Poof!  Just like that...

By Mike Flaherty | Sep 22, 2011

With the discussion going off-topic on the "Media Watch September 2011" blog, I thought I would start this one.  I did so because the off-topic discussion there is actually no less important and timely.

I am referring to the matter unchallenged lies.  Nicole Dipisquale was right in the other thread.  Everyone has opinions, and they are entitled to them, but it is a matter of "calling folks out" when they cross the line into slander, defamation, or worse.

When it comes to negativity from anonymous bloggers, I adhear to the Ellen Begley Doctrine.  As she put it, "How can anyone take criticism from anonymous sources seriously?”  Indeed, but for those who do choose to post with their real name, it's a whole other story.  Sometimes possibly actionable.

Then I read something that really made my jaw drop, and here it is...

Rober Slager wrote:

I understand [Mike Flaherty] is upset with me because I passed on letting him write a fishing column for the Observer last year

And Poof!  Just like that, in a single sentence, Robert Slager fabricated a lie against me.  Just like that, Robert Slager fulfilled his insatiable need to stroke his own ego at the expense of others by claiming he denied me a job opportunity.  Just like that, Robert Slager tarnished my reputation.  Just like that, Robert Slager did nothing to elevate the level of discourse in this town, rather he ensured it stayed in the toilet.  Just like that, no one on his website ever did and ever will "call him on it".  Not Darknight, not Capricorn, not TrueBeliever, not Teacher, not John Donahue, not Robert Sauvageau, not Patti, not Cranberry, not GrammyK, not CoachTP, not DownTheRoad.  No one.

Well that doesn't mean that I won't, and as always, I'll do so with the FACTS!

FACT: Robert Slager made an unsolicited offer for me to write a fishing column for his paper, back when it was in print.

I asked Robert Slager for details on what he had in mind, including potential pay.

Robert Slager then rescinded his own unsolicited offer to me based on the FACT that his paper didn't have any money to pay for freelance work. (a ballpark figure wasn't even discussed)

That was it, and it was ancient history, and no biggie, and it never came up again until he just reminded me about it now.  Hence my jaw dropping.

I don't post private emails unless folks either give me permission to do so, or they flat out LIE about what was discussed.  This more than qualifies for the latter.



This is from a May 2, 2010 Chat.  I used to post on Rober's site as "Fogcutter".  He is addressing me here as, Fog.

By: robertslager on 5/2/10

Fog, would you like to volunteer to write a fishing column for the Observer? I'm serious. I used to have a guy do one for the Bulletin.


The discussion then continued later via email.  That full discussion is below.


From: Mike Flaherty [mailto:mflaherty@tidewise.com]
Sent: Monday, May 03, 2010 12:05 AM
To: 'Warehamobserver@aol.com'
Subject: Fishing Reports

Hi Rob,

Tonight you mentioned something about me possibly writing a fishing column in the Wareham Observer.  I may be interested. 

What did you have in mind (length, deadlines, pay, etc)?  Personally, I would like to do less of the how-to stuff and more of the current fishing related events (new regs, local fishing seminars, etc)/where are they biting.


- Mike


From: Warehamobserver@aol.com [mailto:Warehamobserver@aol.com]
Sent: Monday, May 03, 2010 12:14 AM
To: mflaherty@tidewise.com
Subject: Re: Fishing Reports

Sorry but I'm not in a position to pay for freelance work right now. I thought it might interest you to gain exposure for yourself as a writer. Never mind. 


From: Mike Flaherty [mailto:mflaherty@tidewise.com]
Sent: Monday, May 03, 2010 8:18 AM
To: 'Warehamobserver@aol.com'
Subject: RE: Fishing Reports

You would be surprised at the amount of work I do for free Robert.

It was just a question.


What is contained above is the ENTIRE discussion that occured on the subject.  Now let that stew in your minds for a minute.  That was over a year ago and I had to dig it up from backed up files from an old computer to find it.  What if I never saw the lies Robert posted about me in order to respond?  What if I didn't have those emails (evidence) to refute Robert's lies?  Would anyone believe me?  Maybe?  Maybe not?  Poof!  Just like that, the seeds of doubt and ridicule are planted. 

How many others in our community have suffered this fate from him without recourse?   Think about that.

Now consider how eerily similar Robert Slager's portrayal of me is to his portrayal of how he also claimed he turned down Bill Whitehouse for a job with his paper.  Until now, I just believed Robert's story about how Whitehouse repeatedly pestered him for a job that he refused to give him.  As I have  stated before, I have no use for Bill Whitehouse for all of the reasons one would have after spending a 1/2 hour at his website.  But now I have to wonder.  Was Robert Slager's account of his relationship with Whitehouse just another lie?  I really don't know.  I actually now have to give Robert Slager less credibility than I have to give Bill Whitehouse. 

Bill Whitehouse never lied about me.

Think about that.

Everyone says stand up to the hate in this community.  Stand up to the lies.  Really?  Do people even grasp what that means?  Well this is how you do it.  You don't take it.  You actually DO SOMETHING and stand up to it.  YOU CALL IT OUT!!!

To anyone associated with thewarehamobserver.com, it is time to stop telling folks to "pick a side" and start respecting independent thinking. It is time to walk the walk.  It's time to truely stop the hate and lies!  If folks wish to launch their political campaigns from Robert Slager's site and not stand up to his lies of others, then that is their choice.  But at some point moving Wareham forward needs to be more than a campaign slogan and lip service, because it is quickly becoming as much of a caricature as the man who runs the website that helped launch it.

