Peace promoting event coming to high school and middle school

Dec 05, 2012

Rachel’s Challenge is bringing its “Chain Reaction” event to Wareham High School and middle school Thursday December 13 and Friday, December 14.

Wendy Monteiro, of the Scotty Monteiro Jr. Foundation, is working to recruit volunteers for the event.  Both students and the adult volunteers will participate in activities aimed at helping them discover their “personal identity, power, and uniqueness,” according to Monteiro.

There will also be exercises that help participants appreciate diversity, while helping them see that despite their personal differences they likely have many shared experiences.

“They [Rachel’s Challenge] want this type of culture to become part of the community. That’s one of the reasons they’re getting the community involved.”

A handful of volunteers are still needed, and they are encouraged to apply as soon as possible, because volunteers are required to pass a CORI check.

For more information contact Wendy Monteiro at 617-388-8988, or

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Posted by: Gloria Hanson | Dec 05, 2012 15:38

Now Saturday is actually the 15th, so is this event happening on Friday and Saturday or Thursday and Friday?

Posted by: Davidsgirl | Dec 06, 2012 13:24

I was curious to see what "rachels challenge" is so I googled and all I can say is wow. Tears and joy all from one web site about one little girl who is going to change the lives of many. Check it out.

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