OCFR "Educates" Onset Fire and Water District on Campaign Finance Disclosures

By OnsetTogether | Jul 23, 2018

The Massachusetts Office of Campaign Finance Reform examined the irregularities with the Onset Fire and Water District required disclosures. Some were incomplete, some were incorrect, some were missing. They report they “finished their review of the Onset Fire and Water District, and closed the matter administratively. We’ve talked to a number of people in Onset and we think that our education and hopefully explanation as to what is required will help everyone going forward.”


Let's hope the to-be-elected Election Warden will resolve these issues, and the closed-door tally of ballots.

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Posted by: JJones | Jul 24, 2018 07:49

Your report of the MA campaign finance reform was incomplete, you failed to tell us what the end result was.  So I feel you failed to prove any thing.  Half truths are worth nothing.

Posted by: OnsetTogether | Jul 26, 2018 10:20

Whoa. Now the story must be told. By the way naming a Village Soup member violates this site's policy. (That post was removed by WW)

Ballot tallies are required by law to be open to view. Period. I arrived 15 minutes before the close of the polls. I requested to observe the count. The doors were shut in my face. While I was waiting in the vestibule the sister of an election worker arrived. She became verbally abusive to me, I did not speak to her first. She then advanced toward me literally backing me into a corner and threatening me. I pounded on the door calling for Officer Baptiste. He came out and ordered her to sit down and remained there for the rest of the nearly one hour vote tally. She was hollering that she has a law degree and her husband is an attorney.  During that hour Water Commissioner Hughes entered the tally area twice.

I have given a verbatim account of the OCFR's phone message to me. I am happy to release that recording and a photo of the woman who came after me. Her sister said to Officer Baptiste, "that's my sister, I can vouch for her" whatever that means. The actual OCFR filings from Onset Fire have been posted on Onset All Together's website for many months.


Posted by: Andrea Smith | Jul 26, 2018 12:46

onsettogether - When you post comments under the screen name onsettogether, are you doing so as an individual, or are you doing so as a spokesperson selected by a group of people to specifically speak in behalf of the group?

Posted by: OnsetTogether | Jul 26, 2018 14:54

Andrea, there is no selection process, and it depends upon the specific comments. The name of the neighborhood group is Onset All Together.

Posted by: Andrea Smith | Jul 26, 2018 17:19

onsettogether - My understanding of your response, "it depends upon the specific comments," is that when you post a comment, depending upon the comment you are posting, you might be posting it as an individual person or as a representative of a neighborhood group known as Onset All Together.  If my understanding of your response is correct, I hope that in the future to avoid any potential reader confusion you will consider introducing your comments/discussions with an indication of whether the comment you are posting is representative of you as an individual , or you as a spokesperson in behalf of a neighborhood group known as Onset All Together. Thanks for your consideration.

Posted by: OnsetTogether | Jul 30, 2018 07:28

Andrea this is a discussion post. I often identify, and sign posts, or state what comes out of a meeting. Thanks for reading.

Posted by: Kress | Aug 02, 2018 18:45

I must respond to Ms. Morales accusations against me.  I arrived at the polling place before the count was completed.  I sat down in the waiting room and looked over to a woman (Ms. Morales) who was listening to the conversations of the poll workers through a crack in the door.  At that time, I witnessed what I believed to be, Ms Morales surreptitiously taping poll workers with a recording device.  I asked her if she was recording and she replied in a nasty tone, "Who are you?"  I got up and pushed the door closed.  A bit later, I went outside for a few minutes.  When I came back, the door was ajar again.  Ms Morales was standing near the door again.  We exchanged words, I went over to the door where Ms Morales was standing with her phone, and I pushed the door closed again.  Much to my surprise, she became erratic, pounded on the door and yelled out for Officer Baptiste.  In her inimitable fashion, she, of course, disrupted the counting of the ballots.  I was not threatening her.  To the contrary, I was telling her to stop recording the poll workers' conversations because they were unaware of her secretive, illegal action.


Yes, I have a law degree.  No, I do not practice law in Massachusetts.  However, I know that Massachusetts is a two-party consent state which requires consent by all parties before someone can record a conversation.  And I know that Ms Morales did not ask the poll workers for their permission to tape them.  I believed Ms. Morales was committing a crime -- wiretapping.  If true, I would like to inform her, in no uncertain terms, that I feel violated by her illegally recording me without my permission.  Ms Morales, I have the option of filing a complaint under Mass General Laws Chapter 272, section 99 against you.  Thank you for admitting to your crime.  You are a prosecutor's dream.


By the way, Ms. Morales, with regard to the length of time it took to tally the votes, there was nothing nefarious going on, just the poll workers trying to do their job in the midst of your illegal, outrageous behavior.


At no time did I holler or yell at Ms. Morales.  I remained calm in the midst of a woman who was breaking the law and who was being called out on it.  Furthermore, Officer Baptiste did not "order" me to sit down as Ms Morales asserts.  I explained to Officer Baptiste that Ms Morales was violating the law by illegally recording me and the poll workers.  The ballot tallied continued while Officer Baptiste remained at the open door.  Ms. Morales repeatedly asked if the tabulations had been completed -- further interfering in the counting process.  Her oblique and incomplete version of the facts demonstrates her inability to accurately remember the incident.

Posted by: Steve Holmes | Aug 12, 2018 08:12

Taping conversations while the other folks don't know you are taping them? Then threatening to release illegal tapes. This battle has been going on for awhile now. Something does not seem right about his whole situation. So I say if you think taping someone without their consent is ok, then release the tapes for all to see, I am pretty sure if you do that there would probably be legal action in your future. But lets hear and see the tapes and we can judge for ourselves.

Posted by: Onset_mom | Aug 13, 2018 17:08

Kress- thank you for presenting your side of this story, I'm happy you were able to keep it in print as often Ms Morales likes to edit things to keep her looking as if she has been wronged.  Ms Morales has quite a history of recording people without their permission and then gets quite "alarmed" when they tell her to stop.  She seems to always see this as threatening. I truly appreciated hearing the encounter from another perspective.

Posted by: Gabby | Aug 14, 2018 15:15

At what point are people going to have enough of this woman? She creates conflict where there isn't any. The laws seem to apply to everyone but her. Kress, thank you for standing up to her. I for one am tired of her harassing people and then acting like a martyr when they stand up to her.

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