Prom goes to the dogs for members of the Wareham Pack Walkers

By Matthew Bernat | Jun 24, 2018
Photo by: Matthew Bernat Charlie, a St. Bernard, dons a massive bowtie for the Wareham Pack Walkers prom on Sunday.

Shoppers in Wareham Crossing were met by an unusual sight on Sunday, June 24, – a pack of well-dressed pooches. Clad in bow ties, pint-sized dresses, tuxes and even the occasional corsage, about 20 dogs strutted their stuff for the Wareham Pack Walkers first “prom.”

“All of the schools just had proms,” said Jennifer Cipriani, a certified dog trainer who founded the dog walking group. “ We thought: ‘why not us?’”

Launched a little over a year ago, the group is now 500 members strong. Each Sunday and Wednesday at 6:30 p.m., some of the members meet up at Wareham Crossing for a stroll and socialization.

Cipriani said the group is geared toward teaching dogs how to socialize and act appropriately a pack.

“This is a great way to get dogs together in a safe environment,” she said. “And, of course, it’s a chance for their owners to meet up and chat, too.”

On Sunday, owners met in the Lowe's parking lot, snapping pictures and complimenting the outfits. There was Charlie, a St. Bernard owned by Karen Kelso, wearing a floppy, oversized bow tie. Layla, an English mastiff, donned a pink dress. And Clyde, a Chihuahua, had on a tuxedo.

Clyde arrived with Erin and Matt Tiso, who said their pet had been primping for the evening out.

“He’s been looking forward to this,” said Matt. “Clyde definitely didn’t want to miss the prom.”

For more information on the Wareham Pack Walkers, visit the group’s Facebook page.

Alex, left, a papastzu (a Papillon and the Shih Tzu mix) and Jack, a Jack Russell terrier, wear tuxes for the dog prom. (Photo by: Matthew Bernat)
Walkers hit the sidewalk at Wareham Crossing during the dog prom. (Photo by: Matthew Bernat)
Erin and Matt Tiso with their Chihuahua Clyde. (Photo by: Matthew Bernat)
Comet sits in front of his owner Elizabeth Griffith before the walk. (Photo by: Matthew Bernat)
Scout, a rescued mutt, wearing a blue outfit. (Photo by: Matthew Bernat)
Layla, an English mastiff, is pretty in pink for the Wareham Pack Walkers dog prom. (Photo by: Matthew Bernat)
Bella and Bella in front of Lowe's before the walk. (Photo by: Matthew Bernat)
Bridget Crossman, 6, stands with her "date" Rocket before the dog prom walk begins. (Photo by: Matthew Bernat)
Comments (3)
Posted by: WWareham resident | Jun 25, 2018 09:42

I wish I knew about this. Nothing like a group of dogs to put a smile on your face =)

Posted by: Wareham By The Sea | Jun 25, 2018 09:44

Cute Happy event!  Nice time for these pooches.


Where were Amelia and Jackson or any dogs that look like them?  Just sayin'

Posted by: Steve Holmes | Jun 25, 2018 10:56

This is a great story, I saw Comet with his dad Andy, on Facebook during the drive to the Prom. Glad to see he had a good time. At no to very little cost for events like this, fun stuff, and a positive image for the Town. I'll be betting next years prom with some word of mouth will double in size. And thanks for no one spiking the punch LOL.

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