Onset Fire Department chief stresses need for new engine

By Matthew Bernat | Mar 23, 2018
Photo by: Matthew Bernat Onset Prudential Committee Chair Charles Klueber listens during a discussion about the Onset Fire Department's need for a new engine.

Onset Fire Chief Ray Goodwin hopes to soon replace a 30-year-old vehicle he described as the department’s “workhorse.”

“The truck is showing its age,” Goodwin told Onset Prudential Committee members Thursday afternoon. “I want to keep it on record that we need to move forward.”

Called Engine 1, the vehicle is a 1988 Maxim used to pump water and haul hoses and other equipment.

“The engine is the workhorse of the fleet,” said Goodwin. “It goes to most calls.”

Currently, Goodwin said the department has $210,000 saved in a new vehicle account he started four years ago to offset the vehicle’s cost. He noted that a new engine may cost between $400,000 and $600,000. Goodwin told committee members he was looking for a baseline model, one without “all the bells and whistles.”

Prudential Committee Chair Charles Klueber said his board was aware of the need for a new engine.

“We haven’t forgotten. It’s been on our radar,” said Klueber, adding that the board must consider other upcoming expenses. Among them is construction of a new, $8 million fire station Onset Fire District voters approved last May.

“We’re looking at some major capital items that will be coming down the line shortly,” said Klueber.

Goodwin said he would continue to research options for replacing the truck in the meantime.

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Posted by: cranky pants | Mar 23, 2018 07:09

“We’re looking at some major capital items that will be coming down the line shortly,” said Klueber.

Isn't the promise of a new firehouse enough ? Let us pay for one thing adds a time please.

Time for you to start digging for grants and holding chili sales to pay for this stuff.

Give us a break and quit hemorrhaging the taxpayers.

Posted by: Just Me1 | Mar 23, 2018 07:28

If all of these major capitol expenses will be coming in the future, why not list them, their approximate cost and put them in some priority? Then maybe even a schedule so these major expenses are in a context for the voters and for the Chief and Prudential Committee to plan for the sequence and timing of the purchases/expenditures?

Posted by: Newlyaresident | Mar 23, 2018 09:35

Why not use the savings the district is realizing from the solar farm?

Oh, wait, that would be the solar farm that no one has ever heard of. Apparently you need top secret clearance to even know it exists.

If it was a good idea to install it, there must be a big win the offing for the district?

How about a report from Mr Klueber detailing the fInances now that the thing is operational?

I agree with Just Me, but the details need to include all the sources of projected income on an annual basis so the taxpayers can see behind the curtain.

Posted by: barnstorm | Mar 23, 2018 11:03

Buying a new firetruck before renovating the old building or building a new one? The last one they bought wouldn't fit inside the existing firehouse structure. Sounds like putting the cart before the horse, doesn't it?

Posted by: Spherebreaker | Mar 23, 2018 11:31

Gorging at the public trough again at the expense of all other Town services we so desperately need. The nerve of this bunch. STOP THIS MADNESS! Do away with the District system before they drive everyone into bankruptcy with this drunken sailor spending.   

Posted by: WWareham resident | Mar 23, 2018 16:29

“We’re looking at some major capital items that will be coming down the line shortly,” said Klueber.

I provide lease lines of credit for capital expenditures for a living but if this deal were to cross my desk there would be a huge Red X across the application. SPHERBREAKER SAID IT "STOP THIS MADNESS" and do away with the Onset Fire District and roll it into Wareham. For 1/4 of the cost of the new station they'd get a new truck and be able to expand the existing building on Main St. Then sell the land Onset Fire is on right now and put the additional funds towards revamping Wareham Fire Station but that makes too much sense so Onset would never go for it. This entire soap opera is a horrible joke, what are they going to need next? A new 40+ foot boat for weekend fishing trips to keep moral up? Unbelievable how wasteful the people who aren't paying for this are  it's sickening.

Posted by: Newlyaresident | Mar 23, 2018 17:34

Look up “oxymoron” in the dictionary and you’ll find a picture of the Prudential Committee instead of a definition.

Posted by: Andrea Smith | Mar 23, 2018 17:44

wwarehamresident - Wareham Fire Department has been in the process of seeking a new fire station for a number of reasons for years as indicated by the following quote from an April 2012 Wareham Week article titled, "Voter's Authorize $1.2 million to purchase land for fire station"


"Wareham Fire District voters first entertained the idea of a new fire station during a June, 2011 special district meeting, during which they OK'd the spending of $18,000 for a "space-needs analysis" of the Wareham Fire Department.

Architectural firm Kaestle Boos Associates, Inc. completed the analysis, and representatives explained Monday that they determined the department's current facilities to be too small, non-compliant with building codes, in need of significant large-item purchases, and unsuited for the further development of the town.

McDuffy echoed those sentiments, saying that the Main Street fire station is inadequate for the department's needs.

McDuffy listed increased traffic congestion, the inability to fit all of the fire trucks into the firehouse, and even the current "Streetscape" project, which is adding sidewalk space to Main Street, as factors that could impact emergency-response times."




Entire Article too long to be quoted here but well worth reading.

Posted by: OnsetTogether | Mar 23, 2018 18:08

Folks, please watch the video of the meetings on YouTube, amature but they are unedited. The solar field money was released before the special meeting. The new building will not be “green” or have solar power itself. There is NO capital fund right now. An enormous amount of money goes to a few people in the office; and to some people possibly not entitled to a dime.

Continuing to fight for transparency, and could use real backup.



Posted by: OnsetTogether | Mar 25, 2018 00:24

Mr. Kowzic is the only nominee as of Thursday. The same one who said he’s contacted Building Committee candidates but didn’t, and the one whose address Ben Hughes has been using. Step up and run or it’s business as usual.

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