New CapeFlyer platform coming to Wareham

By Caitlin Russell | Nov 19, 2013

Wareham watched the CapeFlyer pass it by last summer, but by the summer of 2014 Wareham residents will have a stop to call their own.

According to selectman Chair Peter Teitelbaum, a representative from the Mass. Department of Transportation came to Wareham recently to scout a location for a train platform.

"The state official was down to look for a location for the CapeFlyer," train stop in Wareham he said.

The platform will be located behind the old Getty gas station. It will be 300 feet long, stretching from the fire station on Main Street north toward the area where Wareham Feed once stood. It will also be four feet tall and handicap accessible.

The site will also be home to a GATRA bus stop. Potential routes include one from Wareham to the Middleboro/Lakeville commuter rail, and one to New Bedford.

Next up, engineers will evaluate the site.

Teitelbaum thanked Governor Deval Patrick and Rep. Susan Williams-Gifford for their contributions to making a stop in Wareham a reality, and he gave a special thanks to fellow selectman Alan Slavin.

"Going forward with this we need to thank selectman Alan Slavin," who was absent from Tuesday's meeting, Teitelbaum said. "He has spent years cultivating relationships," with people across the state to get a stop in Wareham. He joked that it ought to be called "Slavin Station."

The CapeFlyer did runs between Boston and Hyannis  from May 24 through Columbus Day, and the closest stop was in Buzzards Bay. It is not yet clear what the schedule will be for this year.

Last summer the Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority, Mass. Bay Transportation Authority, and Mass. Department of Transportation, cleared brush away from the tracks to allow for greater visibility.

Railroad operators have federal rights that allow them to legally bypass local towns' conservation regulations when it's an issue of safety.

In addition to that, the tracks in Wareham were upgraded to hold up to the 55 mph speeds the trains can travel at, although they slow down while traveling through certain areas.

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Posted by: Phoneman | Nov 22, 2013 09:18

It looks like the owners of Wareham Feed blew it big time. With the train stopping right there the building could have been transformed into something very nice and nostalgic considering the age of that building. Seems the onwers of that place had no desire to preserve history. Oh well, their loss.

Posted by: sadie | Nov 22, 2013 10:05

Phoneman, the historical commission gave approval for the demo. It would have cost the family thousands of dollars to bring the building up to code. They had the building up for two years with no takers.

Posted by: Phoneman | Nov 22, 2013 12:01

Don't believe everything you hear Sadie. The owner never had any desire to do anything but get out if town as quick as possible. Why else would anyone close a long standing business like that and tear it down with three months? Who does that? The owner had an obvious ulterior motive for his actions.

Posted by: warehamite | Nov 22, 2013 13:14

It wasn't quick, it took them time and planning.  No one else bought the building.  There were many issues concerning the rehab of the property and the cost to do so; probably why it didn't sell.  I'm guessing it was torn down for safety reasons.  We don't want BOB complaining about another run-down building on Main St. now, do we?!?


The property's still there.  Why don't you buy it and build a train depot if it's such a good idea?

Posted by: totellthetruth | Nov 22, 2013 15:11

I didn't know the Gentleman(men) well. I stopped there on occasion for variuos items. When rumor first surfaced about him closing, I asked the clerk if they were in fact closing. His only response to me was " The soon to open Tractor Supply Store was going to mark the end of his business."

Take it for what its worth .

Posted by: Andrea Smith | Nov 23, 2013 06:21

Increased competition from both the Tractor Store and Petco,..aged building needed costly extensive renovations which would have required the building being brought up to current codes compounding cost of renovations...and the difficulty of attracting potential buyers...


Significant attempt to sell the property was made, leaving the property vacant for a continued sales attempt would have left a potential tinder box at risk of forced entry, misuse and fire, causing a prudent property owner significant insurance premiums...


Closing a family owned business is a heartbreaking decision, but when circumstances make it clear that the time has come to do so, the best direction is forward toward new horizons.


I loved the Wareham Grain and Feed, miss it, wish it was still here, but appreciating the concerns of the business/property owners, wish them much happiness as they move in new directions.


Posted by: AntiIdiot | Nov 23, 2013 09:20

They are putting it there to continue to push that stupid Merchants Way.  there is nothing there that tourist want to look at,  Putting millions of dollars into a back alley that faces a swamp is not something people want to come to Wareham Center for. 

Posted by: totellthetruth | Nov 23, 2013 10:09

There is nothing "set in stone" yet that says that Platform is going to go there. As stated:"Next up, engineers will evaluate the site.".

I don't think any engineer will approve a site for a Train/Bus terminal that only has about 30 usable parking spaces.

MBTA will not build this platform just for the Cape Flyer. Commuter Rail IS coming. That will require anywhere from 300 to 500 spaces on a daily basis 5 days a week.

Posted by: Andrea Smith | Nov 24, 2013 11:55

I've heard commuter rail is likely to come and I can think of three potential, large-capacity areas for parking:

1) The old Ocean Spray property across from Benny's

2) Walmart's current location, assuming they are still planning a move to West Wareham

(Both of the above would have a positive impact on a commercial area currently in economic decline.)

