Tropeano bows out of Selectmen race, supports Teitelbaum, claims Johar does not live in town

By Jaime Rebhan | Mar 16, 2012

Board of Selectmen candidate Patrick Tropeano, after falling ill at Candidates Night on Thursday, said he has decided to bow out of the race for the two-year seat vacated by Michael Schneider.

"If you don't do the OPL [Candidates Night] and things like that, it makes it very difficult to win a race. It's an extremely important piece of the whole" election," said Tropeano, a former Selectman. "I really owe the town a lot and I'd love to help out and maybe I can find some other way."

Tropeano attended Candidates Night, but had to leave before the Selectmen candidates took the stage. His name will still appear on the April 3 ballot, but he said he won't be campaigning and is "hoping that Peter Teitelbaum will win" the seat.

Tropeano said he is supporting Teitelbaum because he does not believe that Amit Johar, the third candidate running for the two-year seat, lives in Wareham.

In documents filed with the Town Clerk's office, Johar listed 3150 Cranberry Highway -- the address of the apartment above his family's package store, Mayflower Liquors -- as his residence.

"I absolutely know for a fact that this gentleman doesn't live up there," Tropeano said. "I happen to know personally who lives in that apartment ... and he's not one of them."

Schneider is resigning after having moved to Maine.

Reached by phone, Johar said he does live in town and is disappointed in what he says is a distraction from the important issues.

"I live in Wareham, 3150 Cranberry Highway, because my parents own that property," said Johar, noting that his family has been in town for five years. "Let's talk about substantive issues, things that really matter. ... Wareham is in a budget hole. ... Let's get on to more substantive issues, instead of more distraction."

Tropeano said he regrets having to bow out of the race.

"It's really too bad," he said. "I thought I'd be able to help a lot."

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Posted by: justin beiber | Mar 16, 2012 15:50


I sure hope Tropeano's suspicion regarding Amit Johar's residency is unfounded.

Johar's debate performance last night silenced any rebuttal that the absentee Tropeano could have provided.

My vote is cast.

Johar is my man. 

Posted by: Jaime Rebhan | Mar 16, 2012 18:39

Folks, please stop the nonsense. Enough is enough.


The previous posts have been deleted. Anything further along those same lines will also be deleted.




Posted by: justin beiber | Mar 16, 2012 19:20


Posted by: seriously? | Mar 16, 2012 20:49

This question is for Wareham Week.  Jaime do you know who lives at 3150 Cranberry?

Posted by: Oldtownie | Mar 17, 2012 02:10

I find it quite unsettling that Mr. Johar's mother would tell someone who calls her that her son is not living in Plymouth. The night of OPL there was an older gentleman who was handing out WCTV surveys at the door, when he asked if she watched WCTV her response was "NO I don't get those channels in Plymouth".

I am very bothered that this young candidate is trying to play the fox in the hen house routine with Wareham voters. Wareham's voters are smarter than this.  I have seen a lot of political games as of lately and I must say in my long life here in Wareham 55 years this summer, this is the most SHAMEFUL!!!

Posted by: Oldtownie | Mar 17, 2012 02:12

The she in the above comment I was talking about was his wife.

Posted by: Andrea Smith | Mar 17, 2012 08:37

Jaime - I'm curious to know if you have interviewed the people Patrick Tropeano alleges are living at 3150 Cranberry Highway?

Posted by: zinzindorff9 | Mar 17, 2012 10:48

To prove residency for a "Beach Sticker" I believe the town requires a car registration or a water bill, ect:  Of course the voters registration should be the obvious solution. A drop out candidate endorsing another candidate is the last source that should be used. Mr. Tropeano should have made a 5 cents phone call to the town secretary with this info if it had any real merit. Mr. Tropeano may have just removed all three candidates running for the two year term with his endorsement!

Posted by: frightened | Mar 17, 2012 16:12

I wonder if Mr Tropeano would allow a write in vote for him as a town assessor as an alternative to Brenda E.  I would be happy to see him serve the town in this role.

