Officials tout Windward Pines project in Onset after years of dispute

By Matthew Bernat | May 31, 2018
Photo by: Matthew Bernat From left: Selectman Chair Alan Slavin, State Representative Susan Williams Gifford (R-Wareham) and Stonestreet Corporation President Timothy Fay speak after a ribbon cutting ceremony for Windward Pines.

After three years of planning and the threat of a legal battle, an 84-unit subdivision at the Bay Pointe Club will break ground this year.

Officials hailed the project, which is credited with helping the nearly 60-year-old golf course remain solvent, at a grand opening celebration Thursday.

“This is a longtime coming,” said Selectman Chair Alan Slavin. “It shows we need to do a better job of getting businesses moving here. This is a win-win for Bay Pointe, the town and Onset Village.”

Dubbed Windward Pines, the project was tied up for years as the developer, Rhode-Island based Stonestreet Corporation, and the Planning Board clashed over issues of lot sizes and wastewater treatment.

In January 2016, the Planning Board approved the plans, but imposed several conditions. Stonestreet officials objected and filed suit in Land Court. Eventually, the differences were settled via mediation. Planning Board members approved the plans in August 2017.

On Thursday, Stonestreet Corporation President Timothy Fay said the project will be worth the wait.

“We’re creating something that will add value to Wareham, Onset and the overall fabric of the community,” he said.

Fay touted the new construction, which will include high-quality materials and energy-friendly systems. The subdivision's proximity to Onset Village, the beach and golfing will be draws for buyers, he said.

Plans call for building 28-units in the first phase of the project, said Conway on the Bay Manager Lauren Cardin. The real estate company is selling and marketing the property. In total, three construction phases are planned. The remaining two phases still require town approval.

Units will be sold as condominiums at a starting price of $420,000, said Cardin, adding of the 28, four have already been pre-sold. Construction is set to begin on the units later this year.

Slavin said the project is a big step for Onset, noting former Selectman Steve Holmes and the town helped pave the way for it back in 2009. That year, a bylaw was passed allowing for the development of residential space on the golf course.

Since then, the property faced several financial troubles. Originally owned by the town, it was sold, re-purchased by the town, then sold again. In 2012, Stonestreet bought the golf course for $1.4 million from Digital Federal Credit Union, which owned the property due to foreclosure.

Fay said Thursday’s grand opening ended the long process of bringing Windward Pines to Onset.

“It’s all good now,” he said.

For more information on the property, visit:

Jack Conway, Realtor President and CEO Carol Bulman addresses the crowd during a grand opening at the Bay Point Club. (Photo by: Matthew Bernat)
Plans call for building a total of 84-units at the Bay Pointe Club. (Photo by: Matthew Bernat)
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Posted by: Wareham By The Sea | May 31, 2018 20:38

Fancy place.  $420K for a condo!  Better that than another 40B!

Posted by: Steve Holmes | Jun 01, 2018 07:29

Ten years of hard work, alot of faith, and finally finding the Fay family. There are many people to thank for this great project. I would like to single out Alan Slavin and Sandy Besse, they were on board when we were working with the previous owners, we suffered many disappointments. I can only compare it to a roller coaster ride. We had heights then the great low when Mark went bankrupt. We never gave up. Then Tim Fay came along. He spent millions fixing the old pavillion and improving the golf course. During my six years as a Selectman i kept fighting along side Alan it was difficult. And finally we got our approval. I also want to mention Susan Gifford for her advice and support as well. Unlike most politicians Susan does alot of work and provides assistance without alot of fanfare and credit taking. We are not done yet, we need all of our folks to stay engaged and help Tim and his family complete the jewel. None of this would be possible without the folks in Onset supporting this project when it did not seem possible, we had many forces working against us and we all stayed the course. So congratulations to all of us!!! Great things can happen when we work together for the good of the Town and never give up.

Posted by: bob | Jun 02, 2018 15:20

Steve,not trying to knock you,but it wasn't just the folks of Onset that supported this project,it was a lot of Wareham Folks that supported this project....

Posted by: OnsetTogether | Jun 03, 2018 15:09

Is Onset Water going to sue to not overburden the water system, or just if it's affordable housing overburdening the water system? Nobody is screaming about overpopulating the schools? Added traffic?The maxed out sewer? $$$ talks.

Posted by: Wareham By The Sea | Jun 03, 2018 20:21

The water and sewer associated with this upscale subdivision were considered and approved  long before the 174 unit affordable housing project.  Lucky for them, they got approval when they did.


As far as overpopulating schools...think about it.  These are half million dollar condos on a golf course.  This ain't the Woods at Brandy Hill.  Welfare Wanda with her 4 kids and her freeloading boyfriends will not be stinking up the place and taxing the school system.  This isn't that kind of place.  Many won't have school age kids or any kids at all.  Those that do have kids will likely send them to private school.  Whatever kids do go to Wareham Public schools will provide a nice offset to the current demographics.  The scenario should be embraced.


Similar to influence on the schools is influence in general.  We need more of this type of housing in town.  It's time to attract people that aren't just looking for a cheap place to live.  This is a good thing.


Yes, you are right, $$$ does talk.  Sometimes for the right reasons.  It's about time we attract a different element because what we've been attracting sure ain't making this a better place!



Posted by: WantToSeeChange | Jun 04, 2018 22:23

Onset, once again, you are barking up the wrong tree.  This project has been in the works for a long time.  Way before you rode into town.

Posted by: Andrea Smith | Jun 05, 2018 16:46

Onsettogether - suggest research before you leap. A search for Stonestreet Corporation using Wareham Week's search option will provide a glimpse into the history and progress of the corporation's proposal for development at Bay Pointe.

Posted by: OnsetTogether | Jun 06, 2018 13:48

I had read about it and it only wrapped up last year. My point, proven by WBTS, is that elitism is rampant and the NIMBYs have pull.

Posted by: Andrea Smith | Jun 06, 2018 17:06

onsettogether - one person, no matter how many times they post comments on Wareham Week and no matter how many of their comments irritate you does not constitute proof that "elitism is rampant and NIMBYS have pull."

Posted by: Spherebreaker | Jun 07, 2018 07:32

Watch your microaggressions Onset, people with commonsense aren't always elites or nimbys. Wareham is on its way to Brocktonism and it needs to stop.

Posted by: Wareham By The Sea | Jun 07, 2018 10:50

Onset- some may find me a little irritating as my pal pointed out.  But I'm certainly not as influential as you imply by your "rampant" elitism statement.  I'm quite certain that my little comment has not spread the word around Wareham.  BTW, elitism definitely isn't rampant in Wareham.  What is it anyways?  Is it anything nice?  Anything someone worked hard for?  What is wrong with a nice subdivision in Wareham?  Hard working people deserve nice places to live.  It sounds like you want more 40Bs, subsidized Woods at Brandy Hill like apartments, hell-hole motels, ramshackle trailers, and poorly converted cottages.  Would anything nicer be elite?  Would anything nicer not fit in around here?  What are you saying?

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