Plymouth man dies following heroic rescue attempt by Wareham deputy harbormaster

Jul 03, 2018
Courtesy of: Wareham Department of Natural Resources Wareham Deputy Harbormaster Antonio Maietta attempted to rescue an unresponsive victim in the area of Cohasset Narrows while off-duty.

A “swift and selfless” attempted rescue ended tragically with the death of a 42-year-old Plymouth man who was found unresponsive in water near Cohasset Narrows on Tuesday afternoon.

Michael Ford, 42, was pronounced dead at Tobey Hospital, according to Wareham Harbormaster Garry Buckminster.

Ford was spotted at approximately 1:30  p.m. in the water by off-duty Wareham Deputy Harbormaster Antonio Maietta, according to officials. The Cohasset Narrows is located near the Bourne/Wareham town line.

Maietta navigated his personal vessel to the victim while calling bystanders on shore at Taylors Point Marina for help. Maietta then jumped in the water and swam Ford to shore where Wareham EMS, Bourne Fire Department and Bourne Police were waiting.

“We would like to commend Deputy Harbormaster Antonio Maietta for his swift and selfless act of entering the water in an area known for dangerous currents and high vessel traffic,” Wareham Department of Natural Resources officials said.

Additional information is unavailable at this time.

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Posted by: Swifts_Sheriff | Jul 04, 2018 00:40

Thank you Antonio, you risked your own personal safety to try and save someone .

Posted by: Bluebell3333 | Jul 04, 2018 06:25

It would have been nice to mention the heroes on the shore who jumped into action and gave the man continuous CPR until the rescue people arrived. Those Taylor's Point residents were the true heroes here.

Posted by: Steve Holmes | Jul 04, 2018 07:35

Condolences to Mr Fords family and friends, they will now remember 4th of July as the day he passed away. Thanks to all that tried to help to save his life. Just goes to prove that when the chips are down, people can and do come together to try to help each other. Happy & SAFE 4th of July.

Posted by: Garry B. | Jul 04, 2018 21:45

Bluebell3333, you’re kidding me I hope.  Absolutely should anyone being involved be commended for their actions but Antonio found him off shore, jumped in to the water and swam the unresponsive person all the way into shore.  What would of happened if he didn’t take action, would we have found him hours later without any chance of all of rescuing him?  Maybe you should put yourself in his position before throwing out naive opinions.


Thank you to all involved and we all would of wished for a better outcome.

Posted by: bruce gannon | Jul 05, 2018 18:27

Bluebell3333, I've been given cause to stop and wonder about a lot of people and how they think, or don't as the case may be, but your comment about the folks on shore being the real heroes, is beyond absurd. I'd challenge you to defend your comment but frankly it's indefensible so anything you would say would just be more absurd. Yes thank those on shore that assisted but the deputy that executed the water rescue was the only hero that day, it's just sad his efforts went for not.

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