Onset Bay Association Beautification Team thanks volunteers

Oct 04, 2016
Courtesy of: OBA Beautification Team

Thank You to all the volunteers who helped keep Onset Village clean & the gardens blooming this very hot, dry and busy summer.

Our village would be a very different place if we did not have the many volunteers who pick up trash daily along the roads, beaches & public spaces throughout the year. Many residents make it part of their day to stop & pick up the trash that litters our village daily.

The Onset Bay Association Beautification Team has planted, mulched & watered several public areas throughout the village. We are able to make this possible through the generous donations of many. Thank you Clive Olsen for your donation of flowers for the Stone Bridge Flower Boxes.

Thank you to all the folks who donated cans & bottles collected by the Liquor Barn in Buzzards Bay. Thank you to the Front Yard Gallery for donating the space for our 1st annual purse sale.

Thank you for the anonymous cash donations made to our team. We would not be able to have our beautiful gardens/planters without you.

Thank you Rita, Paul and Hough Landscaping for the several traffic islands & containers you have planted and maintained. They are beautiful. Thank you Rita & Paul for keeping Onset clean. The trash you have picked up & brought to the dump is amazing.

Thank you Justin and Scott from Stonebridge Bistro for having the Welcome to Onset & Pier signs sanded & painted. Thank you Onset Village Hardware for donating the paint to paint the signs.

The Harbor Master’s team did a wonderful job landscaping the area in front of the public bathrooms near the Bandshell-thank you.

Thank you again to the many other folks who have made Onset Village such a special place.

The OBA Beautification Team

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Posted by: Stargirl | Oct 07, 2016 10:23

Wow, I never realized the scope of the work of the Beautification Committee. It's great to hear that local businesses have generously contributed services and materials. I think we all owe the OBA Beautification Team a HUGE thank you for keeping Onset beautiful!

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