New crop of Wareham girls tennis team players focused on fundamentals

By Matthew Bernat | Mar 27, 2018
Photo by: Matthew Bernat From left: Mackenzie Brodley, Sage Kidder and Allison Sciaraffa are the new crop of players learning the fundamentals of tennis on the high school's team.

An up-and-coming group of players is learning the game of tennis after joining the Wareham High School girls team. The girls are hoping to make their mark in the next couple years.

“They learn quickly,” said Coach Geoff Swett about one eighth grader and two seventh graders. “If they’re committed to getting better, they will get better.”

In fact, the team is the only one at the high school that has a waiver to accept seventh graders. Swett says that with a small team – just nine students are playing this year – that’s a good way to bolster its numbers.

That's already paying dividends, as Swett said he’s excited for the return of Olivia Powers and Giuliana L’Homme. Both joined as seventh graders last year and are progressing, he said.

On Tuesday afternoon, Swett worked on the fundamentals with eighth grader Mackenzie Brodley and seventh graders Sage Kidder and Allison Sciaraffa.

The girls, all new to the game, were on the tennis courts for their second outdoor practice of the season. Earlier this month, the girls worked on their games at an indoor facility in Marion. They joined the team after being encouraged by friends or to try out for a sport that caught their eye.

For Kidder, a match she watched on television sparked her interest. Brodley and Sciaraffa said they wanted to try out for any sport and friends encouraged them to join the team, which was in need of players.

On Tuesday, they returned serves lobbed by the “Lobster,” the players’ affectionate name for the bright red automatic server. Most importantly, all three are working on their serves.

“That’s definitely the hardest part,” said Brodley. “If you don’t get that down, you can’t play the game.”

Swett said it’s too soon to say where the new girls will fit into the team, but he’s confident all will do well.

“The new players who joined last year are all doing better, and I have the same high hopes for this new group,” said Swett.

The girls tennis team’s first match of the season is scheduled for April 3 at 3:30 p.m. against Carver at Carver High School.

Olivia Powers waits for a serve during practice on Tuesday. (Photo by: Matthew Bernat)
Natalia Moulding at practice on Tuesday. (Photo by: Matthew Bernat)
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Posted by: Wareham By The Sea | Mar 28, 2018 20:37

There's no shortage of comments pertaining to building a new school, school committee elections, discipline, MCAS, lockdowns, teachers, principals, superintendent, financials, etc.  We're all quick to focus on the negatives and point out all the problems.  Me included!


Why no comments on this?  These great kids are products of our schools and a great coach.  Thanks WPS & Coach Swett.  They must be doing something right!


On another note (back to complaining), there would probably be more than three 7th & 8th graders in tennis if Wareham still had late busses.  I'd imagine that holds true for all afterschool sports and extracurricular activities in all grades at Middle School & High School.  If a kid can't get home after the regular busses, they can't participate in anything after school.  It's just another counterintuitive thing about WPS.  How are we supposed to foster good kids and keep them out of trouble through after school activities if they can't participate because they can't get home after?


There are still special late busses.  I saw them and inquired because I wanted to know if my kids could take them after sports.  The answer was no, I learned that they are only for kids from a certain income.  There's a name of a program for it but I forget, so let's just call it the poor bus.  We do not qualify because our income is above the threshold.  Let me get that straight.  We own an average home in Wareham and have average jobs.  We pay tax that pays for those special late busses, but our kids can't ride them!  Textbook flawed welfare system right there!  I'll just have to buy a limo and a hire chauffeur to pick up the kiddos! Can't make it up!

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