Trees are blocking Wareham's Gateway Lighthouses

By Wareham By The Sea | Jul 13, 2017

The pair of iconic Gateway Lighthouses on Rt. 28 are welcoming and symbolic of our town.  They are Wareham's front door. The organization (I believe it's the Garden Club) that tends to the flowers and keeps after the area immediately around the bases of lighthouses does a great job. I see them there often and it always looks great. Thanks for all your hard work!


It is unfortunate that the lighthouses are blocked by overgrown tree branches, especially the one on the left as seen when heading south on Rt.28. I commented on this last year and even included a photo.  It fell on deaf ears because nothing was done and has actually gotten worse since.


We have a well equipped Municipal Maintenance Department.  How difficult would it be for them to do a little trimming? Nobody is saying to trim all the trees in town. Just take care of the few trees around the lighthouses. If Municipal Maintenance is too busy, ask Robery/Pontiac/or Family to do it pro bono and let them put up a little sign in return. This seems like a no brainer. Somebody please step up.


This is about simple curb appeal.  I keep the bushes in the front of my house around my front door trimmed and looking nice for my guests and neighbors. Wareham needs to do the same with their front door. Respect in one's own property earns respect from others. Seeing the lighthouses overgrown gives a shabby feel when entering the town. What's the point of having such beautiful lighthouses that are well cared for at the bases, when trees are blocking them?

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Posted by: Andrea Smith | Jul 13, 2017 17:09

Have you contacted Municipal Maintenance either by phone of email and expressed your concerns about the over growth of trees around the Lighthouses on Route 28? If you have contacted Municipal Maintenance and do not feel their response to be satisfactory, perhaps a phone call or email to the Town Administrator and/or selectmen would be appropriate.


(508) 295-5300


(508) 291-3100 ext. 3110


(508) 291-3100 ext. 3110

Posted by: Peter W. Teitelbaum | Jul 14, 2017 07:45

The area in question is part of the road layout for the state highway, which is maintained by the state.  I'll make a note to contact them about this.

Posted by: Wareham By The Sea | Jul 14, 2017 10:12

Thanks Andrea & thanks Peter!

This is good.  Before I saw Peter's response I was going to answer Andrea's question by saying no, I haven't contacted Municipal Maintenance because I'm hoping someone with more clout than me reads this and does something.  I'm impressed that it has worked out that way.  Thanks again Peter!  Please see what they can do.

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