New community group 'polishes' Onset playground

By Zarrin Tasnim Ahmed | Oct 15, 2016
Photo by: Zarrin Tasnim Ahmed Jack and Jayden Ikkela rake up leaves together.

On Saturday morning, volunteers cleaned the playground on North Boulevard of graffiti, leaves and trash, and the feat won't be the last for a new group in the community calling itself Onset All Together.

Approximately 30 people showed up that morning. They all heard about the effort through word of mouth.

Cheryl Comstock, a resident who lives across the street from the playground, said the cleanup was "awesome."

"I love to see this place cleaned up. It's 100 percent better."

"I think people actually like to help. They like to be given that opportunity," said State Representative candidate Sarah Hewins (D-Carver), who helped out at the clean up. "People actually really like to be a part of something that's positive."

Organizer of the clean-up, Lisa Morales, has only lived in Onset for three months. Though she loves the community, she sees a lot of improvements that can be made and is gathering people together to make the difference.

"This neighborhood is fabulous but there's issues and some of these things we want to attack are blighted properties, distressed properties that are abandoned, or absentee landlords," she said. "We're trying to get a group together that's going to help facilitate that and do some landlord/tenant workshops."

The volunteers filled nearly 30 bags of leaves leftover from last year.

Anyone interested in joining or helping with their efforts can email them at

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Posted by: greycat | Oct 16, 2016 19:30

Good Job!  But where was the conservation/wetlands crowd?  Should have been threatening the volunteers, measuring branches and issuing citations.  Oh, I forgot!  It was Saturday.

Posted by: Chaka | Oct 16, 2016 20:19

What wetlands/conservation crowd? I wish they WOULD come to this neighborhood. Someone is planning to build an apartment building in the marsh between 12th st and 11th street (11th st is a paper st, and was never built, because it would run through a marsh) and runs in the other direction between wareham Ave. and east central Ave. there is a brook back there and most of the property is wetlands sprouting phragmites. cranes and herons nest in the trees there which will be cut down. This proposal sailed through the conservation commission. Perhaps because the owner of the land is the Assessor for the town of Sandwich. Zoning regulations in the onset village 2 district require 50 feet of frontage on a street. The property only has 37.5 feet of frontage. I've heard the building department is not going to require a variance hearing. Why not? Why do they make some residents jump through hoops, while builders and the well-connected can skirt the rules.

Posted by: sadie | Oct 17, 2016 07:20

Chaka contact the EPA they might help. I would email right away and send as much info as possible. I think if you mention the word marsh they will get involved right away. It is worth a shot.

Do you know how many apartments are going to be in that building?


Posted by: totellthetruth | Oct 17, 2016 19:10

Why don't we ask the folks over on Carleton Place how they like living in a marsh? That area used to be a marsh/wetland area. Some "fatCat"developer came into Town and and told everyone it was just a little "ground water" Wont hurt anything.

Posted by: Chaka | Oct 17, 2016 22:16

An older neighbor of mine says she used to skate on the pond that became the marsh, that later became Carleton Place. Have the people at Carleton Place been experiencing water problems? I hope not, but if they have, What kinds of issues?

Posted by: greycat | Oct 18, 2016 23:10

That would be the LILY POND, popular for skating until it was filled in for CARLETON PLACE, named after Carleton Delano Hammond .  It was Hammond Property, and WAS connected to Brad Cove by a stream running behind the homes on Locust Street.  There was a dustup a few years ago about a tidal gate that interfered with water flow which caused flooding back yards in the homes.  Technically wetlands. 

Posted by: sadie | Oct 19, 2016 11:31

Chaka I went to the dep website and filed a complaint. It is easy type in  dep southeast regional office. Once you get there go all the way to the bottom of the page until you come to file a complaint, then select wetlands and fill in the questions. All I did was copy your post so if you go there you might be able to fill in more details

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