You are my neighbors.  Act like it.


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Posted by: Mike Flaherty | Sep 22, 2011 10:23

By: robertslager on 9/22/11

Oh my head. Flaherty wrote an entire blog about my offer to bring him aboard the Observer and never once mentioned the entire phone conversation we had on the issue. ================================


Another completely 100% fabrication.  And conveniently one that he knows I can never prove.  We never had a phone discussion on this matter at all.  Never.

The first time I ever spoke to Robert Slager on the phone was to actually stand up for him and the way he was treated by Jane Donahue at A BOS meeting where Cara Winslow took him to task for comments he made about her.  That was two months after Robert's unsolicted offer to me.  Jane wouldn't let Robert speak.  I told Robert that it was nonsesne and that he should have had an opportunity to respond.  I told him I would have written a letter to the BOS stating just that.  He thanked me but said asked that I not bring more attention to it than there already was.  As they say, no good deed goes unpunished.

That said, I very comfortably stand by the actual FACTS from the record above.

Ironically, the more he lies, the more I have to put stock in all of those other folks who claimed he lied about them too.

My apologies for ever doubting them.

Posted by: WarehamThinker | Sep 22, 2011 11:00

He lies like a rug and lies through his teeth.  You dislike the folks at Whitehouse's website, but consider that most of the people over there, if they come off as angry when they make their comments, it is because they are angry about his lies.


If you get to write lengthy responses whenever you believe he lies about you, then others should get that right too.

Posted by: Mike Flaherty | Sep 22, 2011 11:03

You got a point, Wareham Thinker.

Posted by: Mike Flaherty | Sep 22, 2011 11:13

Robert Slager addded:

I passed on his offer because he didn't want anyone to edit his column. I told him that I would not make such an agreement as I had make that offer to someone once before with bad results.

And Poof!  Just like that a phone discussion that never happened is created.

200% Fabrication and still counting.


What Robert doesn't realize is that while he knows I can't prove anything about a his non-existant phone call.  The truth is that he can't either.  He has nothing and he knows it.  He is grasping and no one there will ever CALL HIM ON IT.


The actual record and the "man" speak for themselves.


I think most folks who don't rely on him to push their political agenda are bright enough to see the truth here.

With every syllable Robert responds to on this he has only further demonstrated that he is the single largest source of division in this town. 

As one of my professors once put it: Self discovery is the best teacher.


Good thing I'm not at work today.  But I do need to take a break.

Posted by: justin beiber | Sep 22, 2011 12:05

Well, this has certainly opened my eyes !

I'll admit I had my suspicions about some of Slager's stories before.

Flaherty's e-mail correspondence strongly indicates that Slager has crossed the line here. 

In my humble opinion, Slager should offer Mike an apology and post a retraction.

Posted by: Gimme Shelter | Sep 22, 2011 12:48

There's negativity everywhere in these opinion blogs. Aren't you all tired of this? It's to the point that it's just boring and unproductive. He said this, I say that. You know what? 99.5% of the people in this town could not care less! Both sides need to grow up and do something positive. This is nuts.

Posted by: WarehamThinker | Sep 22, 2011 13:20

I've noticed an interesting phenomenon over the past few years.


The same people who say that it is counterproductive to respond to Bobo's lies are usually the ones who start screaming the loudest when he eventually tells a lie about them.


It's just human nature to want to defend yourself when you are attacked with a lie. People are not evil just because they want to defend their reputations.

How easily people fail to understand that when the lie is not about them...and...how easily people begin to understand when the lie is about them.


Walk a day in the lied about person's shoes before you claim it is wrong to defend yourself against a lie.

Posted by: justin beiber | Sep 22, 2011 13:55


So, I offered Flaherty a chance to write a column, he asked how much he would be paid, I told him I didn't have money in the freelance budget, and he noted he might be willing to do it for free. So, if that is the case, why wouldn't I have followed up on his offer to write a column for free with a telephone call?

I did. He knows it. I passed on his offer because he didn't want anyone to edit his column. I told him that I would not make such an agreement as I had make that offer to someone once before with bad results.

A clever tactic on Slager’s part.

Unfortunately it means we’ll never learn the truth.

Personally, I find it hard to believe that an inexperienced writer such as Mike Flaherty would propose such an unreasonable request.

But due to Slager’s last-minute defense, he has effectively (and predictably) put an end to any further conversation on the matter.

Posted by: P-SPAN | Sep 22, 2011 14:16

Mike..Foggy.. I do honestly hope you've finally seen enough to know for yourself what many of us have been saying for awhile now. I, too had to see it for myself a couple of years ago, since many of the "alleged" lies were about other people.. But now..once I became a "vocal critic" of Slager, I literally have lost count of the number of lies he's said about me. One that comes to mind was a "P-SPAN Exposed" headline (or whatever) he had on his website.. Accusing me of doctoring a video to serve my "political agenda" (you may remember).. It was a difficult..impossible..claim to "counter"..I tried to explain that I hadn't noticed that there was (what appeared to me to be a) "glitch" in the software (or something) that had "misplaced" maybe one minute (of a 3 hr + mtg) of video I'd posted.. I tried to explain that the "issue" that was being discussed had already been decided (so why would I delete it?)..I tried to explain how the only reason I had added the link to the video was because someone on WW had requested it..and that the video was already done before the request was made..not a video "made to order" for the person who requested it. In the end..it was business as usual.. Slager discrediting..some believing him. But the difference for me was I knew the truth that I hadn't purposely "doctored" the meeting. I've posted over 200 Wareham meetings, and many other videos, etc.. ..each one still available. Anyone can view these meeting's to confirm that they're complete..as is..whatever you want to call it. Sometimes I haven't had a full, or complete copy to post. But hey..I do what I can.


