Tonight's MassDOT Meeting re: Cranberry Highway Improvement Project.

By Peter W. Teitelbaum | Feb 15, 2018

Tonight at 6:30 p.m. at the Wareham Town Hall, the Massachusetts Dept. of Transportation will be conducting a public meeting to discuss the upcoming reconstruction of Cranberry Highway from Cranberry Plaza through the intersection of Red Brook Road.

As one can imagine with a project that will impact the boundaries between the state highway and 350 abutters along the road, there are some business owners who are not pleased that they will lose land. Nonetheless, the Town has waited over thirty years for the state to invest in improving this highway, which has been a deathtrap since I was a kid.

The planned changes will add several light-controlled turnarounds and eliminate left turns across two lanes of traffic. Currently there are between 130 and 150 accidents per year to which police respond along this stretch of roadway.

Accordingly, I would urge everyone who believes that these safety improvements are critical to attend the meeting and voice their support for the project, as there is a chance that the state could pull out of the project if they don't believe that the community supports it.

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Posted by: Spherebreaker | Feb 15, 2018 10:59

They are losing land due to an ill advised bike path on edges. People will die.

Posted by: Wareham By The Sea | Feb 15, 2018 15:04

A bike path along a state highway?  I thought all this effort was to make this highway safer?  That's the stupidest thing I've heard in a while!  I get it that bike riders want a lane to ride their fancy bikes , 6 inches from speeding traffic, wearing their Spandex, saving the environment, being healthy, or whatever.  But for the love of God, there's a path on the canal for that!  Keep off the highway!

Posted by: Rjnjr09 | Feb 15, 2018 16:04

I must agree, I dont believe that a bike lane is safe for this road. The speeds are just to fast and everyone will be "turning right" to go into the various businesses. I highly doubt they will continuously check there blind spots before turning. That along to kill a rider or anyone. I love the idea of a bike lane, I just feel this road is not an appropriate choice. Maybe Encourage the bike riders to use onset ave, longer alternative but I would go that way if it meant living

Posted by: Rjnjr09 | Feb 15, 2018 16:06

If Amtrack fences the rails, preparing for the "T" to come to town the state could make a bike path along the tracks like in falmouth


Posted by: JollyRoger | Feb 15, 2018 19:50

The "Wareham Community Pathway" under development already has painted bike lanes along Onset Avenue, with plans to extend the route to Wareham center along a dedicated path next to Minot Avenue and Narrows Road.  This is a much better route, encouraging bikers to visit Onset village.

Posted by: shop247 | Feb 16, 2018 09:14

Who's idea was it to make a bikers death trap?  Really?  Lets take land from business owners, lets reduce the number of parking spots they have and eliminate their nice landscaping so people can ride a bike...they can ride safely in many other parts of town, why the highway?

My biggest question...what makes anyone think this is going to stop people from running across the road?  As an example, I don't see anyone at the Silver Lake motel, walking up to the 99 to cross the street, so they can walk back down to Cape Cod gas to buy a soda, then walk back up to the 99 to cross over so they can walk back to the motel.  It's not going to happen.  People will continue to play frogger and many will not make it to the other side of the road.  So what are you accomplishing?  You're going to (maybe) reduce the number of car accidents while (potentially) increasing the number of pedestrian/biker deaths...good plan.

Posted by: Wareham By The Sea | Feb 16, 2018 17:35

The bike lane is just stupid.  Take a fraction of the width required for a bike lane on each side, let the businesses keep more, and build an attractive barrier down the middle like Rt. 9 in Natick.  It works fine there.


Silver Lake patrons are a bad example for your scenario.  They're certainly not buying soda and they're definitely not going to obey any crossing rules.  Frogger (aka natural selection) may actually help thin that gene pool.  That place harbors the dregs of society.  They should be required to wear blindfolds and dark clothes when crossing to speed things along.

Posted by: bob | Feb 24, 2018 13:20

They could put a 10 ft. barrier in the middle of the highway to keep people  from j walking,it wont help ,just look at the number of shopping carts line up on the  highway by these low life people ...or the nips and dd trash along that road...Welcome to Wareham....

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