Posted by: seriously? | Mar 17, 2012 16:27

Again, I would like to ask Jaime or anyone at Wareham Week to talk to the residents of 3150 Cranberry Hwy.


Wareham Week, if you are not part of the solution, you have become part of the problem in Wareham.  It is your duty to investigate the allegations made by Mr. Tropeano.  Instead you have just let his hollow words remain in your headline.  For shame.

Posted by: Oldtownie | Mar 17, 2012 21:27

I received a large postcard in the mail today from Mr. Amit Johar NOWHERE on it did it state who "paid" for it.

Isn't that ILLEGAL advertising? I always thought there needed to be a statement like on the television ads. I could be mistaken with print ads. Does anyone know the answer?

Posted by: September McCarthy | Mar 17, 2012 22:16

Just as a point of information (or two points to be more precise), a search on the internet site, for Amit Johar of Wareham returns his address as being in Plymouth where his parents reside.


Another point of information (or reminder) is that Mr. Johar provided the same 3150 Cranberry Highway, Wareham address in the filing of incorporation with the state of Massachusetts for the Gateway Chamber of Commerce. Mr. Johar is listed as the Treasurer of this organization. What is interesting is that he, along with his parents, are also doing business as Karma Wireless, Inc. at the address of 30 Harding St., Milford, MA (Amit Johar is listed as President and Director), and as Sri Laxmi Communications, Inc. at the same Milford address (Amit Johar is President), and as Sri Om, LLC, with a principal office address as 3150 Cranberry Highway, Wareham (Amit Johar is listed as Manager along with Monika, Aruna, and Neelu Johar, all having an address of [###] Raymond Road, Plymouth, MA.


Wareham has need of every willing contributor. It also has a great need for leaders who have gained knowledge and experience of the issues the town must address. While I applaud Mr. Johar's interest and efforts, I have to ask if his positions with the Gateway Chamber of Commerce or Mayflower Liquors might present potential conflicts of interest if he were to serve on the Board of Selectmen? And I have to ask, as Mr. Johar has indicated that he needs time to learn about and understand the issues the Town faces, whether that time might be better spent serving on committees such as Capital Planning or CEDA, where he can learn about these issues and contribute his ideas? The other candidates have spent years serving on committees, learning the issues, becoming familiar with and to the townspeople. It seems that this is an invaluable step to becoming a Selectman, and not one to be skipped over.

Posted by: P-SPAN | Mar 17, 2012 23:05

I agree September. I was thinking the same thing. How Mr. Johar's lack of familiarity with many issues, coupled with his repeated "urgings" for economic development seemed better suited to the CEDA board.


On a little more "personal note"..I live in indian mound..just a stones throw from Mayflower liquors.. I'm reminded daily that Mr. Johar's business is just up the road. I see it every time I walk my child to the bus stop. Hundreds of empty "nip" bottles all along the side of the road. It seems that immediately after buying them at Mayflower.. Mr. Johar's customers are hopping in their car..downing a nip or two (or ten) and tossing the empties out the window. Litter Mob alert! I wouldn't cry if they replaced that liquor store with a different type of business.. I'll tell you that.

Posted by: Mr. M. | Mar 18, 2012 07:58

Mr. J is a fine young man. Why someone who doesn't live in Wareham wants to make decisions the affect all of us who do is a mystery to me.

Even more puzzling is that one soon to be ex TA would attend a political event and speak in favor of one candidate. A parting word of advice to Mr. TA, in your new venture, stay out of local politics.

The state needs to look into this matter. I hope Mr. T has filed the necessary paperwork. Mr. Jr also needs to understand the issues. For those who think he answered a question at Candidate's Night I implore you to take off your blinders. He wasn't well prepared. I specifically noted he wants to move forward with sewer projects. Contract 3. The one with the $40,000.00 betterment. When asked by contract 2 people how he felt about their town meeting article he really didn't know enough about it.

