The Rise, Fall, and Rebirth of Sound Tower, Part 1

By George Dionne | Nov 16, 2010
Sound Tower [Version 1] at J.R. Brody's in Falmouth

At the conclusion of my last blog entry, Every New Beginning…, three-fourths of my first band Man’s Demise reunited for an acoustic benefit show.  When all was said and done, as fun as it was to be back together, Tom, Ronnie, and I had too much on our plate to get back together as a group.  But that wasn’t the end of our musical journey together.

Around fall of 2008 I started getting the itch to be part of a band again.  Not knowing any other musicians I reached out to Ronnie to see what he was doing.  He said that he was already practicing with a new band and as luck would have it, they were looking for a lead singer.  Ronnie was still new to the band himself, but was able to get me on the short-list to try out.  There were three of us that night, me, some guy that clearly wasn’t taking things seriously, and the pretty blonde girl.

I wasn’t thrilled with the chosen method of auditioning, everyone in the same room, singing the same song, one after the other.  Anyway, I hadn’t sung for almost two years at this point.  I knew I was rusty, but as I sang, I felt I gave a great performance.  I may be biased to myself, but I felt I gave the best performance.  I was asked back the following week.

This time it was me and the pretty blonde girl.  Once again I felt I gave the best performance.  Even she felt I gave the best performance.  I went home and waited as the band members decided.  Of course in the back of my mind I knew what it really boiled down to; the guy that preformed best, or the pretty girl that could sing okay.  Want to guess who got the gig?

Sadly, for them, blondie only lasted a few weeks before quitting.  They called me back, but I declined.  I felt if I wasn’t picked as the top choice, I’m not going to be the bail-out guy either. A few days after losing out on the gig, I had gotten a call from Tom asking me if I wanted to sing with his band anyway.  That band managed to find a new singer and do well for themselves as Hollow Tree.

While I did decide to give Tom’s band a chance I needed to tell him up front that while I enjoyed what we did in Man’s Demise, I really wanted to play more pop-rock oriented material.  I didn’t want to do the punk and metal thing anymore.  I wanted to do the popular cheesy stuff like “Jessie’s Girl.” or “Don’t Stop Believing.”  I felt that people really wanted to hear what they hear on the radio. Tom agreed.

I started practicing with Tom in November of 2008.  He already had a drummer, Dave, and a guitarist Kurt.  Dave had been playing in bands for years, and Kurt was fairly new to playing in band.  Kurt was a great guitar player, though he never gave himself the credit.  He was always apprehensive about his abilities, but I thought some of his work was unbelievable.  He had quite the ear for subtleties.  We all hit it off immediately and began practicing on a weekly basis.

I started to get worried as four months went by and we weren’t making the progress we should have been making.  We weren’t adding material as fast as we should have.  I was starting to get flashbacks of how Man’s Demise practiced for so long without actually getting out of the basement.  Then Dave hit us with some bad news.  He had been suffering from carpel tunnel syndrome for quite some time and he needed surgery on both hands.  He said his doctor advised no more drumming.

With Dave’s blessing, we searched for a new drummer.  We auditioned a few, but they just didn’t click.  Tom was able to find Greg.  Greg was the drummer in another band, the Bastard Factory.  Tom was friends with their singer.  Greg was looking for another project to fill his down time with The Bastard Factory.  Greg was a heavy metal guy.  He wasn’t really into the pop-rock scene but was looking to try something new.

Greg learned 35 of our songs in just two weeks.  Everyone hit it off with Greg, and we were moving forward again.  After a brainstorming session that seemed to last forever, we finally settled on a name for the band, Sound Tower.  I’d love to tell you that everything went smoothly from here on out, but life in a rock band is never easy.  You have four different people with four different points of view and four different tastes in music.

With Greg now on board the band set our sites on playing live.  We played a great deal of gigs spanning Hyannis to Plymouth to Rockland and more over the next year.  However, internally we clashed amongst ourselves about song material.  We had a handful of pop-rock material, but we were still carrying punk and metal songs as well.  It was difficult for all of us to get on the same page or get out of our comfort zones musically.....

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Nov 27th: Piper Beau’s – 207 Main St – Wareham (10pm)

Dec 3rd:  Shooter’s – 360 Wareham St – Middleboro (10pm)

Dec 4th:  Tommy Doyle’s – 334 Main St – Hyannis (10pm)

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Dec 31st:  The Fan Club – 2859 Cranberry Hwy - Wareham (10pm)

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