The Rise, Fall, and Rebirth of Sound Tower, Part 2

By George Dionne | Nov 16, 2010
Sound Tower (Jack Crowley, George Dionne, Greg Humberd, Tim Bossie)

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Even though each member of band has a say in the direction of said band, there still need to be a “coordinator.”  Someone to move things along or say definitively this is what needs to get done.  I didn’t want that role.  I was hoping Tom would take that role since he formed the band, but after almost a year of being together, we were like a ship without a captain.  It was kind of like when your at work with a group of people and someone says “where should we go for lunch?” and no one replies.  Everyone sits there waiting for someone to decide for the group.  Meanwhile, a half-an-hour has gone by and you’re starving.

I thought we would surely sink if someone didn’t take command of the ship, so I gave it a go.  That’s when Tom and I really began to clash.  I wanted to go in one direction and Tom wanted to go in the other.  Kurt and Greg wanted to stay neutral.  I realized over our time together, Tom only “kind of” wanted to go in a pop-rock direction. In reality he was not comfortable with it.  Tom was a punk rock and metal guy.  He knew a lot of material in those genres and he was good at playing it.  Branching out to new and unfamiliar territory just didn’t work for him.

Eventually Tom had enough and moved on.  I don’t really blame him for doing so.  If your heart’s not into something, then your heart’s not into it.  That doesn't mean I don't take some of the blame when it comes to our personality conflicts, but I do wish things had ended more amicably. Kurt, who was close friends with Tom, decided to move on as well.  This left Greg and I with dates booked and no one to fill the guitar and bass positions.  On top of that, Tom owned all the vocal equipment and Kurt had the practice space.

We had to call the bars and cancel all the gigs.  We had dates booked from May 2010 all the way to December.  I had no idea if we’d be able to find new players.  And if we did, I had no idea when we’d be ready to play again.  Some clubs wished us well and said to come back when we were ready, but others weren’t happy at all.  I had some tough decisions to make at this point.  Do Greg and I try to carry on, or do we just call it quits?

Greg and I shared the same vision of the band; songs that make people dance, songs that people love and recognize.  We just needed to find two other people that felt the same way.  Greg, with the blessing of his loving wife, solved the practice space issue, but I still had no vocal equipment.  What are the chances our future bassist or guitar player had some?  Not very good.  And this equipment doesn’t come cheap.  I made the hard decision to sell my guitars.  I had a Gibson SG that I had won in a magazine giveaway, and a 2003 Fender Limited Edition “Splattocaster” guitar.  I was sad to see them go, but hopefully it was for the best.

I decided to see what Ronnie was up to.  I knew he was still in Hollow Tree, but thought maybe he would be interested in a side project.  Ronnie was flattered at the offer, but said he was taking a break from music.  He said that Hollow Tree had contacted a guitarist to replace there outgoing one, but they ended up going with someone else.  He gave me the number to Jack Crowley.  Jack had just finished rehabbing a broken wrist and was inching to get back out playing.  And the rest, they say, is history.

Finding a bass player wasn’t so easy.  We thought we had our guy right out the gate, but after taking the job he always had a different reason for not being able to make rehearsal.  The next player to come into the fold was incredibly talented; however, he was committed to two other bands.  He assured us his time with them was winding down, and he really wanted to get with a band that was more active.  Greg, Jack, and I were antsy to get back on the live scene, so we took his words at face value and brought him in.

The new and improved Sound Tower debuted in August 9, 2010 at Wareham’s National Night Out.  The performance was a huge success for the event itself and for me personally.  I was excited and relived we were able to pick up the pieces and get the band moving forward in a matter of just four months.  It helped to have talented and professional musicians on-board.  From there we started receiving more bookings.  However, yet another roadblock came before us.

Our new bass player informed us after our third gig that he needed to take a break from the music scene.  He said he was burnt out between his three bands and wanted some time off starting at the end of the year.  I still don’t know if this was really the case, because his announcement came the day after we played a gig to an empty room.  Either way, we needed to find a new bass player, and time was already running out.  He was nice enough to honor the dates we already had on the books.

Enter Tim Bossie.  Tim played with Greg in The Bastard Factory.  Tim had decades of experience, but he to was a heavy metal guy.  Tim was quite impressive in his ability at our first practice, and over the weeks that followed, he demonstrated that he could break out of his comfort zone and play just about anything.  Tim was also a hell of a back-up singer, which adds greatly to our performances today.

This brings us up to today.  Sound Tower has secured regular monthly gigs at four area bars and continues to add new venues along the way.  We have at least one gig a week from today until May of 2011.  Looking back on all the highs and lows I’ve faced to get to this point, I’ve come to realize it’s all a part of my musical journey.  How could I ever appreciate the highs if I never experienced the lows?

Even if I could, I wouldn’t change a thing.  I have no regrets about the past and I hold no grudges against those that came into my life and had to leave.  I feel truly blessed to have gone through this experience, and can’t wait to see what the future brings.  I enjoy every gig we play, no matter how big the crowd.  I love to see smiling and happy faces.  I love to see the dance floor packed.  I love knowing that Sound Tower helped make your night out enjoyable and/or memorable.

Sound Tower couldn’t have achieved the success that it has without our loyal families, friends, and fans’ support along the way.  Nor could it have succeeded without the dedication, talent, and hard work of the best rhythm section anyone could have ever asked for; Jack Crowley, Tim Bossie, and Greg Humberd!

Upcoming shows:

Nov 19th: Shooter’s – 360 Wareham St – Middleboro (10pm)

Nov 24th: The Fan Club – 2859 Cranberry Hwy - Wareham (10pm)

Nov 27th: Piper Beau’s – 207 Main St – Wareham (10pm)

Dec 3rd:  Shooter’s – 360 Wareham St – Middleboro (10pm)

Dec 4th:  Tommy Doyle’s – 334 Main St – Hyannis (10pm)

Dec 10th:  Buzzards Bay Tavern - 149 Main St - Buzzards Bay (9:30pm)

Dec 31st:  The Fan Club – 2859 Cranberry Hwy - Wareham (10pm)

For more info:

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