Outdoor Dining is the Rave

By Upper Cape Realty | Jul 11, 2017
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Your Backyard — Family reunions are stellar social events. Without them, many people wouldn't keep in touch with first generation relatives, let alone relatives from second and third generations. Other people wouldn't get outdoors and engage in physical activities like volleyball, softball and flag football. Yet, for all of its social glory, there is another factor that makes family reunions a success, and it's all about location.

Stop limiting outdoor dining options

Many family reunions are held outdoors, especially during spring and summer. Organizers have reserved spaces in other states that have tropical weather during colder seasons just so family can enjoy a traditional, outdoor family reunion . These event organizers know what some homeowners are learning..

Outdoor dining is key to family reunion success. Could this hint at just how much children and adults enjoy dining outside? And, if so, why don't people cook and dine outdoors more?

At the top of the list of reasons why people don't cook and dine outdoors more are insects. Little is more annoying than trying to eat while you're swatting away mosquitoes, ants, bees and flies. Other reasons why people turn away from outdoor dining are concerns that food will get cold, wind potentially blowing away napkins and pets barking and begging for a bite.

Dining outside isn't reserved for family reunions

Those are the downsides of dining outdoors more. But, the upside might outweigh the downsides. Great reasons to start dining outside more include:

  • More chances to enjoy a barbecue meal
  • Larger room to entertain guests
  • Less concern about food creating smoke as it cooks
  • Opportunities to grill fruit and vegetables
  • Lower utility expenses
  • Place for children to run and play before and after a meal
  • Greater chances to explore and take in the happenings in your own neighborhood
  • Finally get your money out of the gorgeous outdoor furniture that you bought
  • Fewer worries about getting your house dirty
  • Less time spent cleaning your kitchen
  • Eat off of paper plates while dining outdoors and you'll have fewer dishes to wash and put away

Build rewarding after you start dining outside more

Cooking and eating outside offer a golden opportunity to soak up sunshine. It can also encourage deeper conversations and a sense of openness and freedom. All it takes is chairs and a table. A simple card table and four folding chairs are sufficient.

Aim is to enjoy being outdoors. While dining outdoors, strike up robust conversations with your family and friends. Add dining outside to your list of dining options when you start preparing for larger family gatherings.

Similar to family reunions, commit to getting in valuable exercise when you dine outdoors. For example, you could go for a walk after you eat dinner outside. Bike riding is another activity that you could enjoy after you eat a meal. Even if you only dine outside your house once a week, if you commit to exercising when you do eat outdoors, you could create the beginnings of a rewarding exercise routine.

You might also develop deeper connections with the people you love, people who you previously thought you didn't have the time to connect with longer and more fully. Regardless of how long you've been living at your home, consider dining outside more to enjoy your entire property.

Choosing the right backyard will make the cookout much easier for you and your family.  The extra time and energy spent researching the right location will be well worth it.

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Comments (3)
Posted by: Spherebreaker | Jul 11, 2017 21:35

All outdoor dining areas must have an inpenatrable fence or glass wall to prevent the remote possibility of an alcoholic beverage or flavored tobbaco product to be passed to someone else. This goes for everyone or else the BOH will impose their PC will on you and it ain't pretty. They may even confiscate your stuff and go hobknob with their PC buds. Pacheco may even show up for a photo op.

Posted by: 181mph | Jul 13, 2017 14:42

i put up 1 of those walls round my patio, but i use ladders to pass all my alcoholic bevs and tobacco products to my friends, which i supply ladders to on the other side of the wall,,,that's apparently legal, as there is not an ordinance/rule/law that says i can't do that,,, yet

Posted by: Phredzzz | Jul 27, 2017 16:13

Be extra Careful. That Grill gives off more carcinogen's than the exhaust pipe of your car. The PC police are bound to eventually figure this out and put a stop to outdoor grilling. Just kiddinggggg, but maybe not to far fetched; hee, hee, hee, Aooooga !

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