Part of Cranberry Highway closed due to rain

Apr 04, 2017
Photo by: Matthew Bernat Cranberry Highway in front of the former 99 Ninety Restaurant is closed due to flooding.

Wareham Police are advising drivers to seek an alternate route after heavy rain flooded a small portion of Cranberry Highway Tuesday morning.

Police redirected traffic through the Cranberry Plaza shopping center due to ponding in front of the former 99 Restaurant. Drivers are advised to seek alternate routes until the road is reopened.

Tuesday's closure followed a similar issue at the same spot on Saturday afternoon. On that day, heavy rain and high winds caused widespread, albeit minor, problems across town.

Drivers take a detour on Cranberry Highway Tuesday afternoon due to rain. (Photo by: Matthew Bernat)
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Posted by: Doctor Deekas | Apr 04, 2017 12:46

"Weekly Cranberry Hwy Accident News".... Some of the news here is that the State thinks it's acceptable for all of the road traffic to go through private property because they can't maintain their road from flooding. This has been happening for 10 years now and they have done nothing to fix the flooding issue. Tractor Supply is being a good neighbor, but they could close their entrance if they wanted to. Our selectmen should be all over this Cranberry Hwy debacle. Between the accidents, deaths, and floods, we have been promised a divided and widened road for 10 years....

Posted by: Spherebreaker | Apr 04, 2017 14:12

It is amazing that a problem that shuts down a State Highway is given such a low priority

Posted by: sadie | Apr 04, 2017 16:16

isn't this the part of the highway the state will be fixing next year??

Posted by: greycat | Apr 05, 2017 14:41

This has been going on for years.  The highway cuts right through a swamp contiguous to DICK'S POND.  A good example of government stewardship of WETLANDS.  It floods and collects trash!

Posted by: Snowman | Apr 05, 2017 16:06

When our next Selectman races begin, I wll give serious consideration of my vote to the candidates who are focused on gaining improvements to this stretch of State Highway.  The fact is that we have daily crashes, pedestrian deaths, floods, etc. all within less than 2 miles on this highway is a disgrace.


Posted by: brazz | Apr 05, 2017 19:02

Someone should fix Tobey road, Potholes, my car almost gets air @35mph going over some of the manholes there. Also floods

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