Oak Grove Package Store fined for underage tobacco sale

By Matthew Bernat | May 03, 2017

The Oak Grove Package Store must pay a $300 fine and lose its license to sell tobacco for seven consecutive days after selling cigarettes to a minor, marking the store’s second offense in less than three years. The Board of Health levied the fine at its meeting on Wednesday.

Health Agent Robert Ethier said the violation occurred in April during a sting by the Cape Cod Tobacco Control Program. In Wareham, the penalty for a first offense is $300. A second offense, if it occurs within 36 months of the first, includes the fine and loss of the license. All tobacco products must be removed from the store effective May 4.

“That way, there’s no chance of selling tobacco to anyone,” said Ethier.

Health board members said the task force noted that a store employee did ask for identification before making the sale, but it wasn’t clear in the report if the person buying refused to give one, gave a fake ID or something else happened before the sale.

Mary McCoy, a co-owner of the Oak Grove Package Store, appeared briefly before the board, saying she regretted the violation and was unsure how the sale happened. She said the store wasn't going to fight the fine.

"We have no argument," said McCoy.

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Posted by: SammieJfive | May 04, 2017 21:24

I think they meant May 4, unless it happened in the first 3 days of April, and they're now able to sell cigarettes?

Posted by: Matthew Bernat | May 05, 2017 01:00

Hi Sammie, the date should have been May 4, thank you for pointing that out. It was a typo and has been corrected.

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