Sewer Commissioner Malcolm White says much work left to be done

By Matthew Bernat | Mar 29, 2017

Sewer Commissioner candidate Malcolm White says there’s still big issues the board needs to tackle. It’s why he’s seeking another term on the board that oversees how the town’s sewer system is run.

Chief among those issues is lowering rates for users and also ensuring the system’s infrastructure gets much needed repairs.

“Capital improvement is huge,” said White. “I want to see a budget item every year so that we can start chipping away at it.”

Camera equipment designed to explore pipes in the system have uncovered leaks and cracks, making it clear that sewer officials need a comprehensive approach to repairs.

Regarding users, White says commissioners are exploring a move away from the current system which charges based on equivalent dwelling units, or EDU. The formula determines how much residential and business properties are charged for sewer use. It’s been criticized as unfair to those who don’t use much water, but are charged the same regardless.

Linking sewer rates to water usage is something the commissioners want to tackle, however, it would require cooperation from the Onset and Wareham water districts.

“We’re still trying to get user’s rates down,” said White. “That has become more of a task than we initially thought it would be.”

White has experience with municipal government. In Vermont, he served as a Selectmen and Planning Board member.

His 40-year career in construction is also an asset, he said. He’s currently still in the business, working as a superintendent.

“That does help. I understand the infrastructure, how we move the product,” he said. Overall, he’s hoping to get some work done over the next three years.

“That’s a big motivation for me,” he said. “I hate to leave things hanging, and we’ll keep working and hopefully have some results in the next year or two.”


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What happened to Peter Dunlop?

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