Preschoolers tour Onset Fire and learn fire safety lessons

By Lydia Goerner | Nov 06, 2017
Photo by: Lydia Goerner A preschooler from Cape Cod Child Development tries on a firefighter's helmet.

Preschool children were invited to visit the Onset Fire Department on Monday morning to get a glimpse of what a firefighter's day is like.

The kids from Cape Cod Child Development had the chance to climb into a fire truck, watch a firefighter put on his gear and see firefighters respond to an emergency call.

The fire department hopes to host tours for kids more frequently to teach them about fire prevention and community risk reduction, said Assistant Fire Prevention Officer Robert Feeney.

Feeney said seeing a firefighter in his gear with a mask covering his face can be scary to kids, but he encouraged the kids to think of firefighters as their friends.

The preschool children watch a firefighter put on his protective gear. (Photo by: Lydia Goerner)
The kids are instructed to close their eyes and imagine a real fire emergency. (Photo by: Lydia Goerner)
Each child had the opportunity to try on a heavy firefighter's helmet. (Photo by: Lydia Goerner)
Kids enjoy trying out the firefighting gear. (Photo by: Lydia Goerner)
Abe Hashesh, 2, enjoys the view from an Onset Fire Department truck. (Photo by: Lydia Goerner)
Aislyn Anctil, 2, pretends to drive the fire truck. (Photo by: Lydia Goerner)
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