In other words "I don't want to say the wrong thing, I will ensure to get the proper answer from my handlers before making any decision." Who is backing this man? The Gateway Chamber of Commerce, Move Wareham Forward, and I am sure we will all get our little letter from Jane telling us to vote for Amit. I hope the people of Wareham to educate themselves about the issues. Vote for people who will make decisions.

Yesterday after four hours one of the most incompetent board of selectmens this town has ever seen left the school committee and the town administrator with no direction in how to close a budget gap over 2 million dollars. Read the story here on WW. We the citizens deserve a functioning government. The entities mentioned above have served only to accomplish their agenda at the expense of the rest of us.

Posted by: Oldtownie | Mar 18, 2012 11:16

A question about campaigning laws. Is it legal for someone to send solicited candidate information and opinions to Town of Wareham employees on their town email? I know you can NOT solicit at municipal buildings but does that extend to municipal employees email address also?

I ask because a man involved with the seniors of Wareham is sending out emails to town employees. He got the email address because of his work with seniors now he is spamming them with "vote for this candidate" emails?

Posted by: Oldtownie | Mar 19, 2012 08:39

I had coffee after church yesterday with some of my oldest and dearest friends. One of those friends grandson works the dinner shift at a restruant in the area close to the liquor store/home of Mr. Johar they all try to keep a vigilant eye out for each others businesses. Late Friday night Mr. Johar's car pulled into the road next to the liquor store and then continued thru without stopping at the liquor store/home. The car continued onto Red Brook Rd., Head of the Bay Rd., and onto Plymouth Ln. The grandson knows this because they live on Bournedale Rd.

I am shocked that this candidate who wants to be an exuctive in the Town of Wareham seems to be pulling the wool over our eyes as my mother would say to all us kids when we were being mischievious.

Posted by: Oldtownie | Mar 19, 2012 09:24

I have found some interesting Mass General Laws relating to "Illegal registration" fraud of such acts MGL c 56 s 8 you can be fined up to 10k and or 5 years in prison.

Posted by: Andrea Smith | Mar 19, 2012 11:51


I haven’t seen a response to my question above regarding whether you have spoken with the resident at 3150 Cranberry Highway.  Speaking to the resident at 3150 Cranberry Highway and reporting on that conversation would put an end to something that has become, for some, a distraction from the issues that voters should be considering before making a decision about who they wish to vote for on Election Day. Thank you.

Posted by: WarehamThinker | Mar 19, 2012 12:16

Let me get this straight.  To disprove the claim that other residents are living at 3150 Cranberry Highway, the tin hats are demanding that Jaime interview the other residents that live at 3150 Cranberry Highway.  To quote a washed up ex-reporter, "Oh my head..."


And cue the "Warehamthinker is an evil power elite so and so" comments in 3...2...1...

Posted by: Zephyr | Mar 19, 2012 12:20

That IS what news reporters do, don't they?

Posted by: WarehamThinker | Mar 19, 2012 12:32

Boy Zeph, irony isn't lost on you at all, is it?

Posted by: NativeSun | Mar 19, 2012 13:25

Let's be honest, if Jamie went there and attempted to interview the people who lived there it would create more problems than it solved.  First there are plenty of people in this town who would claim that WW was "harrassing" Mr.  Johars family.  Also what if he went there and Mr Johar wasn't home?  Does he report that he couldn't find him there.  And then there would be those who would claim that Mr Johar pulled some kind of trick to make it look like he lived there and Jamie was a pawn for some political group.  Remember that there are those who even after 3 years and every possible type of investigation still think Obama is a secret Muslim non American. 

  Look at the uproar that was caused when it was reported that Mike Schneider no longer lived in town.  People went to his house and said they saw an empty house.  This was seen by many as a huge invasion of privacy.  And contrary to some peoples opinions WW did not report that there was any merit to Mr Tropianos claim, just that he made the statement.  I persoanlly believe that he is a resident and if he isn't, it will shortly be proved otherwise.  But I don't believe that WW should get involved in this because there is enough proof to belive he is a resident and enough doubt to fuel conspiracies. 

