Senior living center opens doors for community tour

By Andrea Ray | Mar 03, 2017
Photo by: Matthew Bernat All-American Assisted Living Executive Director Christine Smith and Community Relations Director Virginia Lehr

The new All-American Assisted Living Center at 300 Rosebrook Way is nearly ready to start accepting residents, and to help the community understand what's available, its Executive Director Christine Smith met a large group on Friday morning for a VIP tour.

The smell of fresh paint was in the air, and crews were at work touching up walls. Cushy chairs were already in place in the library and parlor, and a popcorn machine awaited customers in the Rose Lane Memory Unit.

“The finishing touches are still being added,” Smith said with a laugh. “But you’re the first to see the building furnished.”

The group, which included journalists, town officials and interested parties, toured both the regular residential wings and the 11-suite Rose Lane Memory Unit, intended for patients with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

The building has room for 112 residents, in two-bedroom suites. In the suites, which are meant to foster a sense of independence, two residents will share the suite. Each will have their own bedroom. They will share a common area, mini-kitchenette and a bathroom.

The suites the group was shown were models. When they move in, residents will bring their own furniture, said Smith, adding she wanted the group to get a sense of what the units might look like furnished.

The starting price for one bedroom in a two-bedroom companion suite is $3,900 per month. At the Rose Lane Memory Unit, the starting price per month is $5,600. “It’s not affordable housing in that sense,” Smith explained. “But it’s all inclusive.”

Services include self-administered medication management, 24-hour personal care staff, three meals per day, weekly laundry service, daily and weekly housekeeping, and transportation to local medical care and outside shopping centers.

All American's dining room. Breakfast will be an open seating arrangement, and lunch will be served in two shifts. (Photo by: Andrea Ray)
Two cozy chairs and a popcorn maker await residents in the Rose Lane Memory Unit (Photo by: Andrea Ray)
A model bathroom - a similar setup is available in every suite (Photo by: Andrea Ray)
A breakfast nook inside one of the suites.
A model bedroom displaying how a resident could choose to decorate their room. (Photo by: Andrea Ray)
A view of the gleaming new kitchens behind the dining room - a local chef will be at work here shortly! (Photo by: Andrea Ray)
Comments (11)
Posted by: Wareham By The Sea | Mar 03, 2017 21:18

What a beautiful place!  That price is comparable with similar assisted living facilities that aren't as nice and new.  Those that planned for their later years should be able to afford it.

Posted by: Upper Cape Realty | Mar 06, 2017 13:45

A most welcome addition to the "neighborhood". We look forward in assisting those who are moving to this community.

Posted by: Doctor Deekas | Mar 06, 2017 14:28

Well perhaps you saved or invested an awful lot of money, but the generation that would be moving into this type of facility didn't have those investments necessarily. $48,000+ per year???? How long would you expect to live and still be able to afford to live here? This is not affordable housing that seniors desperately need, let's face it. And please, not the argument that this is what everyone charges....Just do the math.

Posted by: Wareham By The Sea | Mar 06, 2017 16:01

Dr., It certainly isn't affordable housing.  They say it right in the article.  I'm involved with a family member whom we've just moved into assisted living.  His is up in Quincy.   Rent is $3300.  It chews down his retirement, pension, and savings and now we're liquidating his estate to be ready if he runs out of money.  It is a challenge.  But it is all inclusive and he is safe.  No stairs, no gas stove, no icy driveway.  


No worries for the resident or their family is a huge benefit.  Plus the true cost of living in one's own home as opposed to assisted living can be a lot more than expected.  Even if their home is paid for, there still are taxes, insurance, utilities, upkeep, cleaning, laundry, landscaping, snow removal, security.  What if the house needs a $15,000 roof or a $5000 boiler?   Plus groceries and household items.  Home health aids are very expensive.  Transportation is very expensive.  Add all that up and it very well could exceed the $3900 per month without the peace of mind of living in a nice safe place with everything taken care of.           

Posted by: Whm4now | Mar 06, 2017 17:07

I didn't see it written in the article that the rooms are not private.  Each resident must share living quarters the reason for the two bedrooms.

Posted by: Hairy Buttz | Mar 06, 2017 17:51

I didn't see it either WHM. Wow that's expensive for shared quarters.

Posted by: Wareham By The Sea | Mar 06, 2017 18:03

Roommate a dorm.  That's a game changer on the cost. However, many seniors are lonely and the company may be a good thing.

Posted by: Hairy Buttz | Mar 06, 2017 18:20

True. How I love Seniors more affordable housing is soooo needed.

Posted by: cranky pants | Mar 06, 2017 19:31

Someone has done their homework for sure. This place is gonna be quite the cash cow.

Posted by: Whm4now | Mar 06, 2017 21:22

Oh Brownie, lol SMH...

Posted by: Hairy Buttz | Mar 06, 2017 21:29

What WHM You feel the kitchenette is tiny too? ;)

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