Sound Tower Gig Diary IV:  We're Coming to Your Town, We'll Help You Party It Down...

By George Dionne | Dec 06, 2010
Sound Tower: (left to right) Tim Bossie, George Dionne, Greg Humberd, Jack Crowley.  Shooter's Middleboro, December 3, 2010

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a tour diary; so let me bring you up to speed on the adventures of Sound Tower.

November 5, 2010 Buzzards Bay Tavern, 149 Main St. Buzzards Bay

This was the second gig for our new bass player Tim Bossie.  Tim was still trying to play through the “new guy” jitters, but as usual delivered a great performance.  Everyone one wanted to play my tambourine that night.  If you come to a show, you can too.  We all love playing the Buzzards Bay Tavern.  We always have a good crowd, and the manager Woody took a chance on us with just my word.  We’ll never forget that and consider it our home in Bourne.

November 13, 2010 - Piper Beau’s, 207 Main St. Wareham

We weren’t supposed to play Piper’s again for a while, but since we had such a great response the first time, Nick wanted us back as soon as possible.  It was another packed house and overall good time.  There was a birthday girl in the crowd so we joined in the celebration and I embarrassed her I’m sure by singing and dancing with her to our version of “Burning Love” by Elvis.  Although, I did get some cake afterwards, so she must have taken it all in good fun.  That night we also took a few group publicity photos in the surrounding areas.  There weren’t too many “rock and roll” backdrops we could find, but the weathered building that houses Piper’s worked out, as well as the alley just outside the backdoor.  For fun we headed over to the picnic tables at Frankenstein’s Hot Dogs, because nothing says “rock and roll” like hot dogs.

November 19, 2010 Shooters, 360 Wareham St. Middleboro

Shooters is usually hit or miss for us.  On this night though, it was hit.  There were plenty of people on the dance floor, and a good time had by all.  I’m always impressed by the distance people have traveled to see us.  I guess it’s because I still see us as an unknown band.  I see us as the band still trying to make a name for ourselves.  There was a small group of women that came down from Whitman and Brockton just to see us.  They heard about us online.  I can think of quite a few places closer to home they could have went, but am thankful they came to see Sound Tower instead.  Our waiter John also became a fan that night.

November 24, 2010 The Fan Club, 2859 Cranberry Hwy. Wareham

Thanksgiving Eve is the busiest night of the year at The Fan Club, and we were the first band ever to play on this night.  We even had a drink special named after us for the night.  If any of you drank it, just know I only came up with the idea, not what was actually in the drink.  It was Wild Turkey Honey, Apple Pie Liquor, and Cranberry Juice.  It was very Thanksgiving, but not so much Sound Tower (even though we love apple pie).  Next time I will be more hands on in that respect.  It was still a cool idea.  The room was packed, the crowd was into the show, but not a lot of people felt like dancing.  I think the regulars expected a DJ, and were a little taken aback that a band was there.  I would still call the night a success.  Can’t wait to see what New Years Eve brings.

November 26, 2010 Bert’s Landing, 140 Warren Ave. Plymouth

This gig was put together at the last minute, and it was a Godsend.  At the beginning of the week I got a call that our November 27th gig was cancelled.  We were all bummed out about it.  It was a place that we were well received in the past.  I’m not going to get into the specifics of why the gig was cancelled, but I’m willing to bet they felt bad about their decision after the fact.  Either way, I had recently found out that Bert’s Landing just opened up (again) in Plymouth.  I visited two weeks prior, but received no call back.  That is until Thanksgiving Eve.

A band cancelled for the 26th and Bert’s needed someone to take their place.  We jumped at the opportunity.  We’ve always wanted to play the Plymouth area, and this was our shot.  Sure, it’s the middle of winter, but if we got our foot in the door now, it will be THE place to be in the summer.  We only had a few days to get the word out to out fans.  In the end it didn’t matter, Bert’s had their own crowd…. and they loved us!  I even spoke with the owner’s nephew who said that he’ll make sure we come back.

December 3, 2010 Shooters, 360 Wareham St. Middleboro

This time, I’d say the Shooters crowd was closer to miss than hit, but we had fun with the people that were available.  Our waiter John was back, and once his shift ended he was having a blast on the dance floor.  He brought along a few of his friends, John and Nancy.  They saw us a Shooters last time as well.  Our “un-official photographer” Dena also came out to see us.  She works with our drummer’s wife.  She saw us at Bert’s the week before and became an instant fan.  I love when a connection like that happens.  This was our last show at Shooters until February.  They would have had us in January, but we were both fully booked.  At least the anticipation will grow.

December 4, 2010 – Tommy Doyle’s, 334 Main St. Hyannis

Two shows in a row can really take the wind out of your sails, but Tommy Doyle’s was a new venue for us (sort of), so we had to stay motivated and on top of our game.  Sound Tower [version 1] had played Doyle’s before.  A year and a half ago we opened for another band there.  About a year ago we played a showcase there.  The deal was if we did well, we’d come back for the summer season.  Even though I am biased, we did great that night, but not as good as the other band I suppose.  I reached out to the booking agent recently for another chance, and this night was it.

It was a bad sign walking in and the place was empty.  The employees said that it doesn’t usually pick up until 11pm or so, but they also mentioned that business hasn’t been great lately either.  And, a DJ was playing the back room.  The odds weren’t in out favor, but how could they be in the middle of winter on Cape Cod?   I do love playing Doyle’s though.  They have their own sound guy and professional lighting.  They even have a raised stage.

10pm rolled around and it was pretty much just us, the sound guy, and our wives and friends.  We played like the room was packed.  Tim (bass) and Jack (guitar) were finally getting used to one another, goofing off with each other on stage, having guitar duels and what not, and just having fun.  When 11pm rolled around there were a few people trickling in, but most were heading for the DJ.  We still played our best.  Around midnight, more people came in and stayed in the room. We even had a birthday girl who I let sing on a few of her favorite songs.  Things were picking up as the night was closing down.  It may have not been the biggest crowd, or as big as it was the last time we played there, but it was still fun and we made new fans along the way.  Drunken Irish guy was my favorite.  He didn’t know any of our songs, but he faked it well.  He gave running commentary after each song, danced with the girls that would let him, and raised his fist and appreciation for the band.  We won’t soon forget him.  The verdict is still out on whether we will return.

I’m not a fan of bars that weigh how many people you can bring in vs. how good you are.  We’re a good band.  A lot better than some of the bands that have played this venue, but yes, we are not a group of twenty-somethings whose friends go out every weekend.  We can bring some people, but if bars are looking for us to bring tons of them, it’s not going to happen.  The bar has to have its own crowd too, and promote their live music program.  The best way to do that is to book quality bands that their regular customers will return to see.  Over time we can build a loyal crowd together.

Upcoming shows:

Dec 10th: Buzzards Bay Tavern – 149 Main St - Buzzards Bay (9:30pm)

Dec 31st: The Fan Club – 2859 Cranberry Hwy - Wareham (10pm)

Jan 7th: Buzzards Bay Tavern – 149 Main St - Buzzards Bay (9:30pm)

Jan 14th:  Striker’s Pub [inside Wonder Bowl] 66 Hathaway Rd.- New Bedford (9:30pm)

Jan 21st:  Piper Beau’s – 207 Main St - Wareham (10pm)

Jan 28th:  Buzzards Bay Tavern – 149 Main St - Buzzards Bay (9:30pm)

For more info:

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