  And to Andrea, we have always gotten along and I enjoyed your columns in the Observer.  Please do not take this comment as sarcastic or mean spirited.  My suggestion to you is if you want the proof do the reporting yourself and post your results here.  I am more inclined to believe your reporting anyway.

Posted by: watersprite | Mar 19, 2012 14:00

So let me get this straight.


Mr. Johar's family owns a liquor store at 3150 Cranberry Highway (Mayflower Liquors) with an apartment above the store.  There are people living in the apartment.  Mr. Johar claims he moved into the apartment from his home in Plymouth following a burglary at the store.  He apparently lives there with people who are also employed by the Johar family.  It's not clear, but it appears Mr. Johar is responsible for the operations of at least Mayflower Liquors, and therefore he has authority over anybody who works at the store.  He may well have authority over many more who work in his family's businesses.


So it seems that asking the people who live at 3150 Cranberry Highway if Amit Johar lives there is not likely to produce an answer you can totally rely on.  It needs much more validation -- the word of a possibly compromised resident/employee isn't terribly trustworthy.  If a reporter shows up at 11:15 PM (the store stays open until 11 PM), and asks if Amit Johar is home and they say no, what are the choices of the reporter?


Reporter: "Where is he?"

Resident: "He is out/not here right now."

Reporter: "Do you expect him back?"

Resident: "I don't know."

Reporter (now getting pushy):  "May I come in and wait for him?"

Resident: "I can call him if you like."

Reporter:  "No thank you.  I'd like to come in and wait - you don't need to call him, I'm sure he will be back on his own."

Resident:  "I'm sure he would like me to call him to know you are waiting."


And so on, and so on.


My point is going to the apartment to see/ask one of the residents who lives there doesn't answer anything.  Even if Mr. Johar is there to talk to the reporter.  The claim by Mr. Tropeano is that Mr. Johar doesn't actually live in Wareham.  If Mr. Johar SAYS he lives in Wareham at a residence his family owns and is registered to vote in Wareham, then he can legally claim he lives in Wareham.  Even if he sleeps with his wife and family in Plymouth.


He may not be totally truthful, but he is probably legally truthful.  If you ask him if his wife also lives with him in Wareham, he's under no obligation to answer, nor should he.  If you ask him if he spends more than half his nights in Plymouth, he's under no obligation to answer for several privacy and security reasons.  He did, after all, say he moved into the apartment following a store break-in.


I'm frankly a little indifferent as to whether Wareham Week should follow up on this story, but I'm sure nothing valuable will be gained by asking people at 3150.  Ask Mr. Johar to show the reporter a driver's license and check the voter registration rolls.  If they both come up Wareham, case closed.  Then vote for Mr. Johar if you think he will be a better selectman than Peter Teitelbaum.  Otherwise, vote for Mr. Teitelbaum.

Posted by: Zephyr | Mar 19, 2012 14:22

Nobody checked on where a BOH member that drives around with a suspended license lives so they probably wont do it to Mr. Johar?  Oh wait, I forgot. . . It's who you know that counts in this town.

Posted by: seriously? | Mar 19, 2012 19:34

Watersprite, your scenario is cute, but it doesn't relieve Wareham Week of doing an investigation prior to printing a rumor in their "paper."


When is Wareham Week going to do their "due diligence" and ask the residents of 3150 Cranberry Highway, "Who lives here?"

Posted by: watersprite | Mar 19, 2012 21:08


Why not ask Mr. Johar himself?   Do you think he is not to be trusted?  Both you and Andrea have created a diversionary track.  Just ask Amit himself.  Don't put the "other" residents of 3150 in a difficult position.

Posted by: Goofus McDuff | Mar 20, 2012 00:15

WW didn't print a "rumor," it printed an interview.

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