Selectmen get news from DA's office about disks

By Jaime Rebhan | Feb 02, 2010

The Board of Selectmen announced Tuesday, after an executive session, that the Plymouth County District Attorney's office will return the 84 disks it took following the town's computer audit last May.

A letter was received Jan. 13 indicating that the disks would be returned, Board of Selectmen Chairman Bruce Sauvageau said. The letter also said that 15 of the disks would go directly to interim Police Chief Richard Stanley, as they contain confidential police-related material.

"They've closed their grand jury investigation with no finding with respect to the Board of Selectmen," Sauvageau said.

The disks in question are the result of an unannounced audit of town computers conducted by a private computer consulting firm in May at the request of Selectmen. There has been much speculation about what Selectmen and interim Town Administrator John Sanguinet were seeking to learn from the audit. Official statements broadly refer only to a need to find out about inappropriate and unauthorized use of town computers.

In the wake of outrage expressed by some town employees and citizens, the district attorney's office seized the disks from the consulting group hired by the town to conduct the audit. Despite speculation as rampant as that surrounding the original audit, the DA's office never disclosed its reason for seizing the disks other than its broad intent to investigate possible criminal wrong-doing.

The DA's office will make copies of all the disks, Sauvageau said. It has only reviewed the police department data thus far.

"They have referred the matter concerning the investigation to both the Inspector General's office and the ethics department for further investigation," Sauvageau said.

Sauvageau said the board will work with the town counsel and town administration to decide how to proceed once the disks are received.


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Posted by: Phillip vary | Feb 07, 2010 15:24

I don't know about anyone else but regaurdless of the outcome I just want to see closure on this. Hopefully soon. It has been dragged out far too long. Enough already. The IG Is involved now and every one involved should just let them do thier job. I am sure they will get to the bottom of what is going on and in the end the truth will be revealed. They may also be the one agency that everyone can trust to be un-biased while doing so.

Posted by: Doctor Deekas | Feb 08, 2010 11:49

I'm not worried about closure as much as dis-closure of the truth. If there is something going on or went on previously, the taxpayers need to know. If nothing is going on, then $50K went in a hole and there are elected and appointed officials to answer to that. If the IG was investigating depts before the computer audit, chances are better that there was some merit to the notion that something was going on.

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