Real Estate Careers Available

By Robin MacDonald CDT | Sep 11, 2015

Wareham — If you are interested in getting your license for real estate or if you have one and have been thinking of coming back into real estate but need CEU's, We've got you covered.

Pre-licensing course is only $205 includes book and handouts.  Also if we choose to hire you when you have received your license, we will refund the $205, upon completion of your first transaction.

For additional information please give me a call.  Robin 508-295-4900

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Posted by: Spherebreaker | Sep 11, 2015 11:03


   Can we get some cool information on your Blog? Maybe some  How To entries or Self help stuff. Sheet rock repair, appliance repair and proper toe nail care would be some great subjects.  These Help Wanted Ad "Blog Posts" are getting to be a dull read. Is it true that Warren Buffet owns over a billion dollars in taxes? If so why won't he pay his taxes while calling for tax increases on hard working Americans?

Posted by: Robin MacDonald CDT | Sep 12, 2015 11:27


Week after week you comment negatively on my post, which honestly I find very humerous! 

I have just one question.  I also blogged about our Sunshine Kid event asking for ten dollar donations for a chance to win a quilt created by these little children with cancer.  I noticed you completely ignored that blog.  My question is why?  Wouldn't you want to help these kids?

Please if you have moment, visit an give these kids ten bucks.  Be a bigger hero and get some of your friends in on it too.

Thank you, and have a great day!  Robin

Posted by: 181mph | Sep 12, 2015 13:32

hey  robin, great charity, I hope that quilt will keep me warm this winter lol,, I was also wondering if ex president Spherebreaker Nixon will spring for the 10 bucks, but he prolly don't have time as he is very busy running the town of wareham and spreading his own form of governing that helps nobody,,,hope that quilt is mine

Posted by: Spherebreaker | Sep 14, 2015 20:17

I don't think making suggestions for your blog is negative at all. I would say that's a positive. Are you uncomfortable about fact that the owner of your company Warren Buffet, your boss owns mega taxes?Will you confront him and demand that he pay them? Maybe you can convince him to donate some of the billions he has to us workers that actually do pay our taxes so we can afford to buy a house. 181, next time you and Speed Racer are out on the roads, let me know , "prolly " would be a great time watching you go at it.10 bucks says you wet your pants at the line.

Posted by: 181mph | Nov 09, 2015 13:30

well I haven't been around in a while but I see ex president spherebreaker (Nixon) has run his mouth again, I will give you credit as it seems you are great at that, maybe some day you will even post something that is actually intelligent tho I hardly doubt it.

I would love to see you match my 181mph on 2 wheels, 100 bucks says you ain't got the cajones to even start a Harley drag bike let alone hit the 181mph 1/4 mile speed

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