Pina family says 'thank you' for support following fire

Feb 02, 2017

To the Editor:

On Saturday evening, Dec. 17, I could hear the sirens and fire trucks, they seemed so close. Rather than dismiss themselves from my ears they seemed to intensify, bringing me into a rather upsetting state, something a mother just knows. When I received the call from my son, Marcus, he said to me, “Ma, my house is on fire, but you can’t get to me.” There are no words.

I didn’t realize the devastation of his words. Not only did they lose their home, but their precious pets, King and Chelsea. They had nothing left but the clothes on their back and didn’t have a home to come back to.

We are writing this letter to gratefully acknowledge the outpouring of support for my family.

This list of generous, kind, giving, caring and comforting persons and entities have been an overwhelming blessing. From the neighbor, the friend, the Wareham Fire Department, Turning Point, just to name a few. The list goes on and on. We are forever grateful for each gift, each donation, each and every contribution, even the heartfelt show of concern to ask simply of their wellbeing. As a community, the people in Wareham, we say job well done and to the kind and loving family, friends and strangers alike, near or far. We thank you.

The road is long to rebuilding. However, they are working towards that goal.

With heartfelt appreciation and a great big thank you! Marcus, Rebecca, Marcus II and Baby Ryder Pina. Thank you each and every one.

Renita Pina

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