Money Lessons No One Ever Taught You

Onset Bay Association
196 Onset Ave
Kat Jones

Money Lessons No One Ever Taught You


Are your personal finances okay? Do you wonder what ‘okay’ means?


No one teaches us about personal finance yet we are expected to be experts. We are each responsible for making sure we can pay our bills today while saving enough to cover our expenses in retirement.


Not sure where to start or if you are on track? This class is for you.


We will show you a practical way to think about your personal finance health so you can begin to take control of your finances, or maybe just validate that you are on track and doing great.


This class is taught by Linda Hannon of Whitney & Hannon LLC. Linda has 30 years experience helping small business owners understand their finances and using that knowledge to grow and be more profitable. She now brings that experience to individuals.


Two dates March 19 or March 20. 6:30-8:00pm at the OBA office at 196 Onset Ave in Onset. Class is $69 and 10% goes back to the OBA.

You can register at: