By OutsideTheBox | Mar 05, 2013

MISSING SINCE SUNDAY MARCH 3rd - 14 year old Kelly Woiszwillo, 5'2", approximately 100lbs, believed to be in the company of a 37 year old black male, name or description unknown. Her cellular telephone was last pinged yesterday March 4 somewhere in N. Carolina and is no longer receiving calls. Any information please contact Wareham Police or Massachusetts State Police or call the Center For Missing and Exploited Children 1-800-843-5678. All readers of this notice are urged to post this on all Social Networks for higher visibility and a better chance to find this child. Thank you

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Posted by: shop247 | Mar 05, 2013 20:33


Posted by: AndJusticeForAll | Mar 06, 2013 10:48

It would appear that the above facebook link has been removed due to trash talk regarding this unfortunate situation. Wondering why Wareham Week has not posted anything about this missing youth

Posted by: Cindy | Mar 06, 2013 11:35

Possibly because she's safe with family in Florida?

Posted by: Jaime Rebhan | Mar 06, 2013 11:47



Wareham Week does not publish stories about missing persons until we are able to confirm with police that an individual is indeed missing.


Wareham Police Lt. Kevin Walsh confirmed this morning that this young woman is safe, at a relative's home in Florida.


Thank you,


Posted by: Andrea Smith | Mar 06, 2013 16:23

Jaime - since this 14 year old has been confirmed safe, can the discussion and picture be inactivated out of respect to the privacy of the 14 year old?

Posted by: OutsideTheBox | Mar 06, 2013 19:22

Jaime, Thank you for your attention to this matter. A friend notified us of the situation and asked if we wouldn't mind making mention of it. Being active in the community as well as a genuine concern for the safety of children we took it upon ourselves to issue the post. Our thanks to the Wareham Police Department and all others who showed concern. Nothing like a happy ending!

Posted by: justin beiber | Mar 06, 2013 20:10


Outside the Box and Justice for All are two peas in a pod.

The former is guilty of posting a phony alert while the latter rallies to her defense.

I knew this story was bogus as soon as I saw the name attached to it.

Posted by: OutsideTheBox | Mar 06, 2013 20:37

Mr Beiber, you have not a generous or kind bone in your body and we pray for your soul. You hide behind, using the screen name of a child star no less, your computer and belittle every good effort any kind person in this town, or any other for that matter, extends. That my friend is what is truly phony and although no one here knows exactly who you are rest assured our good Lord does!

Posted by: justin beiber | Mar 06, 2013 21:45


Don't you dare proselytize me via one of your godly guilt trips.

You are equally at fault for hiding behind a phony screen name.

Unlike you, however, I had nothing to do with sending our local police on a wild goose chase.

Posted by: OutsideTheBox | Mar 06, 2013 22:24

Mr Beiber, First and foremost our wonderful local law enforcement officials are at our disposal for such instances from the outset whether or not the situation turns out to be incidental. Secondly the posting took place long after the Wareham Police Department was aware of the situation therefore we are not responsible for any "wild goose chase". Lastly, and with far more credibility than you will ever have the nerve to present, I personally hide behind absolutely nothing in my representation of a fine local charity having introduced myself, here and in public, on countless occasions. I am also well represented by many other local charitable endeavors via this particular screen name. With the truth being more obvious than not there is absolutely no need to "proselytize" you as you do a fine job of that all on your own. Might I suggest that an adult using the screen name of a child star refrain from comment when discussing another child, missing or otherwise.

Posted by: WantToSeeChange | Mar 07, 2013 06:59

One has to remember that Bieber has a lot to say about a lot of families that are reported about on here.  Their life is obviously perfect. Once again, showing how they have good posts and then flip around and have absolutely asinine posts.


I don't know any of you but you always always end up arguing about each other with each saying they are genuine and that the other are frauds.  Idiot childish games.


I, for one, would have been happy to have people searching for my child if something like this happened, no matter how or why the child was missing.


Posted by: OutsideTheBox | Mar 07, 2013 07:50

wanttoseechange, It is truly unfortunate that good folks are forced to defend themselves against the likes of the justin beibers of the world. Far too easy in this case however. Refusing to tolerate such negativity I fully accept guilt for contributing to his particular delinquency. I speak not just for myself but for all those who fall victim to his, and others like him, thankless rantings. I at least hold hope that should a child in his family, or friend thereof, come missing, he would not hesitate to aid them.

Posted by: Lou Ken Goud | Mar 07, 2013 09:54

He or She  must not have any kids ''JUSTIN THAT IS'' or it would  understand  you've got to act fast  in these situations. One thing  I can say though is this country is in some serious trouble when the kids that were posting  on that face book page grow  up none of them could spell  'dis 4reel'    and entire paragraphs written in such utter abuse of the kings English it made me feel sorry for the welfare system.


