Sound Tower Gig Diary III:  The Train Kept a Rollin'

By George Dionne | Nov 02, 2010
Sound Tower with a special guest drummer at Buzzards Bay Tavern.

Sound Tower has played three more local gigs since my last tour diary.  There was a one-off gig with myself and guitarist Jack Crowley, and the others were at two of our favorite venues in the area.

October 10, 2010 – Edaville USA, Carver - National Cranberry Festival

The entire band was not available the day of this gig, so Jack and I decided to go unplugged.  “Festival” type gigs are always a little sketchy.  You’re bound to get a variety of artists, but chances are the bands aren’t going to get paid.  They are more for getting your name out there.  There was some compensation for the gig.  Jack and I got free admissions to the festival for our families.

Edaville has changed quite a bit since I was a kid.  Growing up Edaville was “the” place to go for Christmas, but now it’s open for more than half the year.  No longer is the train ride the main attraction.  They have kiddie rides, museums, and various other displays to enjoy.  On this particular day it was about the cranberry harvest, so the train and helicopter rides were the main attraction.

I can tell you this; the music was NOT the main attraction.  The Cranberry Festival itself had so much going on in such a short time that people just didn’t want to listen to music.  I won’t lie, there were a lot of empty seats.  People would pass by the tent, but few stopped in.

Our families, the band that was coming on next, and a couple of friends were there, and it was fun to show our friends and family a different side of Sound Tower.  I thought Jack and I performed well and transformed some rock songs into some decent acoustic arrangements.  You can catch a video of one of the performances on our YouTube page (link below).

October 22, 2010Buzzards Bay Tavern, 149 Main St. Buzzards Bay

Everyone was excited to return to the best little unknown bar on the block.  This time around, set up was much more convenient.  They re-arranged the tiny back room to place the band in the corner, thus opening up the floor for more dancing.  Once again the gig was great.  I saw a lot of familiar faces from last time, people who don’t normally follow us around, but are more than likely Tavern regulars.  I remember one woman saying she came down from Springfield to see us specifically.  She heard about us from my cousin who told her friend, who told her friend, who told… you know how it goes.

There were two girls on the dance floor who had quite the rehearsed dance routine going on.  One of them started dancing on the tables and from there, well, let’s just say it was “rock and roll.”  There were two other girls that heckled me all night to play a song by this band or that band, but come the end of the night (and few cold ones), they we’re singing out praises.

An old friend of mine from high school also stopped by that night.  Ramsey Roustom has been playing drums since he was a kid, and I was always impressed by his talent back in the day.  He’s gone on to play with Colin Hay (Men at Work), and is currently touring with Blue Man Group.  He asked if he could play a few.

Lucky us we play Down Under by Men at Work.   Ramsey played a few more with us, and was a great experience.  This gig also marked the final performance with our bassist Steve.  Steve has a lot of musical projects going on and we knew he was only going to be around for a short time.  We had a lot of fun with Steve and we hope he enjoys the next chapter in his musical journey.

October 29th – The Fan Club, 2859 Cranberry Hwy. Wareham

So, the first Fan Club gig didn’t pan out to be the big event I had hoped, but this one sure did.  One of the long-time bartenders at The Fan Club, Cassie, was celebrating her birthday that night, and she brought along all her friends.  As the night progressed, more and more people were coming into the bar.  Some were old fans, some were strangers.  We had learned later that a good handful of these people had been watching another band play and were not impressed.  They decided to leave and join Sound Tower at the Fan Club.  When you trying to build a fan base and recognizable name for your band, this news is as good as it gets.

This night also saw the debut of our new bass player Tim Bossie.  We had been rehearsing Tim for about a month.  At the last rehearsal before practice Tim had managed to nail all 43 songs.  I was quite impressed with his progress after just four weeks.  Tim was a heavy metal/hard rock player, and Sound Tower has a lot of songs out of his comfort zone.

I could tell he was excited and nervous at the same time this night.  Tim had been playing bass for decades, but when you’re in a new band it always seems like the first time.  He had plenty of friends and family in the crowd, and things went off without a hitch.  I’m glad to have Tim along for the ride.

We look forward to playing The Fan Club again on Thanksgiving Eve, their busiest night of the year.  Over the days that followed this gig, more doors seemed to open up for Sound Tower.  Piper Beau’s asked us back earlier than scheduled this month, and we finally got Tommy Doyle’s in Hyannis to give us another chance.  Sound Tower (version 1) played there over the spring, but I guess we didn’t wow them as much as the other band we were competing with.  Playing Main St. in Hyannis has always been one of our goals, and hopefully with this upcoming gig, we’ll secure ourselves another great Main St. venue to play in the summer.

Upcoming shows:

Nov 5th: Buzzards Bay Tavern – 149 Main St - Buzzards Bay (9:30pm)

Nov 13th: Piper Beau’s - 207 Main St – Wareham (10pm)

Nov 19th: Shooter’s – 360 Wareham St – Middleboro (10pm)

Nov 24th: The Fan Club – 2859 Cranberry Hwy - Wareham (10pm)

Nov 27th: Piper Beau’s – 207 Main St – Wareham (10pm)

Dec 3rd:  Shooter’s – 360 Wareham St – Middleboro (10pm)

Dec 4th:  Tommy Doyle’s – 334 Main St – Hyannis (10pm)

For more info:

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