Swifts Beach Road fire causes power outage

By Lydia Goerner | May 28, 2017

A fire on Swifts Beach Road in Wareham burned through two fallen primary power lines Sunday at 12:44 p.m. on Sunday, causing power loss throughout the area, an Eversource representative said.

When the power lines fell to the ground, they ignited a grass fire, according to Wareham Fire Department Captain Courtney DeBlois.

“It wasn’t a raging fire,” DeBlois said. “It was just smoldering.”

It took about an hour to get the situation under control and the electricity had to be cut off in the area, DeBlois said.

Some residents were without power for more than two hours.

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Posted by: David Ricci | May 29, 2017 08:37

The power was off for 3 hours. Just saying.

Posted by: David Ricci | May 29, 2017 08:38

I misread that! Mea cupla

Posted by: Swifts_Sheriff | May 29, 2017 10:23

Projected was incorrect 5pm

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