Some say to me  'Oh Lou, you just don't understand Ebonics''  To which I replied  'yes in fact  I do understand  Ebonics'    this is a cover up for stupidity  ,, well let me inform you this was not Ebonics  not even close. One  would think in a serious situation one would use  proper grammar out of the least respect to the family,


However  I guess if you can't  then you got to do what you can. The following is was copied from a public face book page written  by a Wareham teenager  '' YO  ****  word up cuz  i wants 2 ax yoos .hoow can i ax dem gubmint peepo how mush cash will da wellfair get me a mont.when i be getin it''

Now I will be the first to admit  my spelling sucks big time  , however most  of my mistakes  are typo's but at least  I  was able to fill out a job application WHEN I needed to  and  I did it with out a translator of the same language that I speak

Reading this originally made me sick to my stomach, now it just makes me  mad  these kids expect this now. They see how Mom raised them on it  SIT ON THE COUCH  and wait for the mail man, This kid is expecting this with no inclination that it is optional .It seems to me that the people that get stuff for free,  have out numbered the folks that pay the bill,


I will tell you one thing  when they crap hits the fan and  people that worked their entire lives like my entire family  for,20 ,30, 40,50 years Have no other  option but go and apply for food stamps and they get denied because  no ones now paying for it, That my friends is when the trouble going to come out  . the government knows this and that's why they are doing everything possible to get firearms out of the hands of  law abiding citizens because a man fighting for what he knows it the right thing refuses to lose.  How did  I get here ?


Posted by: Andrea Smith | Mar 07, 2013 11:15

outsidethebox - I've born my share of ridicule from Justin Bieber, so I want you to know I understand your frustration. I do not however agree with the manner in which you have chosen to express your frustration. Your mention of personally representing many charities suggests to me that you consider yourself to be a charitable person.


I can find no charity in your words, "Mr Beiber, you have not a generous or kind bone in your body."


Telling Beiber and readers that you are praying for Bieber after making a statement like that, does not erase the very public and insulting manner in which you chose to pass judgement upon Beiber.

Posted by: OutsideTheBox | Mar 07, 2013 12:52

Andrea, There are those with enough humility to ask us to pray for them or for someone they love and then there are those who need prayer in spite of themselves. My comment was a mere statement to the obvious and totally justified when you take in to consideration one is dealing with an anonymous blogger, yes, in a "public" forum. Unfortunately that makes me an oxymoron in that respect however I firmly maintain justification in being so especially when it comes to defending my action towards the safety of a child. I won't even begin to discuss the questionable credibility of an anonymous adult using the screen name of a child star "insulting" me. I certainly hope the blogger in question appreciates your coming to his defense.

Posted by: Zephyr | Mar 07, 2013 13:29

OutsideTheBox,  I feel you could have done yourself and your faith much better by just answering the question without belittling JP.  IMO


I also agree with Andrea in her request to WW for the removal of this tread out of respect to the privacy of the 14 year old.  It serves no purpose at this point.


Posted by: OutsideTheBox | Mar 07, 2013 13:55

Evidently people read what they want to read. Is that all anyone can do here is criticize? Please scroll back and see just who attacked and who belittled who first. Zephyr - I do not see a "question" directed to me, please identify it for me. And to all of you, I'll just pat myself on the back for showing concern towards a child thank you.

Posted by: Zephyr | Mar 07, 2013 14:05

OTB, You could have taken the HIGH road like I am going to do now.


Posted by: OutsideTheBox | Mar 07, 2013 14:08

IMO - I have!

Posted by: Andrea Smith | Mar 07, 2013 15:41

outsidethebox - you misunderstood my post. I did not as you have asserted defend Bieber. Actually, I clearly stated that I understood your frustration with Bieber.


What I did was point out your decision to judge and publicly declare another human being to be devoid of generosity and kindness. By what power do you pass such judgement? Do you believe yourself to be all-seeing and all-knowing?


The fact that Bieber doesn't tout relationships with charities or report personal acts of kindness, does not mean that such things are not part of Bieber's life. Maybe Bieber, like so many, prefers privacy about such things.


Disagreements happen. Debates grow heated. But factual points are neither proven nor won by statements like ""Mr Beiber, you have not a generous or kind bone in your body."

As for prayer, it's always good to say a prayer after passing judgement on someone.

Posted by: OutsideTheBox | Mar 07, 2013 19:08

Thank you all so much for your support with those of us concerned being extremely pleased to see the young girl safe as originally desired. This post is scheduled to end at midnight tonight.

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