Trash district works to smooth out kinks after closing compost piles

By Tanner Harding | Apr 25, 2018

The decision to shut down the compost and brush collection area of the transfer station in Marion has proven to be an unpopular one, members of the Carver, Marion, Wareham Regional Refuse District said.

The transfer station is run by the district. Committee members decided to close down the swap shop and the compost/brush collection areas in March due to a lack of management.

This, however, has created new problems.

“The [Marion Department of Public Works] has been inundated with calls,” board member Rob Zora said.

Zora said that people are showing up unaware that they’re unable to drop brush off, and are getting upset when they’re told they can’t do it.

“People are angry,” he said. “They paid for their [dump] stickers.”

Marion Town Administrator Paul Dawson added that the calls the DPW has been receiving have not been particularly kind.

“You can’t believe some of the things people are saying,” he said. “People have been pulling into the DPW office and they start yelling. It’s up to us to do a better job informing our residents.”

The closure has also caused trouble for County Road Recycling in West Wareham. Owner Victor Brier said he has been working with the district for the past 20 years. People who have been turned away at the transfer stations are often recommended to try County Road Recycling to get rid of their brush.

Upon arrival, however, they’re often surprised and angry that they have to pay.

“They’re coming in there with stickers saying this is where they’re told to dump, and they expect they can dump for free,” Brier said.

Board members and the town administrators said that they would try to do a better job getting the word out about options for people to dump their brush, and how much it would cost.

“We’ve been dealt a s**t show. Pardon my French, but we’re bankrupt,” Carver Town Administrator Mike Malinoski said. “We’ve had to make tough decisions. We’re collectively trying to solve a problem that none of us individually have caused.”

Brier also took issue with the fact that he had been left out of recent discussions regarding the trash district and the closing of transfer stations.

“I’m really upset about one thing,” he said. “I’ve been running the yard for the tri-town for quite some time, and I seem to have been left out of the loop here…towns have been using my business for 20 years.”

After Hurricane Bob in 1991, Brier said he helped out then-Marion DPW Superintendent Zora with cleanup in town. Then, after speaking with then-Town Administrator Ray Pickles, Brier said he decided to get the equipment and permits to set up County Road Recycling.

Since then, he said he has helped the towns in the district out by taking brush for free when the towns went over their cost limits.

However, committee members noted that there was no contract between Brier and the refuse district.

“I don’t doubt it, but obviously it was a handshake back in the day,” committee chair Steve Cushing said.

Committee members insisted that they did not intend to hide anything from Brier, they just didn’t know he was involved.

Additionally, they said that as they try to get the refuse district back on track, County Road Recycling will now have to bid on projects for the town the same as anyone else.

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Posted by: bob | Apr 26, 2018 10:01

Wareham residents, drop off your leaves in the vacant paved parking lot at 54 Marion Rd. any Friday...Lot of empty space....

Posted by: Wareham By The Sea | Apr 26, 2018 11:04

They have agreed to take leaves in addition to brush on the second Saturday of the month at the Municipal Maintenance Office.  That location has always been staffed and open at that once a month time to take brush.  Allowing leaves in addition to brush on that one day isn't much of an offering.


How much is is to ask for that location to be open for leaves every Saturday?  Can they juggle CMR staff to make that happen once a week instead of once a month?  That will certainly defuse the situation a little.



Posted by: Curiouscat | Apr 26, 2018 14:12

Bob, I hope that was a sarcastic approach at humor but why blame Wareham?  According to the article it's a few bad apples in Marion that have brought us to this mess.  To Wareham by the sea, I called MMD and was told there is a possibly they might change it to maybe twice a month which is better than nothing.  They only have a handful of guys to do what they do now.  As far as bringing in CMW workers to help out?  Well it was the Marion workers turning a blind eye as to what was being dumped off in the first place so do we really want them working here?  I sincerely doubt the maintenance director would go for that and I don't blame him.

Posted by: Wareham By The Sea | Apr 26, 2018 16:20

Curious - Two days a month would definitely be better than one!  That is good news. Yea, that being the case with the CMW workers I see what you mean.  Hope Wareham can do it with our staff.


It goes without say, illegal dumping of yard waste is on the rise and becoming apparent in secluded areas.  That's the last thing we need.

Posted by: | Apr 28, 2018 06:12

That stinks about the swap shed too. The people put a lot of still usable items in there, that other people could still use.  I also saw a few people ,(not employees) working to keep the shed neat. How much management does a shed take???  Oh well, there goes another great perk from living in Wareham.

Posted by: shop247 | Apr 28, 2018 08:51

I'm pretty sure those people maintaining the shed, one in particular, are part of the reason the shed is closed. I'm sure these people made it difficult for some of the employees.  It's a swap shed, people shouldn't take it upon themselves to spend the day there, stopping people at the door to evaluate items and in some cases, turning them away and telling them to throw their stuff away because it wasn't good enough. Over the years, I've helped a number of families in need with items from the shed, furniture, housewares...  I've even helped local animal shelters, donating sheets and blankets.  I enjoyed the swap shed but I avoided the shed when this person was there.  It's a shame that because of a few bad eggs, albeit, with good intentions, we all lose out.

Posted by: Curiouscat | Apr 29, 2018 13:59

And so it begins.  We just have clean up Wareham and now there are at least six black trash bags full of leaves dumped in the woods.  I will take them and bring them to the municipal maintenance site in a few weeks.  Something YOU could have very easily have done.  Will be keeping an eye open for you in the future and will get your plate number next time.


Posted by: Fortywhat2 | Apr 30, 2018 06:17

Maybe we should get a FREE dump sticker next year because we are unable to dump what we paid for.  Two days days a month at municipal maintenance department would be an improvement.  What would also help would be if they stayed open until the posted 3pm.  My husband showed up at 2:45pm on the allotted day and the gates were closed and locked the workers were still there.  Not only were they there but the stood and watched him but ignored him when he asked why he couldn’t dump that it was before 3:00pm.  We had to wait til the next Saturday and dump on county road, the gentleman there was great.  We don’t mind paying him, he has nothing to do with our not being able to dump at the transfer station.  There are a lot of dump stickers sold... that money should help with the management issues.

Posted by: Fortywhat2 | Apr 30, 2018 06:21

Also... Bourne will allow you to dump there for $1.00 a pound.  But you must be there before noon on saturdays

Posted by: Wareham By The Sea | Apr 30, 2018 09:41

$1.00 a pound!  One damp bag of leaves weighs about 30 lbs!  Imagine paying that to dump a few dozen bags....No thanks.

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