Suspected air conditioner fire guts Cleveland Way apartment in Wareham

Jul 26, 2018
Photo by: Meghan Neely Burned household items, including an air conditioner, litter the outdoor stairway of a first floor apartment at 15 Cleveland Way following a fire that left the building unsafe for habitation.

A fire gutted a first floor apartment at 15 Cleveland Way on Thursday, July 26, leaving the building unsafe for habitation, according to fire officials.

Wareham Police, emergency services, Wareham and Onset firefighters all responded to the call for a possible air conditioner fire at the apartment around 11:18 a.m.

The Bourne Fire Department provided assistance with the Plymouth Fire Department stepping in to provide coverage for Onset.

A dog was safely removed from the apartment and placed in the care of Animal Control Officer Cheryl Gorveatt-Dill in stable condition.

Crews were able to confine the fire to the apartment of origin within 20 minutes of arrival. No injuries were reported.

The condition of the building following the fire prompted Wareham's Inspectional Services Department to deem it unsafe for habitation. The definitive cause of the fire is still under investigation and is not believed to be suspicious in nature, officials said.

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Posted by: Wareham By The Sea | Jul 28, 2018 14:50

I don't even know where Cleveland Way is.  The pic of the toasted AC unit is interesting, but the usual picture of the building itself is always good for reference.

Posted by: OnsetTogether | Jul 30, 2018 07:41

It's where Teena Hill, 46, of Onset was arrested by Officers Charles Pillsbury and Joseph Cardoza for a disturbance call on Cleveland Way. Hill had two active warrants for her arrest and was held overnight at police headquarters happened last week.

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