Who cares what Slager says? Great question, no? Think about it. Why is he still around trying to tell everyone what they should think about every little thing "Wareham"? No residence, No business.. It would be like any of us "getting all involved" in Halifax's concerns..trying to tell all of the resident's of Halifax what to think..how to vote..about everything. He talks about your (Mike's) "creepy infatuation" with him.. How about his "creepy fascination" with Wareham..and in particular his "foes" from Wareham. I used to often post this on the site you can't stomach for more than five minutes, Mike.. "Go away Bobo, Go away".. It would just be more peaceful for Wareham.. I have no doubt.

Posted by: Cara A Winslow | Sep 22, 2011 22:46

I find this conversation interesting. I think that "Gimme Shelter" is correct, few people are listening. People distort my words constantly, reporters misquote me, lies are told, and before you know it I have said and done things that never actually happened (at least not as they were reported).

I don't read most of what is written, most people know how to reach me and for those who don't I have a town email address. It surprises me sometimes how people ask me about these things. I understand the frustration of wanting to defend yourself. But ask yourself, what am I defending? Mr. Flaherty, an entire day has been spent on the back and forth of a conversation that may or may not have ever occurred, does it matter? Do you really care what those who don't know you or care about you think?

You are doing a fine job as Chairman of the Library Board fo Trustees. I am enjoying working with you. I can say to those reading that I believe under your leadership the BOLT will accomplish many great things. You are doing many positive things. Keep up the good work.

There are people in the community who will never get over "the great divide", and there are many who are actively trying to reach out and build relationships with those who they do not agree with politically. I have been pleasantly surprised by many who have reached out to me.

One "side" can't always be right, one "side" can't always be wrong. I think that the majority of citizens are tired of living in a cyber war zone. I see extraordinary talent here on the WW comment boards. People sharing experiences, ideas, and contributing. I also see an enormous amount of wonderful stories of citizens raising money to help their neighbors, fundraising so children can have free bike helmets and gifts for the holidays, and building great institutions for the community to enjoy (such as Spinney and the Onset Youth Center).

In fact, one such amazing person just got appointed to the BOLT and here is a comment made on one of the blogs.

By: cheewowa on 9/21/11
Rob, Megan Singleton is "best buds" with Cara Winslow.

Megan Singleton is an awesome person, I would be proud to call her my "best bud". Did you know that late last fall I read an article in Wareham Week about a young autistic boy who was in need of several thousand dollars to aquire and train a special dog to help him. A week later there was a follow up article about how Megan and her husband Joe donated to buy the dog for the young boy. The article explained how Megan had tragically lost both her parents within a year of each other and they decided to do something good. You can search for it to read it for yourself.

I had no idea who the Singleton's were, I hunted down a phone number for them and called them. I left a message telling them how awesome I thought they were. They called me back, and we discovered we live in the same neighborhood. It is wonderful to have such kind, caring neighbors.

Did you know that Megan also co-sponsored a recent fundraising event for two families; the family of Hailey Pease and the family of a little baby Chloe who also has leukemia. Who wouldn't want to be best buds with someone like Megan? The problem is I am not sure that is a factual statement, and it was not meant to be a "thumbs up" for Megan.

As I have said so often, Wareham is full of wonderful people, places and things. The Singleton's are just one example of the incredible generosity our community has shown. But it didn't take a single day for someone to try and bring negativity to a young woman willing to volunteer her time to better her community.

I saw Megan tonight. She wasn't the least bit interested in the blogging. Instead she told me all about how excited she is to have been appointed and about all the things she is reading about getting up to speed on different library programming, etc. Good for you Megan.

Posted by: WarehamThinker | Sep 23, 2011 07:42

I have heard that the sad little man will be sued soon.  Anyone else who has been lied about should sue too.

Posted by: justin beiber | Sep 23, 2011 16:32

This is completely off-topic, I know, but Selectman Winslow brought up an interesting point when she complimented Mr. Flaherty for his work on the Library's Board of Trustees.

I have been a faithful patron of our local library for many years.

And I'm thoroughly embarrased to confess that I no longer patronize the place.

I now frequent the Bourne Public Library, which is eqidistant from my home.


Because their library supplies all the major periodicals that the WPL no longer carries. 

The Bourne Library also boasts some of the finest movies and recent TV shows available on DVD.

To my limited knowledge, it doesn't appear that they employ a "reference librarian."  

The library director helps out at the front desk and some staff members appear to be volunteers.

Might we learn something from this? 


Posted by: Mike Flaherty | Sep 23, 2011 19:01

Justin, sorry but you are right.  It is off topic.

My personal Blog is used only to express my own viewpoints, and in no way am I speaking for anyone except myself. 

It would be innapropriate for me to comment on Library matters here.

I would encourage you to speak directly with the Wareham Library Director or to attend a Library Trustee meeting and bring attention to your concerns there during the public comment period.  The next meeting is on October 13, 2011 at 6:00pm at the Library.

