School Committee welcomes new members, reorganizes

By Matthew Bernat | Apr 05, 2017

With two new members on board, the Wareham School Committee reorganized on Wednesday night one day after the Town Election.

Fresh off their uncontested wins, Joyce Bacchiocchi and Laurie Spear joined the committee for its first order of business. Judy Caporiccio was elected as the new chair despite an objection from member Mary Morgan, who herself joined the committee one year ago after winning a seat in the 2016 Town Election.

Morgan said she preferred someone who would be able to attend all of the committee’s meetings. This winter, Caporiccio participated remotely in a handful of meetings, sitting in on the proceedings via speakerphone.

Morgan nominated member Geoff Swett for chair, saying, “He’s here consistently. I would prefer to have a chair that’s here most of the time.”

Swett said he was flattered by the vote of confidence from Morgan. Noting Caporiccio plans to participate remotely only three times this year, Swett said Caporiccio would serve the committee well as chair because she is “always so well prepared.”

The committee voted 4-1 to approve Caporiccio as chair with Morgan voting against.

After that vote, committee members elected Swett as vice chair in a 4-0-1 vote with Swett abstaining. Bacchiocchi was elected as the committee’s clerk unanimously.

Comments (5)
Posted by: Knocked for six | Apr 06, 2017 06:46

Nobody gets it do they?

Posted by: Peaches0409 | Apr 06, 2017 11:25

Gets what? Please enlighten us.....

Posted by: Uptohere | Apr 08, 2017 10:31

So if I'm counting correctly that's 5 members so that should be 5 votes for EVERYTHING. And NOT 4 when it's not going the way anyone wants it? Right?

Posted by: WantToSeeChange | Apr 08, 2017 12:37

Uptohere, what are you asking?  Should there be 5 votes cast for every vote?  Well, yes.  However, if a member is not in attendance, there can be less.  This can only happen if the committee quorum is met.  I am totally guessing here but with only 5 members, I am guessing a quorum would be a minimum of 3 members present?  Perhaps someone can verify this.

Posted by: Uptohere | Apr 08, 2017 15:02

I thought it was clear. It's not about attendance it's about not counting someone because you don't like their choice.

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