Sound Tower Gig Diary X:  Standing On Top of the World

By George Dionne | Mar 09, 2012
Sound Tower at Presidents Rock Club in Quincy, MA

I’ll admit it once again; I’ve been slacking in my tour diaries. The last one I wrote was HERE, recapping our adventures in 2011. 2012 has already started out with a bang and looks to be our busiest yet. We’ve already had some ups and downs going into the New Year, but the good out weighs the bad… but that’s rock and roll!

With this diary entry I’m going to touch upon some highlights of the year so far, touch upon some behind the scenes issues, and let you know what the future holds for Sound Tower and the STF (Sound Tower Faithful).

January 14th we returned to The Fan Club in Wareham after four-month hiatus. We missed our fans at The Fan Club and they clearly missed us by showing up in droves this night. Okay, so the Patriots we’re playing for a spot in the Super Bowl that night as well, but everyone stuck around for the show. We played during half time and finished out the show after the Patriots victory. Halfway through our closing set Tim’s bass had short-circuited, leaving us with no alternative but to play without it. Since the crowd was so energized (from us and the game), we managed to get through the night with group sing-alongs and dancing.

January 28th we returned to Knuckleheads in New Bedford. The crowd had to be twice the size of our debut performance last year, and just as receptive. What a night! From song to song we ruled the room. Shoulder to shoulder people danced and sang the night away. A lot of STF from back home even made the trip, including Dale who chose to celebrate her birthday that night.

February 3rd took us to Bossie-Country (Rockland). Tim was sure glad he finally had a gig less than 5 miles away from home. His family and friends came out in droves of course. Player’s has a great set up for bands; a stage on risers and professional sound. The band sounded exceptionally great that night.

February 17th Sound Tower celebrated our 100th gig at The Courtyard in Cataumet. It was really gig 101, but by the time I figured that out, I had already started promoting it as such. It was great to see lots of STF make the trip “over the bridge” to help us celebrate the momentous occasion. If you had told me a year and half prior we were going to play 100 gigs in that time, I would have laughed. Hell, I had a former band mate tell me two years ago that we’d never be successful playing pop rock and dance music and that my silly frontman antics would drive the crowds away. To that I say HA!

February 18th We received an e-mail from a club in Quincy called the Presidents Rock Club. They were brand new and wanted quality bands to fill up their entertainment schedule. I still don’t know how they heard of us, but we jumped at the chance. The place was awesome. The crowd was great, the ambience was great, and the show was success. The drive was a bit far, but it was well worth it.

That brings us to today. Yes it is true, our bass player Tim Bossie is leaving us next month. It is a personal decision for Tim, but one that we are sad about. Tim played a very important part in building up the band, helping the band achieve new goals, and progress into the rock and roll machine that it is today. Wherever Tim goes or what ever Tim does, he will always be a part of the Sound Tower family. Tim gave a lot to this band and we will forever be grateful.

Starting March 9th at the Fan Club and ending April 7th at The Fan Club, Sound Tower will be on the Tim Bossie Farewell Tour. Join us for Tim’s farewell round and you just might hear him sing a song for the first time ever!

As for the future of Sound Tower: We will be announcing a new bass player in the very near future. We will also be debuting our new original song live at a gig later this month. Look for both announcements on our Facebook page.

Sound Tower will be playing lots of new venues this year:

Jockey Club Raynham
Frankie D’s BBQ Kingston
Crazy Eddies Plymouth Waterfront
Dino’s Mashpee
Trinity Bar Norton

You can also find us regularly at; 

The Fan Club Wareham
British Beer Company Cedarville
British Beer Company Sandwich
Knuckleheads New Bedford
Presidents Rock Club Quincy
The Courtyard Cataumet.

One more thing, we WILL be back on Main St. in Wareham. Sooner than you think…

For more info and upcoming shows:

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