Onset Water Commissioner Has by Law Resigned, but Won't Step Down

By OnsetTogether | Mar 22, 2018
Nomination Papers 2017

The integrity of our voting process matters to all of us. The fact is, we in Onset now have, by his own admission, a Water Commissioner who is ineligible neither vote nor hold office, and a Prudential Committee complicit in this.

According to the Director and Legal Counsel, Elections Division, Office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth, "under the provisions of General Laws chapter 41, section 109, if a commissioner is required to be a resident but is determined not to be or to have removed from the residence, the person is deemed to have vacated their position."

The facts are incontrovertible:

*Benjamin and Jamie Hughes purchased a house at 117 Pinehurst Drive in the Wareham Fire District in September 2016.

*Eyewitness accounts state they moved in permanently on or about that date.

*On October 19, 2016, his residential and mailing address were changed with the Town Clerk to 117 Pinehurst Drive.

*Nomination papers were filed on April 12, 2017, wherein he certified he is a “resident within the boundaries of the Onset Fire District” and that his “legal address” was “2 Shawnee Drive.”

*On May 4, 2017, Hughes’ residential address changed with the Town Clerk to 2 Shawnee Dr., a three bedroom home owned by Water Commissioner Francis Kowzic and Janet Kowzic in the Onset Fire District. Hughes’ mailing address stayed 117 Pinehurst Drive.

*Election Day was May 16, 2017.

*Feb. 28, 2018, Hughes’ mailing and residential address changed back to 117 Pinehurst Drive, his actual residence.

The Prudential Committee chair stated that this is "outside their purview" and they will not be acting upon it. Mr. Hughes' states this is "his own personal business." That's the problem, he is treating this as his private company. Mr. Kowzic has not said whether Mr. Hughes lived with him from May 4, 2017 through February 28, 2018.

We deserve honest people overseeing our tax money. Nominations for water commissioner and Prudential Committee close on April 12, 2018. Call the District at 508-295-6090 and tell the Board that Mr. Hughes must step aside prior to the close of nominations so that we can elect TWO new water commissions who are honest and fair.














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