Tremont Dam

By Mike | Apr 01, 2017

Why is Wareham so interested in the dam,Tremont nail is no longer powered by water and it appears to be Wareham's responsibility. Take the dam down and rebuild the bridge,it should be a one time fix for less money. No one else wants to help with the exspense.

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Posted by: totellthetruth | Apr 01, 2017 19:19

Simply put, Mike The Tremont Dam is the key to the whole Tremont Nail project. The dam  is made of Cypress, yes, Cypress a wood that is very durable as long as its wet. The wall of the Nail factory uses this dam as a foundation. So, if the Dam is removed, the wood dries out and the Cypress rots away, and the building falls down.

This was told to me by  a long retired employee of the Nail Factory many years ago.

That is the reason the small man made pond between Rt28 and Elm St. exists.

Posted by: Society for Suppression of Noise | Apr 01, 2017 20:27

Thanks for that explanation TTTT.  I'd had the same question as Mike.

Posted by: bob | Apr 02, 2017 10:25

Thanks TTTT,that is a good reason that they should block the water and let the dam building fall down...The town has wasted enough tax payers monies on this EPA waste dump....

Posted by: Knocked for six | Apr 04, 2017 20:13


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