3) Tobey Road, West Wareham

Posted by: Andrea Smith | Nov 25, 2013 09:36

Add a fourth potential site - the Nail Factory property

Posted by: totellthetruth | Nov 25, 2013 14:07

On a positive note to the Tremont Nail site: Only the front portion of that site is designated "Historical". That leaves about 5+ acres for devlopment. Using the formula of 100 parking spaces per acre, thats probably a 400 car parking lot. The big positive factor here  it is Town owned. If you take 400 cars a day,at $4 car,multiplied by 5 days a week, multiplied by 250 working days per year, thats $400,000 yr. for some blacktop, a few trees, some curbing, a little sweeping and plowing. Sounds pretty good to me.

You also have a large paved area for use on the weekend for Town sponsored events/festivals.

Posted by: justin beiber | Nov 25, 2013 14:44


Given the proximity of Nos. 1 and 2 to the Buzzards Bay train station, the DOT would probably pooh-pooh these suggestions.

No. 3 exudes little in the form of a welcome mat to Wareham other than the soon-to-be constructed hotel down the road.

Tremont Nail, on the other hand, might be the ticket. 

Posted by: a mandalin | Nov 26, 2013 01:32

I agree that across from Bennys should be a good spot but you're right. Too close to BBay. The downtown spot seems best. Isnt there more vacant land which could be acquired for parking along the tracks behind the old Kobrin Davidson building stretching all the way to where the grain and feed place was. Seems like plenty of parking could be added. Maybe worth looking into. Downtown has so little to offer these days. Maybe we can just make it a commuter lot.

Posted by: Andrea Smith | Nov 26, 2013 19:00

Justin: Tobey Road may not be a "welcome mat" but it does border a 45 store mall which includes several restaurants and beginning in 2015 it will also border the Super Walmart.'ve certainly done your homework; described by you the Nail Factory property sounds like a "win-win"...when the time comes I hope you chair the sales team

Posted by: Spherebreaker | Nov 26, 2013 21:00

Across from Bennys at the purple splotched dump would be ideal because it is so close to Buzz Bay and Cape. Rip out everything starting just after Krua Thai to Main Ave.  They could eliminate the Buzz Bay stop which is not a good comuter location due to space for parking and less than desireable access to highway. Buzzards Bay center is already a nightmare in the summer due to bridge and rotary traffic. Instead of some dumb under utilized bike lanes on Cranberry highway it should be designed to allow easy vehicle access to the highway from the station. Not sure if it could be done but a new highway access road from Main Ave directly to RT 25 sure would make it easy. With the added traffic comes business, lots of it. Trolleys could feed Wareham, Onset and Buzzards Bay centers bringing riders and shoppers. Putting it in West Wareham will make it easier for the comuters from New Bedford area to head here instead of Lakeville. We want the Cape Comuters and their money here. We allow stores here that just cannot be built over the bridge anymore. They will shop here if they are already here as part of their comute.

Posted by: a mandalin | Nov 27, 2013 09:22

There is no chance that Buzzards Bay will be eliminated. It  is a destination stop. There is more than ample parking with the new lots along the canal by the railroad bridge and also behind all of the main street stores. There is parking for hundreds of cars. Haviong the stop there is perfect alos for the hundreds of Mass Maritimers who depend on it. The busses and taxis were well used with ease all of last summer with that stop. The tourist people riding the train loived having the ability to get off and visit the chamber of commerce info center in the antique train station also. Lastly there is no chance that the State transportation people will eliminate it since it has come to fruition by the unending hard work of Thomas Cahir who has been a lifelong Bourne resident. This has been is pet project for decades beginging before he was a state rep or the head of the states transportation dept. I see no chance of a stop along Cranberry Highway anytime before that road is rebuilt and even then it would be doubtful now that the project has been scaled back to only a small portion of the road. I really think that somewhere around Main St. will be the ultimate choice.


Posted by: deanmartin | Nov 27, 2013 10:08

Once a modern commuter rail station is built in Wareham/Onset there will be no need for a stop in Buzzards Bay. The old train station in BB is fine for the Cape Flyer but doesn't work for a modern commuter train. They are not going to put two stations so close together. Bourne residents will just have to drive to Wareham/Onset as many surrounding communities drive to the Lakeville station.

Posted by: Phoneman | Nov 28, 2013 01:44

All I have heard about is a platform being built for the commuter rail. I haven't heard anything about a 'modern rail station'.  It seems some peole are thinking that only Bourne residents use the train station in Buzzards Bay.  Fact is that in  Buzzards Bay there is connecting public transportation available to connect rail passengers to Falmouth, Woods Hole, Sandwich, Mashpee  and also to the Sagamore commuter lot where they can meet busses to take them to all other points throughout all of Cape Cod. There is absolutely no way I can forsee them discontinuing the Buzzards Bay stop. It would make no sense at all. The majority of people don't usually use a commuter train as a way to go shopping at a 40 store plaza or to a Benny's. The idea is to have a commuter train  to help get vehiclkes off the road and reduce traffic. Making Wareham 's notoriosly dangerous highway a 'end stop' would do the opposite of the desired effect and force people to find transportation connections there.  Makes no sense. It would, however, be a good place to stop for a convienience to local residents.


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