By Theresa ONeill | Jun 08, 2012

311 Onset Ave — Thank you to whoever picked up the couch on Onset Ave.



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Posted by: WWreader | Jun 08, 2012 09:52

I noticed this too. I know for a fact that several town employees have seen this from different departments including police officers who make routine drive throughs there. And perhaps some of our elected officials have also seen this especially those living in Onset. Why can't one of them call to get this taken care of? Get the owner of the building to remove it? Poor communication and no pride in our town. Why should citizens have to bring these issues up? Three weeks? Now that's sad.

Posted by: bob | Jun 08, 2012 10:22

three weeks,,,look at the maytag property on main street..this is an eyesore to the town...and it shows that if people who chair committees cant clean up there property they should not be reappointed to those boards....

Posted by: Hissing Cobra | Jun 08, 2012 17:20

It's not just these to areas. Go up to Shangri-La and look at any of the wooded sections in that area. You'll find it all, tires, appliances, junk, furniture, and all sorts of crap. Go downtown and you'll see it not only on the Maytag lot, you'll find it at the old Greer Lumber buildings as well. They should all be torn down and cleaned up.



Posted by: resident | Jun 09, 2012 19:57

When did it become the towns responsibilty to remove debri from private property?

Posted by: justin beiber | Jun 10, 2012 07:24


Notify the folks at Outside the Box on Sandwich Road.

They'll come haul it away and sell it at their flea market.

Posted by: bruce gannon | Jun 10, 2012 08:24

ya know I don't want the town cleaning debris from private property but this is practically in the street.. it would take 5 minutes to hoist it into a truck and dispose of it... then if you can even find the owner of what looks like an abandoned building send them the bill...

Posted by: WWreader | Jun 10, 2012 16:07

Resident asked when it became the town's responsibility? I too don't think the town should be responsible, but do we want to attract tourists to spend dollars in Onset? Isn't that the way to increase revenues in town? Unsightly dumped garbage like this does nothing for the town but make it look run down and uncared for. If no one claims responsibility do we just leave it there forever?

Posted by: AndJusticeForAll | Jun 10, 2012 19:51

Justin Beiber has once again proven how immature he/she really is.  We have notified those at Outside The Box of this and will recommend they contact Wareham Week/Village Soup and request you be removed from this site.

Posted by: WantToSeeChange | Jun 10, 2012 20:22

Haha.  I don't necessarily agree with what JB wrote above (I often don't agree with JB actually) but wasting someones time asking them to remove someone for a post that hurt your feelings is just silly.


As for the original post, I'm sure that the scumbags that dumped it there have a nice new leather sectional in their living room hoping that it will be free if the Red Sox hit that silly Jordans Furniture ball in the outfield.

Posted by: AndJusticeForAll | Jun 11, 2012 08:02

wanttoseechange, Nothing "silly" about an anonymous blogger taking a cheap shot at a charity.  Outside The Box is a wonderful local charity doing incredible work and for an immature blogger hiding behind a keyboard to slander them is simply wrong.

Posted by: WantToSeeChange | Jun 11, 2012 19:50

A wonderful local charity.  Nice choice of words.  I'm unsure about the validity of that but that isn't the point here.  This story is about one couch on Onset Ave.

Posted by: AndJusticeForAll | Jun 11, 2012 20:17

Those who truly care and actually get out from behind their keyboards to contribute know exactly "about the validity of that".  As for the "one couch on Onset Ave." Justin Beiber has no right to claim some charity will "haul" anything away.  What a wonderful fantasy world you anonymous bloggers live in whining and criticizing while doing absolutely nothing to correct what you complain about.

Posted by: WantToSeeChange | Jun 11, 2012 20:26

Haha.  You are a joke.  You have no idea who I am and what I do for this town.  Just because I don't really care for your charity, I am being hit as a no good "anonymous blogger...doing absolutely nothing to correct what (I) complain about".  Sorry, I can't pick up a couch.  That is all I can complain about here.

Posted by: AndJusticeForAll | Jun 11, 2012 20:38

Then stick to the topic and not side with the likes of Justin Beiber.  Twice you have gone off topic to belittle a local charity which makes you no better than JB and nothing more than an "anonymous blogger".  Our original post was in defense of a charity and directed to JB and JB alone - but you had to put your two cents in - need we elaborate further?

Posted by: WantToSeeChange | Jun 11, 2012 20:46

Perhaps you didn't see that I have no reason to side with JB.  In fact, I wrote "I don't necessarily agree with what JB wrote above (I often don't agree with JB actually)".  I just thought your saying that he/she should be banned was a little over the top.  You don't see it that way.  We agree to disagree I suppose.  Elaborate further all you want, but I won't be listening.  Good luck with your charity.

Posted by: AndJusticeForAll | Jun 12, 2012 07:43

We agree to agree to disagree.  The charity is not ours it is just our favorite in Town and we have had to come to their defense repeatedly against the likes of the Justin Beibers here in "anonymous" land.  We happen to know first hand what this charity has done for our community and take offense at those who belittle it.  Please take a moment to visit them, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Posted by: sadie | Jun 14, 2012 07:58

I drove by yesterday and the couch is still sitting there. I took a close look and it is sitting on the buildings front entrance. If someone would move it just 3 or 4 feet toward the street it would then technically it would be on the sidewalk and the town could pick it up.

Posted by: sadie | Jun 16, 2012 21:11

Thank you Just Fishin     for posting the picture and getting everyone’s attention. I think when you updated the week from 3 to 4 they (the powers that be) knew you would not go away.

Is there any other place in town you want cleaned up??

Posted by: WWreader | Jun 17, 2012 07:57

It's gone and it only took a month. That's sad. Pride in Wareham?

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