Plants stolen from Cranberry Region Visitor's Center by 'green thumb robber'

By Lydia Goerner | Jun 12, 2017
Courtesy of: Bruce Hutchins The Cranberry Region Visitor's Center sees over 20,000 people annually.

The flowers planted outside the Cranberry Region Visitor’s Center were stolen Friday night after being in place for less than a week.

The 15 plants were stolen during the night from the small garden they were planted in. The plants were in pots down in the earth with mulch around them, said Bruce Hutchins, the activities coordinator at the visitor’s center.

There were colorful perennials and annuals in the garden, valuing over $100, according to Hutchins, whose wife planted the flowers.

After this incident, the state police will have extra nighttime patrols come through the visitor’s center this summer.

The center has had issues with vandalism before, said Priscilla Alden, a coordinator at the center. The center was spray painted with graffiti twice in one season a few years ago. Hutchins said people have broken into the vending machines outside the visitor’s center and into the center itself to steal snacks.

“They do it for no particular reason,” Alden said. “That’s the part that bothers me. We’re just here; we’re trying to be nice to people. Just because you could steal them, you stole them?”

The visitor’s center, located on Route 195 east between the Marion and Wareham exits, is open from April to November and sees 20,000 people in a season from 50 states and 45 countries, Hutchins said. According to the Plymouth County Destination website, the center promotes attractions, restaurants and accommodations in the area, bringing around $500,000 to local businesses and charity groups.

Hutchins said the theft “took away the pleasure and welcoming civic pride” that tourists see when they visit the center. He does not anticipate replacing the flowers this year because of the cost.

“If one of the local nurseries wants to put some out there and advertise that it came from them, we’d gratefully accept,” Hutchins said.

Hutchins has a message for what he calls the “green thumb robber.”

“Be sure to keep the plants watered and periodically use fertilizer,” Hutchins said. “Even with good care, I hope your selfish act results with brown leaves and plenty of bugs. You act and you smell like manure.”

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Posted by: Wareham By The Sea | Jun 12, 2017 11:26

Sad but true.  Sorry to hear. Hate to say this, but what did they expect? People do bad things, especially at a rest stop.  It was too easy. Being in the pots was like leaving 15 gifts with a big "FREE TAKE ME" sign on them.  Why make it convenient for the thieves?

Posted by: cranky pants | Jun 12, 2017 13:13

Wow, now you can get sex and flowers at that rest stop... Neat !

Posted by: Andrea Smith | Jun 12, 2017 13:23

Cranky - no mention of sex in the you based your comment upon what?

Posted by: Society for Suppression of Noise | Jun 12, 2017 22:30

I suspect Cranky has used the boat launch at this rest area.  When I checked it out a few years ago to see if it was suitable for launching kayaks, I witnessed a stream of guys parking in the boat launch lot, then heading off into the woods.  No fishing poles or bird-watching glasses.

Posted by: cranky pants | Jun 13, 2017 00:06

Bad joke, and yes SFSON is correct. In fact I had a very similar situation... I was told there was a kayak launch site there, turns out it was more of a trolling spot for men to stalk prey, and we're not talking ducks.

If you're looking for a nice spot to kayak, there's a sweet little launch site for the Agawam river at the end of Knowles Avenue.


Ok, back to the stolen plants...

Posted by: Steve Holmes | Jun 13, 2017 06:48

Almost reminds me of the cemetery story, next time use plastic flowers. People will steal anything, but they do leave the plastic flowers alone, and they look nice and don't need water.

Posted by: Steve Holmes | Jun 13, 2017 06:48

Almost reminds me of the cemetery story, next time use plastic flowers. People will steal anything, but they do leave the plastic flowers alone, and they look nice and don't need water.

Posted by: bob | Jun 13, 2017 07:27

Gee Steve,maybe they should plant plastic flowers and shut the water off....Mr.Sullivan is saving the town money....That what he says....

Posted by: Wareham By The Sea | Jun 13, 2017 10:19

The stolen plants are one thing, but it is beyond unfortunate that something as positive as this nice visitor's center is associated with a pickle park.  Anybody that's driven through other states knows that Massachusetts' rest areas are poor at best.  Add the fact that stopping at one can be like that famous rest stop scene from Something About Mary makes one want to hold it until the next state.


The older I get the more that I realize that there's always something undesirable with everything good.  It all comes down to taking the good with the bad...or the bad with the good, depending on how you look at things.  That's life...there's always someone that wants to steal your flowers and maybe even lure you into the woods...

Posted by: Steve Holmes | Jun 13, 2017 10:49

Bob, not kidding about the plastic flowers I have really used them in the past when the real ones were stolen. And rotate them the following year, just switch cemetery locations. Funny how people don't steal those.

Posted by: bob | Jun 13, 2017 17:37

Gee Steve, nothing like recycling..P.S. if you need a couple of bucks to replace your recycled ,faked ,plastic flowers that are made in your mailing address,I send you a few bucks...

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