Thank you.

Posted by: WarehamThinker | Sep 23, 2011 20:39

Earlier tonight, I made a comment pointing out the fact that when the town spends money on foolish things, it comes as no surprise that there's no money left over for good things like the library.


A perfectly acceptable comment, so imagine my surprise when Bieber flipped out and attacked me using profanity in a public newspaper forum.


I understand why Wareham Week took Bieber's profanity comment down and frankly, I'd be surprised if he's allowed to continue posting.  I fail to see why my comment had to be taken down though, it was 100 percent accurate.

Posted by: interestedparty | Sep 24, 2011 14:51



I thought your idea of presenting factual information in your "blog" sounded like a good idea.  But, what happened?


It has now deteriorated to an argument between you and a journalist.  I don't know what all the facts are, and I am not sure I even care.  Your current blog's has become your sounding board for that argument which, you knew, would be a lightening rod for all those who hate this journalist.


Is this your attempt to discredit all the work that journalist has done to reveal the "goings-on" within Wareham's political arena -- some of which have cast Wareham in a bad light?  I have to question your motive in providing this forum.


If you want to be relevant, then I further question your lack of admonishing Wareham Week for their failure to present the facts in the Tobey Hospital story and the death of a patient resulting from neglect.

Posted by: WarehamThinker | Sep 24, 2011 15:21

IP, I was just wondering, do you take the failed out of business reporter's words as gospel like a sheep, or do you ever seek out people who have been lied about to try to get their side of the story?


If you only trust people inside your little clique, you only hear what the clique wants you to hear. I feel sorry for you.  You have been duped.

Posted by: Jaime Rebhan | Sep 24, 2011 15:45



InterestedParty: I appreciate your concern and assure you, I am chasing that story.


Posters: I understand your frustration with inappropriate posts. We get to them as quickly as we can. We appreciate your understanding.


I would like to personally thank all of you for reading and participating in the conversation on WarehamVillageSoup.com. If I can ever be of any assistance to you, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.



Editor, Wareham Week & WarehamVillageSoup.com

Posted by: deanmartin | Sep 24, 2011 19:18

Flaherty: Bieber's remarks are completely on topic. The WFL stinks. That is not the fault of the librarians but the fault of the town because they have insufficient funding. Stop whining about Slager and do your job and advocate for increasing library funding. Winslow may think you're doing a great job but I think you are a hack.

Posted by: interestedparty | Sep 24, 2011 20:05

Thank you Jaime.  I look forward to reading your story.


The previous comment by WT is precisely what I would expect from him.  Insults merely reflect your inability to discuss issues in a rational manner and from an unemotional point of view.





Posted by: Cara A Winslow | Sep 24, 2011 20:33


My comments reflect the hard work of both Mr. Flaherty AND the Board of Library Trustees who have accomplished a great deal. At the last meeting the Wareham Library Foundation gave a nice presentation explaining how their funds work and some of the programs they sponsor such as the garden this year. Everyone is working as hard as they can.

If memory serves me, back in 2008 the library budget suffered a severe cut and someone (can't remember who) had the idea that volunteers could supplement staff to keep the library functioning. At the time it seemed the community felt that was a good idea.

The Friends and the Foundation have been spending money on books, salaries and a new boiler. All things that should be supported in the Town budget. Recently it has been suggested that the fundraising groups fund repairs to the library.

I hope that you and Justin Beiber (by the way, my daughter is a HUGE fan) will attend the next BOLT meeting. The library needs all the support it can get. The trustees are working hard for YOU and the community. It will take time, but each of them is fully committed to serving the needs of the community.

Posted by: justin beiber | Sep 25, 2011 14:24

Thank you Mike and Cara for you comments.

Thinker got his panties in a twist about the profanity I used to describe his personality the other day, but sometimes his preconceived mindset infuriates me.

I apologize to Thinker, my fellow bloggers and you both.

We all lose our cool at times, including those volunteering as selectmen and committee members.

Anyway, I cannot attend library meetings.

And I doubt very much that my idol, Dean Martin, can either.

But at least Dean and I were able to state our opinions in this forum.

In the meantime, thank you Cara and Mike for your earnest efforts on behalf of Wareham's citizenry. 

Posted by: seriousthinker | Sep 25, 2011 20:01

Deanmartin  -

Get a little class.  How long to you think Mr. Flaherty has been a Trustee for the library?  Did it ever occur to you that he too was (maybe)concerned with the library and that he is volunteering his time to try and make a difference? I commend him for standing up and at least attempting to make some changes, which is more than you are doing by insulting him.  From where I am standing, you appear to be the one who is whining about things and a "hack". Clearly you do not have the courage to stand up and make a difference.  I believe there are a couple open seats on the Board of Trustees for the Library.  Maybe you could step in and fix things up in a jiffy since you think you are so perfect. In addition, I think that the fact that Mr. Flaherty has to even consider defending himself against a so called journalist who is supposed to be looking out for Wareham is just plain sad.  I think Mr. Flaherty is doing his best to help our town.  He may not be perfect (neither am I) but his efforts are sincere and he will do good things for Wareham.  Stop criticizing and help!    

Posted by: seriousthinker | Sep 25, 2011 21:26

Just a quick response to Mr. Slager -

"So-called journalist" because I do not know if that is what you do for a living or if it is just a hobby, no insult intended. I guess I could have phrased it better. Stop being so negative.

