Planning Board announces marijuana moratorium hearing

Mar 13, 2017

Residents will be asked to weigh in on a bylaw change that would prohibit the sale of recreational marijuana in town until June 30, 2018.

On Monday, the Planning Board announced that the public hearing will be held on April 10 at 7 p.m. in the Multi-Service Center, 48 Marion Road. Voters will ultimately decide if the bylaw is adopted at the April 24 Town Meeting.

In November, Massachusetts voters passed a ballot initiative that allows residents 21 and older to possess and use limited amounts of marijuana. The initiative took effect on Dec. 15. However, it remains illegal to sell marijuana.

In December, Gov. Charlie Baker signed a bill that pushed back the date stores could sell marijuana from the beginning of next year to mid-2018.

Comments (2)
Posted by: rhbinma | Mar 14, 2017 11:15

why do we need a vote on something the Governor already did.  All this town does is beat a dead horse no wonder nothing gets accomplished.

Posted by: barnstorm | Mar 15, 2017 08:34

The law states that any town can call a referendum vote to ban recreational marijuana companies from operating in their town, despite the ballot question's successful vote in Nov.2016. Westborough and West Bridgewater have already voted bans on retail marijuana sales in their town and it has been upheld by the Mass. AG. Theirs and many towns concerns are health and safety. Baker's temporary moratorium will end on June 30, 2018. At that time the Governor, Legislature and AG will determine how the licenses will be regulated and what restrictions will be put in place, if they let it go forward. Will the bans in individual towns be legal?  Is a court battle in the works for 2018 with  the marijuana advocates? Sure looks like it.

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