Sound Tower Gig Diary IX:  Rock On!

By George Dionne | Sep 06, 2011
Sound Tower at BBC Cedarville - August 20, 2011

The Summer of Sound Tower has come to an end, and what a summer it was!  For a recap of the early part of the summer, check my last blog entry HERE.  Although we’ve had thirteen gigs since my last blog entry, here are the highlights...

July 23rd, Our first gig in Taunton at Home Plate turns out to be a good one.  Maybe it was because it’s always good to show a new location what we’ve got, or maybe it was because some of our compensation was two huge buckets filled with beer.  We had so much we had to give it to the crowd.  We didn’t make it easy.  We asked Sound Tower trivia.

July 28th, The Cape Cod Canal Region Chamber of Commerce invited us to Concerts in the Park this year, and I must say, it was just as successful as our Summer of Love show.  There were actually people tailgating before the show, and once again we got them up and dancing.  There were a lot more children this time around, so we gave out a lot of Sound Tower dance beads.  This was a truly redeeming night for me.  We were actually invited last year, but had to cancel due to band line-up issues.

Aug 5th, The band treks up to The Tinker’s Son in Norwell.  So why Norwell?  The Tinker’s Son actually found us online.  They were looking to freshen up their bands a little bit, and the booker happened to be from the Wareham area.  It was a longer show than normal, but quite successful.  This was also a great show for Tim.  Well, not for when his bass fell apart, but because it was the shortest commute for him thus far.

Aug 6th, The one year anniversary of Sound Tower (version 2).  We decided to have it at the place that started it all, Shooters in Middleboro.  It’s easy to admit this now, but when we played there one year prior, our “crowd” consisted of one person.  That’s right, one person.  And she was with the band.  Oh, there were people in the bar, but I’m not sure they knew there was a band in the back.  This year was much different.  The STF turned out in force for this special event, and it helped that one of them was celebrating a birthday.  The night was packed with good times and music.

Aug 13th & 19th, Back to back weeks at the “home” of Sound Tower, Piper Beau’s.  The home town crowd was hot on both nights and as a result showed the band giving it their all.  Over the two nights we managed to play all of the songs we’ve ever played.

Aug 20th,  It seemed like forever since we played the BBC Cedarville (four months actually), but the patrons were just as receptive.  We even made a few more devoted fans that night.  One was from Wareham.  She had never heard of Sound Tower, but was instantly hooked on this night.  She was working the dance floor, taking pictures, and getting to know other members of the STF (Sound Tower Faithful).  She later told us she was only there to have a beer and move on.

Aug 26th,  The band debuts at the Bayside Lounge in Fairhaven.  From the very beginning we knew this gig was a gamble.  Our compensation for the night was a percentage of the till and there was a hurricane on the horizon.  To top that off, we had to play four hours, instead of our usual three.  We made some new fans that night, but the crowd was not the biggest.  It was most certainly a great show.  A good handful of the STF made the trip and the bar’s regular crowd and staff loved us.  In the end though, the gamble didn’t pay off, but the new fans we made were a good trade off.

Aug 27th,  The night before Hurricane Irene had us back in our hometown at The Fan Club.  I suspected that attendance would be bad, but as they say, the show must go on.  The crowd slowly grew throughout the night.  A good handful of our regulars were there, and the girl we met at the BBC brought along her friends.  It was another successful night with some great people.  In addition, we ended up booking two private parties out of it.

Sept 4th, This was the official end of The Summer of Sound Tower, and of course it was at Piper Beau’s.  It was a Sunday night, but the way the room filled up, you’d swear it was a Friday.  Once again we packed Piper’s wall-to-wall.  From the opening song, right till the very end, the crowd was on the dance floor and having a blast.  That’s what we love to see.  The band feeds off that energy and everyone goes home with great memories.

The Summer of Sound Tower may be over, but we have a busy fall and winter ahead of us.  Stay tuned! And as always, thank you for your continued support.  There would be no Sound Tower if there was no STF.  We love you all!

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