Posted by: seriousthinker | Sep 25, 2011 21:43

Recommendation to Mr. Flaherty -

I say you and everyone else give this blog another shot with absolutely no mention of Mr. Slager.  It is a valid idea and would greatly benefit all of us but somehow, when his name gets brought up, everyone goes crazy.  Try giving it another try and lets see where it leads.  (Maybe leave out his personal attacks on you or anyone else, it just is not the right forum.)  I do agree, however, that if he has discussed something that needs more digging, just as with anyone else, it should still be pursued.  Does that make sense?  I am trying.  :-)

Posted by: interestedparty | Sep 25, 2011 22:22

Change of subject, Serious.  The "so-called journalist" has been read by many people by now.  Whether you want to assert that it was a double-entendre, is not the point.  You insulted Mr. Slager, and I suggest an apology is due to him.


Now, let's get on with the news.  What's going on with the Tobey Hospital story.  No news in Wareham Week, makes it a news story to be commented on.

Posted by: justin beiber | Sep 26, 2011 16:14

The original intent of Flaherty's Media Blog was to expose Robert Slager as a liar.

It nearly worked.

Slager, however, is very clever.

And thanks to his last minute defense, that subject is now moot.

The conversation here has now broached a number of other issues, including bus safety and library expenses.

So, I'd like to throw another topic into the mix.

Why is it that Fellowship Health Services, the group involved in the Lynne Rd. controversy, has the same street address as Bill Whitehouse? 

Posted by: Onsetpiper | Sep 26, 2011 17:11

I think I have this figured out-if I point out IP is off topic by talking about people being off topic then I may actually be on topic, as long as I say it in the healing way IP preaches, but only after personally attacking someone, IP style, who says something I disagree with in an attempt to muzzle them. Since I am not the moderator, as apparently IP thinks she is, I will temporarily have to trick myself into thinking I am IP, so I do not injure myself while healing everyone on this board in the most hostile way possible. Then I will demand an apology from myself for trying to divert attention from yet another topic I don't want people to know about, such as Mr. Slager's pathological lying.

Posted by: justin beiber | Sep 26, 2011 18:21

I always love reading Onset Piper's remarks.

Her commentary is so informative, not to mention useful,

Posted by: deanmartin | Sep 26, 2011 18:21

Serious Thinker:

I'm Dean Martin, I am the epitome of class. I appreciate the volunteer efforts of Mr. Flaherty but if he is a trustee why is he afraid of talking about the library? That would probably be because he is doing a lousy job. By the way, other than posting inane blog responses - what have you done to improve Wareham?

Posted by: watersprite | Sep 27, 2011 08:09

For those watching closely, Jaime Rebhan posted a very good story on the Tobey Hospital lawsuit.  I believe much of the story is based on the court filing, which probably took awhile to follow up.  And remember, her partner Cyndi Murray left recently to take an anchorwoman job in West Virginia, so she is probably working alone while she gets a new reporter.  Go Jaime!

Posted by: justin beiber | Sep 27, 2011 14:59


Robert Slager is now reporting on his website that the FBI has interviewed Steve Holmes to learn if he may have played a roll in the Chief Stanley controversy at the White Pines Motel.

Stanley was exonerated of using a racial epithet after the innkeeper recanted his damaging testimony. It was sad day for all in Wareham history.

According to Slager, he has two sources, who do not wish to be identified. Big surprise.

A blogger named Cheewowa asked him if Holmes was interviewed or investigated, to which Slager got into a brief snit about haggling over semantics.

He also, apparently, believes he should call the shots on who gets to date whom. He’s in a tizzy because two young people may have found true love, and he doesn’t approve of their union for “ethical” reasons.

Posted by: Cara A Winslow | Sep 27, 2011 16:01

I believe that Steve Holmes has denied the allegations set forth as patently false.

Keep in mind that not only do our friends and family read blogs but our employers along with professional associations so also.


Posted by: interestedparty | Sep 27, 2011 17:09

Yes, and we deserve an answer from Mr. Holmes.  So, I will ask it here.  It's a simple question, requiring a simple answer.


Mr. Holmes, were you interviewed by law enforcement officials in connection with the unfounded statement, (aka outright and admitted lie), asserted by Mr. D'Italia against then Acting-Police Chief Stanley?


Mr. D'Italia openly admitted that Chief Stanley never made the racial slur, and he further admitted that he was only doing a favor for a friend.

Posted by: Davidsgirl | Sep 27, 2011 19:21

What a town, ready to tear your neighbors throats out just because they are one of "them". I don't know why it got this way but  I guess what is good for the goose is good for the gander. I read the blogs and I wonder why it is that this lovely small seaside town can't enjoy the good life. I applaud Mr Holmes for handling what must be a very difficult day with quiet calm. I have no clue what is true or not true but I do know that if any or all of the nonsense is true about any and all of "you" or "them" then it seems like we are all the same, just working people trying to pay the mortgage whos lives may or may not be messy.It would be nice if we could have each others backs and fight the real fight instead of the one in your collective minds.

Posted by: WarehamThinker | Sep 27, 2011 19:58

Mr Holmes, I applaud you for standing up for yourself.  Please seek the advice of a good defamation attorney so you can look into whether you might have a good case against this clown.

Posted by: Davidsgirl | Sep 27, 2011 20:03

Cue the angry mob with the torches and pitchforks, both sides.

