Preschool students celebrate Dr. Seuss' birthday

By Andrea Ray | Mar 02, 2017
Photo by: Andrea Ray Saje Gomes, preschooler Josephine Coronella, and Caitlin Murphy get into the spirit of Dr. Seuss' birthday.

"The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go."

The words were written by Dr. Seuss, but they could very nearly be the motto of Best Friends Learning Center. "We value literacy, and we love the mix of reading and family," explained the school's director, Talia Coronella.

What better way to do that than honor Dr. Seuss? The literary genius would've been 113 this year, and his work is as influential as ever on young children. That's why Best Friends, for the second year in a row, decided to throw him a birthday party.

Each classroom teacher picked a Dr. Seuss book, and then came up with an activity. In one room, preschoolers created their own hats, and in another, they played Go Fish. Face painting was a highly prized option, and many preschoolers sported whiskers and miniature Seuss hats. The Cat in the Hat (played by a very accommodating parent) wandered the classrooms to say hello to the children.

The birthday theme continued unchecked in the school's indoor playroom, where preschoolers slid from slides with cotton candy in their hands. A popcorn-making machine ran at speed, and two different cakes celebrating Dr. Seuss sat on one edge of the room. Parents ringed the play area, holding cake and taking photos of their children as they climbed up and down the slides.

At the end of the night, all of the preschoolers came together to sing "Happy Birthday" to the Cat in the Hat.

Coronella said of the event. "We always try to encourage family. We believe that family is the key to early childhood education."

She also noted that the events are open to the public. "We know that not everybody can afford preschool; but they're welcome to come here, where they have somewhere to go."

Sofia Pratt shows off a very striking birthday hat (Photo by: Andrea Ray)
The Cat in the Hat enjoys a meet and greet with Lila and Colton O'Connell (Photo by: Andrea Ray)
Meagan Enright paints whiskers onto Diana Famania's face in honor of the Cat in the Hat (Photo by: Andrea Ray)
The activities were in full swing at Best Friends Learning Center Thursday night (Photo by: Andrea Ray)
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