Stash's fills hole left by Kenny's on Onset Beach

By Jaime Rebhan | Jun 17, 2013
Photo by: Jaime Rebhan Patrons dine on the deck at Stash's Onset Beach.

With specialty pizzas, traditional seaside fare, select Greek and Italian items — and a near unbeatable view of the bay — owners of Stash's restaurant say they hope to call Onset home for a long time.

"We're here to add something to the community," said Steve Papantoniadis, who, along with brothers Stash and Charlie, run nearly a dozen restaurants under three names throughout the Boston area, South Shore, and now, Cape Cod.

Stash's Onset Beach has opened in the former location of much-loved, longtime summer staple Kenny's Salt Water Taffy.

Papantoniadis says that he and his family, which summers in Falmouth, saw an opportunity in Onset Village.

"Downtown Falmouth," Papantoniadis says, thinking of his summer home, "this place should be just like it."

Residents have been speculating as to what the restaurant might serve ever since heavy renovations began last year. Greek food? Pizza? Greek pizza?

"I understand the excitement of the town. We're very excited," Papantoniadis said, adding that signs have been hung in the company's other restaurants advertising the new Onset Beach location.

"You would be surprised how many people know this place, but have forgotten about it," Papantoniadis said of Onset Village.

The menu, which is still a work in progress, features traditional Cape Cod clam shack goodies, New York-style pizza, kebobs, burgers and hot dogs, and a variety of other dishes, including homemade lasagna.

Papantoniadis makes all of the restaurant's sauces, and his mother makes all of the marinades.

"We don't allow anyone else to make our marinades," Papantoniadis notes.

There are a few surprises, such as Jersey Shore fries. It's unclear what makes them "Jersey Shore" — perhaps the thick cut or the light, flavorful seasoning… but it's certainly a different kind of fry.

Though the current menu stretches across several flat-screen monitors above the restaurant's counter, Papantoniadis says it's just the beginning. The owners are still developing the full menu, which they plan to unveil in the fall — along with a full delivery service.

And, the growing company plans to open three more restaurants this year.

"This one is a little bit special," Papantoniadis said of the Onset Beach location.

It is the first that has opened outside of the Boston area. All of the company's other restaurants are "within 10 minutes of each other," Papantoniadis says.

The family purchased the building — the only restaurant on Onset Beach — last year.

Patrons of the former Kenny's will see a completely overhauled inside of the building, complete with seating, a full kitchen, and two bathrooms. The restaurant's deck has been outfitted with large picnic tables.

"The only thing that didn't change is the size of the building," Papantoniadis said, admiring the stainless steel accents throughout the inside.

Though the family initially wanted to open Stash's in time for last year's summer season, Papantoniadis said the wait was worth it.

"We wanted to do it right," he said, adding: "What better location can you get than this?"

Stash's will be open year-round, and the company is in the process of obtaining a license to sell beer and wine. The company's website is currently under construction, but is located at

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Posted by: justin beiber | Jun 18, 2013 09:13


This was worth the wait.

The place is beautiful - inside and out.

Clean, friendly staff with no piercings!

Big tasty pizzas (thin crust style) and a huge selection of toppings.

I particularly liked the chicken kebabs served over tasty rice. It comes with a generous Greek salad.

A really nice family seems to run the place.

Good luck to all !

Posted by: suluply | Jun 20, 2013 10:41

I haven't been there yet but can't wait! It sounds like a good place to go and what a view.

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