Posted by: Mike Flaherty | Sep 28, 2011 08:30

Cara Winslow wrote:

"I believe that Steve Holmes has denied the allegations set forth as patently false."

Why yes, Cara.  Yes he did.


Steve Holmes wrote:

By: sholmes on 9/27/11
For the record:
FBI Office
30 Riverside Drive
2cnd Floor
Lakeville, Mass.

Just got off the phone with the SAC for this area, I am not now or have ever been investigated by the FBI. This is a complete LIE!!!

Please feel free to call them yourselves. They have taken this information published here on this site today for their records and further action if needed.

If you are going to tell stories about me please keep them honest. I have no problem with that, but for God's sake my mother reads this stuff, as well as my kids and my employer.

Don't know if blogs should retract things but based on comments made here about Wareham Week I request this false story be taken down, and an apology would be in order as well

Thanks and have a great day.


Steve added...

By: sholmes on 9/27/11

I have contacted the proper authorities and this story is a lie!!!

I believe Steve Holmes.

I have neighbors who witnessed the drive-by shooting that occured in my neighborhood last year.  They were interviewed/deposed.  Does that put them under investigation for the shooting?  Of course not.

I think Chief Stanley put it best last night that some people have nothing better to do than to sit in their basements and continuously blog all day.  In Robert Slager's case, I think he prefers his porch.

As they say, idle hands do the devil's work.  Robert Slager has demonstrated once again that all he has to offer our town is further division - and he doesn't care whose character he has to assasinate too do it.

And he has Bruce Sauvageau and a willing set of mostly anonymous folks on his website who will never call him on it.  In fact, they revel in it.

Imagine the things we could be discussing right now.


These people are your neighbors.  Think about that.  If folks truly want to stand up to the hate in this town, this is how you do it, folks. 



Posted by: cheewowa | Sep 28, 2011 08:39

Justin Bieber - yup, apparently the supposed semantics argument regarding the terms "interviewed" and "interrogated"  are okay for one poster and not for another!  :)  We all have a bad day occasionally....   Doesn't matter, it is what it is.  The correct term will  all come out in the wash...and the truth will be revealed.  SOMEBODY out there is quaking in his boots!

Posted by: Mike Flaherty | Sep 28, 2011 08:39

Justin Beiber wrote:

The original intent of Flaherty's Media Blog was to expose Robert Slager as a liar.

It nearly worked.

Slager, however, is very clever.

And thanks to his last minute defense, that subject is now moot.

Beiber, you can believe it is moot, but to do so is folly at this point in light of the actual Facts.

As I wrote above, the first time I ever spoke to Robert Slager was to actually go to bat for him given the way the last BOS Chairman treated him.  And again, that was 2 MONTHS AFTER Robert and I discussed his unsolicited offer to me regarding a fishing column.

Take a look below at an excerpt of the exchange I had with Robert back in October 2010 where I reminded Robert of this.

I wrote on 10/15/2010:

Excerpt: (emphasis added)

I get it. Sensationalism sells, but at what cost?

There was a lot more that I removed from the final draft, but I won't dwell on it here. As I said, this discussion needs to happen outside of an internet bubble.

Lastly though , I do want to share with you all that the first and only time I have ever spoken directly with Robert for any meaningful length was after Jane Donahue gave Cara Winslow carte blanche to berrate Robert publicly during a Board of Selectman meeting and Jane refused to let Robert respond. As she put it, she didn't want to turn things into a "circus" even though she already had.

I called Robert (the next day, I believe) and expressed how innapropriate that was of Jane and that if need be I would be more than ready, as a Wareham resident, to appear during citizen's participation to request that he be allowed to speak at the next BOS meeting.

He didn't take me up on that offer and that is his choice.

Full conext available at:

Now Beiber, I would post Robert's response to my comments above, but the FACT is he didn't have any response. 

Read that last sentence again. 

If Robert and I had some sort of bad blood over a non-existant phone a couple months prior, then why didn't Robert mention it when I said I had never spoken on the phone to him prior.  It would have been a perfect opportunity for him to question the accuracy of my comments then.

He didn't mention it because there never was a phone call about a fishing column or anyrhing else.  He only brings it up now over a year later because he knows he has nothing and he is grasping at anything.  Instead of owning up to his lies and apologizing, he piled on yet more lies with yet more 100% fabrication.

Those are the demonstrable FACTS.

Now you can believe otherwise, and I suspect you always will.  Have at it.  But I trust most are bright enough to understand exactly what is going on here without any further explaination.

Posted by: WarehamThinker | Sep 28, 2011 08:50

The lies sure do add up, don't they?

Steve Holmes says he was lied about and isn't being investigated by the FBI.  Mike Flaherty says he was lied about regarding a fishing column.

Cara Winslow's blackberry isn't a device for evil transmissions.  The claim that Bill Whitehouse, who everyone knows doesn't have much in the way of personal wealth, is secretly a land baron, is pathetic.

And MJ Pillsbury didn't steal billions of dollars from the library photocopier.  The state of affairs of this town certainly is pathetic if something so ridiculous even has to be denied.

How many lives have to be destroyed just to placate the immense ego of this pathetic, small little man?


Posted by: WarehamThinker | Sep 28, 2011 10:08

What can you expect from a guy that was caught red-handed pretending to be Batman?


By: darkknight on 9/8/11 
Mr. Slager, in regards to the question you have posed to the Board of Selectmen, would a petition be an effective tool?

