to around $2,000.  Would they have sold phones, yes, but not as many. And more to the point, none would have been sold in  international markets, Chinese clones, which were and are very competitive, would have had a field day, selling a good product for $500 against the $2,000-plus iPhone.


Could those types of jobs come back? Could automation save the day, so to speak?  I would guess so. But there just won't be as many of them.


And coming back to the Chinese, who are not sitting still.  If they can build and market good products-and I think they can and will-our manufacturers have to respond in kind, that is be competitive.  And even if the jobs are here in the United States, the price elsewhere has to measure up.


And trying to build here in the United States with high cost labor just won't work in the international marketplace. Which leads back to automation.


But then you get back to the question, what about the miner in West Virginia who has no job?  Well, 50 years ago, we had thousands of longshoremen on docks on both the East and West coast.  Now we don't.  There are many fewer workers now operating cranes, all highly paid.  The transition was not painless, but it was accomplished. Politicians want quick answers, but the answer for the coal miners may take a generation to deal with.   I am reasonably confident that the problem will sort itself out but, as noted, it will not be a quick fix.



So, if I were Trump, I wouldn't start beating the drums too loudly if Apple announces they will start to build product here.  That plant, if built, would be highly automated, maybe a night watchman strolling through every so often.   Apple might well do that to shorten supply lines.  And you can be sure it would be cost-efficient.


Those jobs of manual labor in manufacturing are not only going by the boards in China, they are gone here, and, I repeat, permanently.


Let me conclude by coming back to my initial observation, that Trump is too preoccupied with what is in front him;  the media, his daughter's clothing line, unproven voting fraud, Twitter messages, all distractions. He's in a chess game, but as I see it, to date, he is playing checkers.


Yes, he is doing precisely what he said he would do, but saying it is one thing, getting it done is another. And that is why I am for giving him some  time, to learn the ropes. Let's see what happens. And for all our sakes, I hope it works out.

Posted by: Society for Suppression of Noise | Feb 12, 2017 22:43

The president's grandiloquence sometimes makes me cringe but the important thing is the big picture.  The man was successful at managing an immense global organization, and did so with big-picture awareness and by surrounding himself with strong, competent people.  Works for Microsoft, works for Trump, no reason it can't work in D.C.

My biggest fear was that Mr. Trump's billionaire life might make him blind to small business concerns, particularly the way big business is able to buy legislation that creates huge barriers for small business.  I recently heard him indicate that he IS aware of the crushing burden of over-regulation so I'm crossing my fingers.

The president's unusual outbursts are simply part of his larger-than-life personality.  The Good Book tells us we'll be judged by what we produce, not by our hyperbole.  Step back and discern his accomplishments.  Those will affect the nation, not his frivolous tweets.

Posted by: workinJoe | Feb 15, 2017 17:51

Boy is it tempting to fight with his opinions by voicing mine! But then I'm just doing the same darn thing. <------- I just did it!!!

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