Scallop Fest has new website & discounted advanced-sales tickets

BOURNE –The Cape Cod Canal Region Chamber of Commerce announces a newly designed Scallop Fest website and discounted Advance Sale Tickets now available for a limited time at  Purchases may be redeemed any day of the Festival.

The Fest, recognized for the fourth year in a row as a “Top 100 Event in North America” by the American Bus Association, is scheduled on September 19, 20, 21, from 10am to 10pm on Friday and Saturday, 10am to 6pm on Sunday.

New this Year – The Festival has moved to the Cape Cod Fairgrounds located at 1220 Nathan Ellis Highway (Route 151), East Falmouth. Plenty of parking available!

New this Year – 215th Army Band to perform Friday morning, 10:30am Main Stage.  Mary Poppins will make a special appearance starting at 11am on Sunday, and GQ and the Lady will perform Sunday, 2:30pm, Main Stage.

New This Year – Enjoy new local vendors Big Rock Oyster Company, Captain Parker’s Chowder and The Chocolate Café.

General Admission is only $6 – children 6 to 12 are $2 and children 5 and under are admitted FREE.  FREE parking is available.

The Cape Cod Canal Region Chamber is a not-for-profit corporation that raises funds to help the community in various ways.  Proceeds from the Fest help fund the Chamber’s scholarship program for 4 area high schools, donate to 3 local food pantries and contribute to the operation of 2 visitor centers that service the traveling public.


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Posted by: jjjjjj | Aug 19, 2014 23:04

I'll be supporting businesses in the Canal region that weekend - rather than going to Falmouth for the (formerly Bourne) Scallop Fest.

You know - Bourne - the town which hosted the Fest ably for many years and is actually part of the Canal region?

Posted by: totellthetruth | Aug 20, 2014 06:12

Marie Oliva and cronies; You can take your so called scallopfest and "stick it where the Sun don't shine."  My family will have our Scallop Fest at Kool Kone with a round or two of their newly opened Miniature Golf.

Posted by: Wareham35 | Aug 20, 2014 06:58

Same feeling here. It belongs in Buzzards Bay!  If we could successfully handle the Canal 100th & fireworks ( plenty of areas to park), why all of a sudden is there an issue.  I'm not going to Falmouth for "The Bourne Scallop Festival"!!   Scallops at East Wind will be fantastic!

Posted by: AntiIdiot | Aug 30, 2014 10:33

I shall be boycotting this event myself. I'm sure with all the traffic, the people that show up this year most likely won't show up again.

Posted by: totellthetruth | Aug 30, 2014 13:02

This is a PRIME opportunity for Wareham/Onset Restaurants to get together and advertise their own "scallop festivals" for that weekend. Maybe get a few vendors on the Bluffs in Onset, maybe a little entertainment, Viking Cruises. Maybe a little carnival at Lopes Field.

Lets try to keep some of that Scallop Festival money here in Wareham.

Posted by: Whm4now | Aug 30, 2014 19:58

That sounds like a good plan, tttt.  Keep the celebration in BB.

Posted by: BeachyBeatrice | Sep 02, 2014 06:36

No worries. Out-of-towners won't know what happened since news in this area never gets coverage in other papers/reports. They'll show up and wonder what happened. Then, hopefully, they'll need some lunch, etc. and spend the day anyway.

I agree with the boycott...and putting the festival back into BBay!!


Posted by: AntiIdiot | Sep 02, 2014 08:37

Unfortunately it won't work in Onset with the parking situation. 

Posted by: Doctor Deekas | Sep 02, 2014 08:46

With Scallop Fest gone, Bourne campsites see drop off

  • The first Buzzards Bay economic casualty of the Canal Chamber of Commerce moving the Bourne Scallop Festival from the Main Street Park to the East Falmouth Fairgrounds at Route 151 later this month has been identified.

  • Posted by: totellthetruth | Sep 02, 2014 10:35

    Ithink everyones missing the point: The Wareham Area restaurants "band" together for that weekend. They all feature scallops on their menu as "specials". Then advertise the hell out of it . TO WIT:

    "Ware ham restaurants are featuring our own version of the Scallop Festival . The special scallop festival price is: $$$$$$$.  The following restaurants are participating:  Viking Canal cruises offered at Onset Pier. Many specialty shops in Wareham and Onset open for your shopping pleasure. Avoid the bridges. COME TO WAREHAM?ONSET.

    Posted by: warehamite | Sep 09, 2014 11:35

    My family WON'T drive to Falmouth for the BOURNE Scallop Fest.  We'll keep it local instead.  Good luck with all of your out-of-town tour buses that come for the scallops (that aren't even bought from the US).  What a joke!

    Posted by: totellthetruth | Sep 09, 2014 22:48

    Canadian Scallops AYE

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