By: robertslager on 9/8/11 
Interesting suggestion, darkknight. Has anyone started one? Is anyone planning to?

By: robertslager on 9/8/11 
I don't know of one, Mr. Slager. I would start one myself, but I am not well known in the community. I would certainly sign it, but I think someone who is more well known might be a better choice to start such a petition and pass it around more quickly.

Posted by: Mike Flaherty | Sep 28, 2011 10:10

So desperate to grasp onto anything, Robert believes the two words he capitalized below clear him.  Sorry, but no way.



RS: "The first and only time I have ever spoken directly with Robert for any MEANINGFUL LENGTH."

That's for finally admitting we had spoken before.


As mentioned earlier, Robert bases his lie on a non-existent PHONE conversation we never had.  As I also said in my earlier post, the first time Robert and I ever spoke on the PHONE was to discuss the BOS meeting where Robert wasn’t allowed to speak.  Apologies for repeating that, but he knowingly goes out of his way to distract from that.


That is it.  Those are the facts.


Now when Robert says, “Thanks for finally admitting we had spoken before.”  That actually is true.  I have never denied that we haven’t spoken before.  Just never over the phone prior.  Come to think of it, I’m sure phone records could prove that.  Since it is Robert’s claim that we had this discussion over the phone, I welcome him to produce those records.  He never will, of course, because it can’t be said enough that it he was lying.


About Robert and I having prior discussions.  Sure.  Sometimes I would end up sitting next to him at a BOS meeting.  He once asked me to watch his camera and stuff while he stepped out.  I did.  That's just what folks do.  We also had some small-talk about the boxer who received a proclamation and cake from the BOS.  I think that was a week or two before the meeting that Robert wasn't allowed to speak.  If Robert wants to split those hairs, so be it.  He is right.  That is about the extent of our non-email and non-blog conversations.


But one more time for the record, we never had a prior PHONE conversation.  I know this.  Robert knows this.  And frankly I find it all quite liberating because now that I have lost any shred of respect for him, he has no longer earned the benefit of a doubt.  Others have though.


Now I do understand, the demographic that Robert targets will probably still have a hard time grasping this, and certainly he has onlooker convinced (for what that’s worth).  But I can’t make it any more clear than all of the FACTS presented.


Well I think that reaches my blog quota for the day, now that I’m late for work.  Enjoy the day everyone.  It looks beautiful.

Oh, and lest anyone think I am "cherry-picking" quotes from Robert, the full context may be found at...




I can't be any more transparent than that and I usually do include the links - not sure how I forgot here.  Which is more than I can say for Robert who loves to select specific quotes from Wareham Week all the time but rarely (if ever?) points folks to the source URL. 

And I'll just end it on that yet another demonstrable Fact. 

Posted by: NDiPasquale | Sep 28, 2011 13:38

Another great day in the neighborhood, not.  Things can get "out of hand" so quickly in this town.


A "blog owner" (if you will) has accused a sitting selectman of being "investigated" by the FBI for his "alleged involvement" in a matter involving Chief Stanely (Who was exonerated).  He (the blog owner) did this in a public forum with NO PROOF!  Furthermore, there is now talk of whether he was interviewed by the FBI with the insinuation that that somehow makes him 1.  Being investigated and 2.  Guilty of being involved of in the alleged racial slurs.


You know, this is unbelievable.  Michael Schneider made blanket accusations about various people (while not naming names) and everyone came to his defense.  He did this all without providing any examples or proof.  The notion of an adult bullying a child is sick enough, but to think that a school official had any hand in it brings it to another level.  Now, most of us will now look at the school differently because of the accusation, yet there is no proof.


Again, Steve Holmes has been accused of being investigated, not interviewed.  Brings a whole new vision to the accusation, doesn't it?  It gives the insinuation that he is involved in the horrible mess that D'Italia started when he accused (and then took back his accusation) against Chief Stanely.  It gives the "readers" the insinuation that Steve Holmes may have behind D'Italia's actions. 


What I don't understand is how can anyone take this seriously when absolutely NO PROOF has been brought forward to back up these claims????  IF there was proof, why not make it public?  Hiding behind non existent sources has gotten many people in trouble. It makes a defamation suit that much easier for a person to pursue, unless the "writer" wants to be jailed on a contempt charge for not reveiling their source.  Usually you won't see that happening unless it is an earth shattering story (typically politics, high profile CEO's, etc.) 


Steve Holmes has denied these allegations.  There has been NO PROOF brought forward to back up any of these allegations.  The sad part of all of this is that people actually believe it, again, with no proof!  Someone's reputation is being shredded without any proof! 


If this is not a wake up call for everyone then I'm not sure what is.  We have 2 selectman who, despite what we may think of them personally, are being "hung out to dry".  This is just crazy.  This has to stop.  This town is being torn apart.  Enough already.

Posted by: justin beiber | Sep 28, 2011 16:07


NDipasquale makes a good point:

"If this is not a wake up call for everyone then I'm not sure what is. We have 2 selectman who, despite what we may think of them personally, are being "hung out to dry". This is just crazy. This has to stop. This town is being torn apart. Enough already."

I could not agree more.

I will never forget the damage incurred after my brother and his wife ended their tumultuous marriage ten years ago.

My sister-in-law's attorney insisted that my 85-year-old mother, who has Alzheimers Disease, be deposed in a New Hampshire hotel room.


