Selectman urges caution during hunting season

By Zarrin Tasnim Ahmed | Oct 18, 2016

Selectman Chair Judith Whiteside warned all nature-loving residents to be careful while out in the woods during hunting season at the board's Tuesday night meeting.

According to Whiteside, it is the beginning of bird hunting season and people are allowed to shoot from dawn to dusk.

“So if you're anywhere near any water or uplands, wear orange, scream and yell, make a lot of noise, so that you don't get shot,” said Whiteside. “Shortly we will be having game hunting season as well. I advise you to be very careful. Wear international distress orange.”

Whiteside also invited residents to help keep the town during her announcements. She asked volunteers to pick up trash during a clean up along the Narrows on Wednesday, Oct. 19 from 9 to 10 a.m.

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Posted by: Wareham By The Sea | Oct 20, 2016 14:04

Hunters are nature-loving as well. What is she trying to say?   People get hit crossing rt 6 in Wareham all the time.  When was the last accidental shooting during hunting season?  It is more dangerous to cross the street than to walk in he woods.  Why isn't she announcing to look both ways before crossing the street?

Posted by: rev815 | Oct 20, 2016 17:15

Thank you Selectman Judith for warning us to be vigilant during the hunting season. If you are not a hunter you don't even know when it's hunting season, as they don't post signs like they do for other things. The autumn season brings more hikers out, and family members that like to see the amazing colors and go for a walk in the woods. There are nature walks in Wareham, that unfortunately are not marked that it is hunting season, and have many hunters hunting there while people are nature hiking. Thank you for this very timely update.

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