My first workout

By Becky Hansen | Oct 07, 2010

Yesterday I went to the Y for the first time.  Actually...that's a lie.  I had been there my second day in Wareham, when I became a member.  I became a member so I could take a hot shower. 

My gas had been turned off and I didn't realize it until I tried to shower the first morning in my new house.  After waiting patiently for the water to warm up, I surrendered myself to a brief cold shower and headed to work.  I arranged for the gas company to come to the house the next morning, and then googled "gyms in Wareham".  I was impressed with the Y's facilities, and I took a ride over there that evening.  I had a change of clothing, a towel and soap.  All I did was shower.  It was wonderful.

So yesterday I headed back with the intention of working out.  I had been a regular exerciser back in New Jersey, but in the past few months I hadn't lifted anything but the occasional drink.  I wandered around the building, took note of the climbing wall (there's no way you'll ever get me to use it), peeked in on the group exercise classes, and watched swimmers do their laps.  I headed for the fitness room and was immediately greeted by Mike, a member of the fitness staff.  Every new member gets an orientation to the machines and a personal workout regime. 

Mike was very patient and helpful and immediately put me at ease.  We joked around about getting old and how hard it is to lose even a few pounds after you hit 50. And to his credit, when I told him I wanted arms like Michelle Obama, he didn't laugh. An hour later, I was beat.  Cardio machines, leg machines, arm machines, free weights, ab machines...I did them all.  He shook my hand and said he hoped to see me in the gym often.  I feel like I've made a friend.



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