Posted by: Cara A Winslow | Sep 28, 2011 17:14

I have a friend who tells me to look for the pony in the pile of poop, they will read this post and laugh because they know who they are.

I am relieved that many are beginning to see that (as I steal a few lines from posts above) we are neighbors! The problem, as I see it, is that local politics is so personal and it is easy to forget that those who volunteer to serve the community are not career politicians but rather people just like you.

Let's not feed into this nonsense. It only serves to fuel the fire.

Steve Holmes is a well respected professional who has a mother, a fiance and two children.

Chief Stanley gave a report last night about all the great things the department is doing, and he set out goals. He isn't focused on the past, he is doing a great job and focusing on what he can do next!

Our community faces significant challenges: we have limited financial resources and an ever increasing need for services, we have trash and dead animals everywhere, we have playgrounds and public buildings vandalized, we need economic growth, and the list goes on.

I really want to hear how you (the citizens) would solve some of these issues. What do you want to see, what direction do you want the community to go in, and what are your ideas?

Justin Beiber is right, this needs to stop immediately. Perhaps the pony is that people are finally outraged enough to really reach out and work together. No one deserves what Steve Holmes has been subjected to in the last 36 hours.

Divided we fall.

Posted by: justin beiber | Sep 28, 2011 17:30


Posted by: frightened | Sep 29, 2011 19:51

Cara, I commend your unbiased thinking. I think this town is going in the wrong direction and as you asked would like to suggest a change in thinking. First we have to stop obsessing about low income housing. I never hear towns like Sherborn, Wellesley or Newton continually talk about filling their town with low income housing.

We pay a great amount of money for town attorneys who should be able to argue the case that our tax base cannot support more low income housing. If the State does not agree at least it will be stalled until we get on our feet.

That said I believe we should give tax credit to builders will to build expensive homes. By doing this we bring into town people who will be paying large excise taxes and most likely be hiring local landscapers, plumbers, electricians and more. We need to bring people into town who will be bringing their money with them.

I would like to save the world and all the unfortunate people but that is not possible at this time. We need to draw the money here before we can give it away.

Posted by: bigbrother | Oct 03, 2011 19:27

Mr. Flaherty. I was like you once. I read the observer and thought it had plenty of merit until the publisher lied about a friend of mine. I knew it was a lie. So he lied about you. He lied about Steve Holmes. Now it looks like he lied about the library embezzlement. How can anyone read his garbage and believe what he has to say? Thanks for your comments.

Posted by: another neighbor | Oct 03, 2011 21:12

Big Brother,

Could you be more specific.  What lies are you talking about?

You have to be able to back up your accusations with some facts.  I don't see any.  Just accusations.

Not good enough.   List the lies and then refute them  If you can

Posted by: Noseyneighbor | Oct 04, 2011 07:48

I am still trying to figure if it is a cult following or zombieism that makes folks refuse to see the noses on their face. "Not good enough" " Prove it" "List the lies"  the denial is incredible. It also puzzles me as to why so many folks want to be Robin, His costume and shoes were pretty lame.

Posted by: September McCarthy | Oct 04, 2011 10:18

In response to Cara's open and welcome questions about possible solutions and direction (goals) for the town, I would like to share some of my thoughts and ideas for Wareham. There are many specific ideas that I could present here, but at this point I believe we need to take a higher-level approach and establish a structure and process within which the specific ideas can be incorporated later as ways of implementing the overall goals.


1. We need to develop a new Master Plan. The last one was done in 1998. Developing a new one should involve everyone who would like to participate, and once developed, we also need to continue to revisit and revise it annually. This is the key to realizing the effort put into developing the plan, and it will keep us focused on what we are trying to achieve as well as provide us with the ability to measure our progress. In short, if we establish a Master Plan committee, it should be a permanent one and be composed of representatives from as many sectors of the population as possible, including businesses, seniors, students, etc. Most importantly, it should not be composed of representatives from other committees with only a couple of "at-large" seats. It would be more appropriate for this Master Planning committee to send representatives to the other committees so that information and knowledge can be shared, and to provide the standing committees with input through this representative, but without the potential biases or overburdening of those volunteers already sharing their valuable time and efforts.


2. We need to, for now, set aside the focus on building more housing -- senior, affordable, or luxury. The goal should be to increase the value of existing housing. This is done by increasing demand, which can be accomplished by improving amenities offered by the location, among other things.


3. We need to focus on attracting and developing those amenities which would attract tax-paying, law-abiding people to want to live here. These things include cultural and educational offerings for all ages, recreational activities, a solid infrastructure, and a town which is looking to the future in a positive and productive way (that is, has a solid, workable plan and is working the plan).


4. We need to use the media to publicize the positive events and plans in Wareham. There has been a great deal of negative media coverage and this only drives people away. Every community has problems and media coverage of those problems. The good needs to outweigh the bad.


5. We need to review and revise the zoning regulations. This would go hand in hand with the Master Plan, and would provide the tools for regulating desirable and undesirable growth and its location(s).


If we can accomplish these goals, then the solutions to other issues, such as limited financial resources and increased demands for services, will be easier to accomplish. Attracting tax-paying, law-abiding people to town will increase the financial resources of the town. Encouraging the activities and amenities that will attract these people will create economic growth. Publicizing these accomplishments and offerings will attract more people and more growth. Having a sensible and workable plan to encourage and manage this growth will provide direction and constant re-adjustment to new ideas and changing conditions.

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