Sound Tower Gig Diary VIII:  Lovin' Every Minute Of It

By George Dionne | Jul 07, 2011
Photo by: Melodye Conway Sound Tower at the Onset Summer of Love Concert Series

I’ve been slacking since my last gig diary HERE. I have found that the busier Sound Tower has become, the less and less time I have to keep and publish a tour diary. The following is a recap of the memorable moments from our gigs over the last three months. There have been some good times, some bad times, but that’s the life of local rock stars.

April 1st, our bassist Tim falls outside after the gig. Suffers a minor skull fracture and concussion. Tim vows to play the following night’s show. An APB is still out for the elephant that knocked him over. April 2nd, Tim wows his hometown crowd by playing a three-hour set, wearing an eye patch to cover his swollen eye. Comparisons to Captain Morgan still continue. The club had no crowd beyond Sound Tower fans, and closed down a few months later.

April 15th, Sound Tower returns to Parrot, draws bigger crowd. Also marks the debut of Greg’s straw cowboy hat. Thanks Mel. April 22nd, band has a falling out with bar manager. Conveniently tells us he’s cutting pay after we finish the gig. Band vows to never return, suspects business beyond Sound Tower nights is not good. April 29th, crowds are getting bigger and bigger at Piper Beau’s. April 30, crowds are still on the small side at BBC Sandwich, but we make the most of it.

May 6th, George celebrates 35th birthday with the STF (Sound Tower Faithful) at Fan Club. Show delayed by Bruins playoffs. May 7th, George milks his birthday for another night at Shooters. Band finally gets moved back to the big room. Bar patrons still sit in their seats way back in the bar area. May 21st, did I mention crowds are getting bigger and bigger at Piper Beau’s? We really can’t go wrong at this bar.

June 3rd, band plays final show at the Parrot. Great bar with good friends every show, but not much room for growth there. June 4th, band debuts at Rose Alley Ale House. Once again delayed by Bruins playoffs. Sound Tower came off strong with the big city crowd and all had a good time.

June 10th, Band celebrates their 50th gig in just 10 months at the bar we have officially dubbed “the home of Sound Tower,” Piper Beau’s. We couldn’t thank our fans enough. Bar owner Nick received an autographed “50th Gig” shirt and we partied all night as usual. It was also Disco Dave’s birthday, and he wore a candy thong for most of the night (don’t ask). June 17th, band celebrates 51st gig at The Fan Club (hey, we’re from Wareham, why not).

June 18th, Shooters marks the spot to celebrate our friend Christian’s shipping off to boot camp. Christian’s fiancée is our guest vocalist Erica. If you recall he proposed to her at our New Years Eve gig. The bar crowd…well, you know. But our crowd filled the room with dancing and singing and a hell of a good time. July 3rd, a gig on a Sunday? Unheard of. But this was Piper Beau’s, and like I said, we can do no wrong there. The crowd started off slow, but within the hour tripled in size. By the end of the night the room was quite full. This also saw the debut of the “Sound Tower Suicide” Jell-O shot. Good luck getting that beast in your mouth.

July 6th, the Onset Summer of Love Concert Series never saw us coming.  They said it couldn't be done, but we got this crowd up on their feet and dancing!  275+ people showed up for this one and everyone from kids to adults soaked it all in.  If there were any doubts that we were Wareham's Hottest Cover Band, they were put to rest on this night. And as always, the Sound Tower Faithful had our backs, and new members were added to the ranks.

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