The Dover Amendment and the Tale of Two Towns

By Mike Flaherty | Jul 11, 2011

With the startup of the Sippican version of the Villiage Soup, I decided to take a peek.

Nice.  Pretty much laid out just like the Wareham version.

Coincidentally, I noticed that the impact of the Dover Amendment is a timely topic in Marion as well these days.

As it turns out, Tabor Academy is looking to upgrade their already excellent athletic facility into a world class one.  This means more bright lights and a special "crumb rubber" field similar to the one used at Gillette Stadium.  Some folks are up in arms about the impact of both.  I couldn't help thinking, these are the sorts of "problems" I bet anyone in Wareham would much rather have than the ones we do now.  But I digress.

What I found so interesting is how Tabor Academy and the Town handled this from the beginning.  Tabor worked with the town and notified the abutters.  Apparently they were very transparent about exactly what they intended to do. 

Nonetheless, when work began and and town folks actually saw the scale of the project, they became concerned,and drafted a petition to at least temporarily halt the project.  The petition read (at least in part)...

“By our signatures below, we request that the Town of Marion Selectmen temporarily halt the construction of the Tabor Athletic Field Project until the Project is thoroughly reviewed for compliance with local, state and federal regulations [sic].”

To be sure, Tabor did tout the protection afforded to them by the Dover Amendment.

But waddaya know?  The Marion Building commissioner did issue a cease and desist order against Tabor nonetheless...

Marion town officials actually DID SOMETHING!

I do hope that the residents there come to an amicable solution with Tabor, and I have little doubt they will.  Afterall, as Tabor points out, "100% of the area will be used for exactly the same purposes - student football, lacrosse, soccer, field hockey and baseball - as has been the case for decades."

Juxtapose that with the halfway house on Lynne Road in Wareham where Fellowship Health Resources readily admits it is breaking new ground in the "first-of-its-kind" home in the SouthCoast area.

You just can't make this stuff up.


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Posted by: klefrancois | Jul 12, 2011 09:47

Remember, the Lynne Road issue was motivated by backdoor deals through Senator Pacheco, who is now going to give Wareham 1 million dollars for the surplus of "treatment facilities" incorporated into the town. This fact wouldn't be so bad if they wanted the state/fed money if only they had any consideration of the placement of the facilities. I think this whole issue in Wareham is much deeper as there are some "behind-the-scenes" deals going on between Senator Pacheco, Mark Andrews (Wareham Town Admin), Jeff White and DW Construction, and others. This wreaks of corruption and deceit.

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