More affordable housing in Wareham would benefit, not burden town

Jun 16, 2017

To the Editor:

I am writing in response to your article in the Wareham Week with regard to the proposed affordable housing development at 3102 Cranberry Highway which falls under the perview of the Massachusetts Department of Community and Housing Development.

I am very disturbed at the fact that there is such opposition of the residents of the town to the having such a development in Wareham. Currently, I am a resident of the affordable housing development known as Village Court in Mattapoisett. If it were not for this type of affordable housing available in Mattapoisett, I would not be able to live in this town. It is mainly occupied by senior citizens who would also not be able to remain in a town where they were born. We are all on limited income which would not allow us to touch any other apartments in this area.

I am particularly disturbed by the fact that Wareham residents refer to this type of housing as "warehousing" rather than housing for folks who are in need. Also the fact that the location of this building is referred to being a deterrent to the "gateway to Cape Cod...not the armpit."

In addition, as I have not seen a preview of what it will look like, I really do not think is will look like Las Vegas. In addition, if this project were to house mainly elderly residents, I do not see how it will impact the school system, nor put a strain on traffic in the area since most seniors in our situation cannot afford to have their own transportation and who depend heavily on the services provided to the local Council on Aging and rides to doctor's appointments.


Stephanie Mitchell

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Posted by: Spherebreaker | Jun 16, 2017 13:39

A) You are not from Wareham, so mind your business.

B) Your are currently being warehoused until your vote is needed.

C) If you cannot see how adding 174 units of low income housing would affect schools, infrastructure and other towns services detrimentally, you may not be the brightest of bulbs.

D) You did not read the article well if you think this is senior housing.

E) Why didn't you move to a State or Town that you could afford without needing handouts?

Posted by: Lspearasmith | Jun 17, 2017 09:31

The above comment shows how out of touch people are with what community they live in.

  1. The OP was not rude or condescending. You are
  2. Everyone's vote is needed/wanted ( except when it doesn't agree with yourse right?)
  3. It won't be 174 units of "low income"  housing.  It will be 174 total units, with some being "affordable".  Big difference between "affordable" and "low income".  If you can't tell the difference you may not be the brightest of bulbs
  4. This would be a good opportunity for seniors, as well as families
  5. Why should someone have to move away from the state/town they grew up in? How is affordable housing a hand out?
The OP is obviously elderly.  She makes many good points  The lack of respect you have just in your response is horrible. I can only assume this would be the way you would speak to your mother.  I have my own concerns about this project, but none of them revolve around the fact that some of the units are affordable.  A lot of Wareham residents are showing their true colors when it comes to this project.


Posted by: Uptohere | Jun 17, 2017 22:09

Ms. Mitchell is very fortunate to be living Mattapoisett. If she was living in Wareham her opinion would matter. She would possible have an idea of what Wareham is up against as far as finances and infrastructure. But she doesn't. It's all well and good to try to chastise us with her self righteous indignation but again she chose to live where she lives not here, why is that? I'm sure Wareham wasn't her first choice and I have to wonder if it was her list at all.  She does not see how putting possibly up to 1000 people at this location will impact our roads or the school. Well there you have it. We, the people that actually live here, drive these roads, have children enrolled in crumbling, old, over crowded schools don't know jack. Thank god for outsiders they will show us they know better then we do. I'll have to read up on your town so I Can correct the misconceptions of your townsfolk.

Posted by: Steve Holmes | Jun 19, 2017 07:33

Once again terminology seems innocent enough, however when it comes to housing, means everything in terms of dollars for developers. Might be a good time for the paper to do a story that clarifies the differences. Market rates are very expensive, I know because I looked when we were selling the house. Of course developers want to move these units first before the high dollar remnants see who's moving in next. Not being mean just stating fact. These units are not affordable to seniors. If they were Warehams senior housing issue would have been completely resolved by now. So developers turn to the State that gave them the relaxed Zoning rules, and supported them in State Land Court. And then their income is guaranteed. I wish the rules were different But they are not. I checked out the place on the pond near Cumberland farms very expensive, And my last discussion with PD at the time was it would be cheaper to have a sub station there, when people don't pay out of their pockets hard earned money, they tend not to have the same respect for it. Maybe a recommendation to the developer, if they are serious about helping the community is to contribute a sub station at the location. This would help people in need, make them safe, and help keep away folks that pay cash for rent. I don't believe anyone wants to deny help to anyone in need, just trying to avoid the problems that exist in our current developments

Posted by: gottahaveit | Jun 19, 2017 10:02

@Lspearasmith- Great comment!  It's absolutely amazing to me how selfish people are and only look at things from their looking glass.  It takes all kind of people to live in this world.  It also takes all kinds to help other as well.  More positivity and helpfulness in this community will go a lot further than all these people being so mean and heartless. With all the horrible comments I see everyday it's no wonder Wareham gets a bad name.

Posted by: Spherebreaker | Jun 19, 2017 11:06

Smith so sorry I upset you, it's just so not like me. I don't know what happened, it just came out. Perhaps it's my disgust with sleezy developers that can't build a successful project without going 40 b. Maybe it's my disgust with idiots on the left that came up with 40b in the first place . Maybe it's my disgust with the Russians attempting to sway opinion on this development posing as a Mattspoisett resident and others acting appalled at any Comments opposing it

Posted by: Linda | Jun 19, 2017 16:26

Ms. Mitchell,  What Wareham needs is good, inexpensive senior housing.   If you search back regarding the mobile home parks here, there are many and not, in our town, considered low income.  A few are "over 55".   It's fact that Brandy Hill, The Woods, Depot Crossing were a big deal when built - affordable!!  I am not picking on anyone or judging them.  Times have changed.  People stayed in their parents home, sometimes even after marriage & children.  Now, girl's have babies and want a place of their own, understandably.  Some work and pay according to their income, some don't.  With some it's the welfare circle and some not.  So lots of low income housing is gone.  The younger set comes with music I don't relate to, they have parties that start at 9:00 pm, just like the club's bands start at 10:00 pm.......that's just the way life is.  Then you have an idiot guest that comes with drugs, is disorderly or is armed - police show up.  The elderly want out of those places now.  Those elderly would be eligible for elderly, low income housing, with people who's needs are like theirs.  Did I explain it any better Miss Mitchell?










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